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In the Psychological Laboratory of Leuven (Belgium) during several years religious behaviour was studied by means of sophisticated methods. It was found that not only the historical literary method and historical criticism, up to now generally applied for the study of the origin and the history of religions, but psychopathological analysis, even of old texts, could shed a decisive light upon ideas and behaviour of the faithful. By psychopathological analysis is meant, the search for pathological symptoms, if they are present, the qualification of these symptoms as and their coherence with a syndrome, well known in modern psychopathology.

Other studies concerned the psychology of stress, giftedness and intelligence, psychology of law and justice. 


Laboratorium voor psychologie
Psychopathology and the Bible
The beast of the Apocalypse 666
The personality of Jesus-Christ
The Testimonium Flavianum reconsidered
Un Úvangile de l'enfance: le ProtÚvangile de Jacques
Het raadsel van de Apocalyps ontsluierd
Origin and doctrines of the Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehova's Getuigen, Oorsprong en psychologie
Secret and wisdom of the Jesuits
Jezu´eten, geheim en wijsheid
Tempeliers, inquisitie, schuld en geschiedenis
The illness of Muhammad
Een andere Mohammed
History and psychopathology of the devil
Hoogbegaafdheid, een probleem
De miserie van het recht
De hervorming van justitie
Dwalingen en flaters bij justitie
Racisme en xenofobie
Seks en Recht
De vrouw in het recht

The publications of Dr. Herman H. Somers

Some studies have been found to challenge fundamentally Christian religion. Of course the official churches and even some cults are not very fond to meet these objective studies, which confront them with unexpected facts.

Studies of experimental psychology

Another series of studies were carried out in the domain of experimental psychology. They concerned the perception of time, the effects of noise on human welfare, stress, neuroleptics. Methodological advances were the measurement of psychomotor speed, the measurement of tremor, the measurement of the microvibration of the skin by means of holographic interferometry, the measurement of intelligence by means of information theory. In the domain of psycholinguistics especially the multidimensional statistical analysis of language and style was studied. Cf. the publications of Dr. H.H. Somers :

The publications of Dr. Herman H. Somers

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