Our aims

The society makes it one's object to develop and to promote with all lawful means knowledge, culture and friendship between the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the one side and Flanders in the other hand.

To attain this aim the society can take initiatives to make contacts, to communicate, to develop projects, to make exchanges possible and to conclude joint-ventures on the spiritual, cultural, intellectual, artistic, scientific, economical, touristic, sporting and social sphere.

It can issue music and publications and organize activities like lectures, courses, concerts, exhibitions, audio-visual performances, travels, festivals, theater, mime, ballet, opera and similar events and festivities, and this not only by the common ways or locations but also, where possible, by digital technics.

It can as well obtain monetary and material means and place it at the disposal to make things possible like we have membership payments, contributions, gifts, funds, yields from commercial actions, capitals and heritages, subsidies, allowances and also materials, lodgings, catering, rooms, workshops and all kinds of infrastructure to realize it aims.

Therefore, It can appeal to natural and corporate bodies, to the authorities of the involved countries and regions, the European Commity and worldorganisations and to all kinds of institutions like universities, academies, conservatoires, galleries, museums, schools, theaters, cultural centres, libraries, concert halls and other organisations.

The above-mentioned enumeration is not restrictive and is supposed to be interpreted in its widest sense.