Mons, love at first sight ....

In the heart of Europe, you will discover into Mons's walls some treasures acquired for more than one thousand years. Really, the city deserves to be seen. Only today, many monuments, churches and private houses testify its long magnificent history.

Let's begin our tour at the square of the old castle of Mons and have a look on the city and the vicinity.

Late you be seduced by the old streets, the parks and the gardens. Let's discover the wealth of the civil and religious architecture, particularly the tweltve churches and chapels, of which the Sainte-Waudru collegiate church, notable gothic edifice and the city hall dating back to the XVth century.

You may run into many museums which will tell you the story and the folklore of the town. You will also relax tasting the succulent local gastronomy.

You will come in Mons on the occasion of the somptuous fêtes which always attract a jubilant crowd. So you will be able to say that you have understood and loved the charm of this old city which is young forever.

Bienvenue into Mons ...

Mons is the regional capital of the province of Hainaut, where History, Culture, Folklore and Gastronomy are combining together. The city soak the walker in the specific charm of the tortuous and steep streets. There, you will find some treasures of Architectures.

The centuries haves patined the walls but the city still remains young and dynamic.

On a Tour of our Folklore ...

One of the high points of Mons's folklore is during the Trinity Sunday. The local people gets together into a jubliant fraternity and everyone forgets about quarrels, divisions and arguments.

The DUCASSE (it's the way we call that day) is so established in the Tradition and People's Mentality that it wins unanimous support. It's also the finiest opportunity to invite friend's and neighbours to visit the city.

The majors events of the day are the Golden Charriot's Procession and the Dragon's Fight called "Lumeçon"

But first of all let's visit
the City Hall and the Guard's Monkey