Is this the new religion for the future ?

History and psychopathology of the devil

The devil is one of the marked presences in the history of mankind. From the very beginnings mankind has believed that good and bad spirits influenced the life and the thoughts of man. In the Bible the devil and the fallen angels explain the incidence of suffering and evil. In the person of Satan the devil tempts man, possesses him and induces him to bad deeds. During the middle Ages this belief became so strong, that the persecution of warlocks and witches attained his summit at the beginning of the Modern Times. At the end of the 19th century a new wave of demonism came into existence. Oriental Templars, Hell Fire clubs and New Satanism originated. Together with new paganism they constitute a kind of new religion.

It has been shown, how psychopathology explains a great number of features of Satanism and demonism, how the devil himself thanks its existence to pathological thoughts.

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