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Read the comments some of the band members wrote me:

                RICHARD PAGE

    WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Tuesday January 6th 1998:


                I'm glad you have such an interest in my music. I'ts always
          a pleasure to hear that people appreciate your work ... I'm working
          on writing songs for other projects now, and not a solo album.
          I will check out your website.

                                                    Richard Page"

    WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)     Sunday January 11th 1998:


                I took a quick look at your website and was very impressed.
          I need to spend some more time with it when I have a chance. I
          couldn't get any pictures or interviews to come up - I guess they're
          not ready yet. Keep up the good work. Thanks.



                PAT MASTELOTTO

    WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Tuesday June 30th 1998:


          ... very impressed with your interest!! And enthousiasm!!!



                STEVE GEORGE

    WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Tuesday July 28th 1998:

                "Dear Peter,

          Thanks for keeping the 'Misters' alive with your website!

          All the best,

          Steve George"


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