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4-way speaker with miniDSP digital X-over

The speakers are already playing with a digital crossover implemented in the miniDSP 4x10HD.
More about some measurements and how the crossover is programmed in miniDSP in later posts on our blog page.


Welcome to the homepage of VCLLabs. A lot of information about loudspeaker design can be found here. For the DIY audio hobbyist we have some interesting services to help making his own speaker. Some complete speaker designs are descibed on the blog pages and can be found in the projects chapter.

Our services

  • Driver responses for speaker designs
  • To start with a speaker crossover design, we can deliver the frequency response of the drivers placed in a cabinet. The system calculations for closed box, basreflex, passive radiator,... are included.
    No need to build a cabinet and to do acoustical measurements immediately. Very accurate responses at very low frequencies, responses that are difficult to measure.
    In our simulation tool a driver model and a cabinet model is created. The drivers are placed in that cabinet and the frequency response of each driver is simulated. The driver and cabinet models are created using the driver data sheets and the cabinet mechanical dimensions.
    We deliver the frd files of the frequency and impedance response in the used cabinet.

  • Crossover design
  • Starting with the frequency and the impedance responses of the drivers in the cabinet, we can design a crossover filter on demand. The filter type and order can be chosen. Linkwitz Riley, Butterworth and elliptical filtering. An analog or digital filter is possible. For digital filtering we have experience with the miniDSP and Hypex platforms.
    We deliver the filter schematic for an analog filter or the filter coefficients for the digital version.

  • Driver measurements
  • The data sheet of the drivers can be checked with measurements. We do this while mounting the driver on an IEC baffle and measuring the frequency and impedance responses. Using these measurements for the driver models, results in very accurate simulations of the cabinet responses. Even no need anymore for acoustical measurements of the drivers in the cabinet.
    We can do IEC baffle measurements of your drivers on demand.

  • Complete speaker designs
  • Contact us for customized designs. For a first design, we can already use the driver datasheets and the cabinet mechanical dimensions.