AstroCollage 98

  1. In the first half of November 17, the Leonids were a striking event. Made in Modra, Slovakia, this photograph shows more than 150 Leonids. (photo: Juraj Toth (Comenius U. Bratislava), Modra Observatory)
  2. Bright Leonid fireball in the sky over Kansas, USA. (photo: copyright V. Winter & J. Dudley, ICSTARS Astronomy)
  3. Jupiter with aurorae, photographed in ultraviolet light (frames) by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). (photo: J. Clarke (Univ. Michigan), NASA)
  4. An image by the Mars Global Surveyor finally shows clearly that the 'Face on Mars' is not more than an ordinary mountain. (photo: Mars Global Surveyor Project, NASA)
  5. A personal view of the occultation of Aldebaran on December 30 (phew, just not in the clouds). (illustration: Chris Dorreman)
  6. The solar eclipse on Februari 26. (photo: Tom Alderweireldt)
  7. HST photogarph of Saturn in real colours. (photo: Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI/NASA) )
  8. Iridiumflares stayed in the interest. (photo: copyright Chris Dorreman)
  9. This year, the first modules of the International Space Station where finally launched. The Space Shuttle brings Unity to Zarya, the 'starting block' of ISS. (illustration: NASA)
  10. On December 5, Unity was docked to Zarya. (photo: STS-88 Mission, NASA)
  11. The Very Large Telescope (VLT) made its first photographs. Among them is this one of NGC 1232. (photo: FORS1, 8.2-meter VLT, ESO)
  12. Deep Space 1 became the first space probe which uses an ion engine. (photo: New Millennium Program, JPL, NASA)
  13. Also this year, there were released many HST images of planetary nebulae.From top to bottom: NGC 3918, NGC 3132, NGC 7027, ???, IC 3568 and NGC 6578 (photos: Howard Bond (STScI), Hubble Heritage Team, W. B. Latter (SIRTF/Caltech) et al., NICMOS, HST, NASA)
  14. Piece of the Hubble Deep Field South. This time, HST pointed its view on the southern skies. (photo: R. Williams (STScI), HDF-S Team, NASA)
  15. Very detailed false colour photograph of a part of the Sun, exposed in ultraviolet light by the Trace satellite. (photo: A. Title (Stanford Lockheed Institute), TRACE, NASA)
  16. HST image of the centre of the active galaxy Centaurus A. (photo: E.J. Schreier (STScI) et al., NASA)
  17. The conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the Monn (from left to right) on April 23. (illustration: Chris Dorreman)
  18. NEAR took the first close ups of the asteroid named Eros. (photo: NEAR Spacecraft Team, JHU APL, NASA)

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