Paul Vancluysen

Electronic engineer. During my whole career I have worked on all kinds of audio products. I did a job as design engineer for Philips where I worked in the development department on products like CD, DVD and settop-boxes. Especially I also worked on DAC analog post-filters optimizing audio performance and sound. As a hobby I designed my own amplifiers, loudspeakers, DAC's and other audio products. The last years I have improved my design methology for loudspeakers. I started using the Leap loudspeaker simulation software and installed an IEC baffle measurement for the transducers. I am experienced in using all kinds of simulation tools like Pspice, MatLab,...I am passionated by trying to make the best audio products myself. Music is very important in my life.

  • https://be.linkedin.com/in/paulvancluysen

  • Contact

    For questions about loudspeaker design and for a design on demand, you can contact us at info@vcllabs.com.