The City Hall ...

Let's go first into the heart of the City, on the main square, one of the most beautifull of Belgium. Without any competition with Brussel's, the Place of Mons gives us an overview of the civil architecture of the town between the XVth and the XXth century.

The gothic City Hall: the main frontage achieved between 1458 and 1477. The monument alone deserves to be seen.On the right side we see the House of the Golden Fleece which houses the Tourism's Office.

On the left side, the main gate. The most famous and mischievous inhabitant of Mons wishes you welcome: It's the Guard'sMonkey. He met many famous people and he was the witness to many events! The statuette of wrought iron dates from the Middle Age and has allways kept its origins secrets. Only today, we don't know if it was made for a tavern, for a child or anything else ... But it doesn't matter as the inhabitant does, don't fail to pet the Monkey with your left hand, I've heard that it brings good luck.