[February 2003]


Demo-a9 (9-track cd)
-Origin: USA -Style/Influences: Dark EBM which may remind to Feindflug and Reversal Penetration. -Comment: The main songs are totally instrumental… except numerous sampled dialogues (several French samples). That brings them close to the style of Feindflug, but they don’t have the industrial aspect of this German dino. The “Fragment decompression”-song will undoubtedly reminds you to Feindflug. For all the dark body-lovers. -Contact: sylentdream@yahoo.com -Rate: (DP:6/7)DP

Fixed star (12-track cd Machine Heart Productions)
-Origin: USA -Style/Influences: Groovy danceable electro, which sounds like the alternative version of some Everything But The Girl songs. -Comment: This duo composes elaborated and refined groovy electronics that find its place on the dancefloors. A few other pieces are closer to a kind of chill out stuff. I like the sensual female vocals. A name to keep in mind! -Contact: machineheart@mindspring.com / www.machineheart.com -Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Demo (4-track cd)
-Origin: Greece -Style/Influences: Very diversified electronic compositions, which can be now danceable and atmospheric and than cold. -Comment: I like the diversity of their compositions, which is undoubtedly their main force! The atmospheric side, which goes into danceable structures is quite fascinating. The darker and icy parts show another approach of their work. Nothing groundbreaking for so far, but it’s a beginning! -Contact: astyplaz@yahoo.gr / www.babylon.gr -Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Tales from the underground (7-track cd)
-Origin: Spain –Style/Influences: Dark ambient electronics. –Comment: First demo for this Spanish solo-project. The sound quality suffers from the usual lack of experience and maturity. The content joins the usual dark ambient electronics and can’t really surprise! It comes close to a kind of soundtrack try-out. Here’s much to work on! –Contact: avatarzerosiete@yahoo.es or www.avatar07.1444.net–Rate: (DP:5)DP.

The theory of hope (9-track cd)
-Origin: France -Style/Influences: Instrumental EBM in the vein of Noise Unit and other project of the duo B. Leeb – Rh. Fülber. -Comment: I’ve already heard better material of the French Blank System. The compositions remain well done and rather intelligent, but it’s less powerful than their previous work. I still do believe that the incorporation of a vocalist would reinforce the credibility of their sound! -Contact: gensystem@free.fr -Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Demo (6-track cd)
-Origin: Spain –Style/Influences: Experimental. –Comment: This project creates experimental soundscapes full of diversified noise vibes and sources. It all sounds pretty improvised! The main force is that it doesn’t sound repetitive, but you’ve to be a real addict to enjoy it! –Contact: carrona01@yahoo.es –Rate: (DP:5)DP.

Demo (10-track cd)
-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: a mix of industrial and dance-trance. -Comment: Some parts are maybe a little bit too repetitive, but Cryogenetic delivers excellent, highly danceable tracks. The mix of industrial bombast and devastating danceable parts is really exciting. The whole composition remains instrumental, but that’s not a problem! I’m not going to compare this project with Pierrepoint, but the ideas are rather similar. -Contact: CryoGenetic@gmx.net -Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Ewiges Eis (14-track cd)
-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: A mixture between pop and metal-gothic. There’s a little trace of Rammstein power! –Comment: Bornzero is an experienced musician who has been already involved in different projects. The mix of electronic treatments and metal guitar riffs isn’t totally innovative, but he realizes it with certain knowledge! It sounds definitely German! –Contact: www.dein-schatten.de –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Peaceconference (11-track cd)
-Origin: Switzerland -Style/Influences: Synth-pop with some early 80ies influences. -Comment: An interesting discovery made in Switzerland! The clean pop-style of this project finds its inspiration in the 80ies with a band like Simple Minds. That’s just a reference because their sound is much more into modernism than a simple cloning of an old glory. The female vocal parts add a sensual breeze to the mature production (while the singer looks really good… I’m afraid I love all the Swiss girls…). Anyway, I’m missing some real master-hit, but this band sounds on the good way! -Contact: dembahl@gmx.ch / www.dembahl.com -Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Demo (8-track cd)
-Style/Influences: Ambient and danceable electronics, reminding to Clock DVA and one of their best copies, cf. Neuro D. –Comment: 8 songs for more than 70 minutes of music… I was a bit afraid to experience the work of Digitalia! Well, even if it should have been better to reduce the during time, this is a significant demo-production! It reminds me to the cold 80ies electronics while creating a fascinating danceable trip. A few vocals (samplings) have been added here and than. Definitely a project to keep in mind! –Contact: safkos@hotmail.com –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Demo (7-track cd)
-Origin: Sweden –Style/Influences: Kind of 80ies electronics nostalgia! –Comment: Easy listening electronics, moving on the border of wafting synthesizer soundtrack music. It sounds perfect as background music, but can’t get me wild while playing it at maximum volume! –
Contact: disc_persson@hotmail.com –Rate: (DP:5)DP.

Lie (10-track cd Third Brass Collective)
-Origin: Switzerland –Style/Influences: Dark electronic atmospheres. –Comment: This is a collection of songs from the early period of this band. The sound production is rather poor while the content needs some elaboration. There’s nothing groundbreaking for so far! –Contact: johncult@hotmail.com / www.x-nihilo.org –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

European propaganda Vol. 1 (11-track cd Third Brass Collective)
-Origin: Australia –Style/Influences: A poppy approach of electronic and guitar structures. –Comment: We already got the opportunity to enter and visit the universe of this Australian solo-project. This album is a compilation of older songs, which lead us to a pop-inspired music. The main point that hurts is the lack of elaboration in the melody lines and the absence of real hits. The kind of parody (cover) of “Ice ice baby” called “Kadoish” is rather funny! Anyway, this band doesn’t really seduce me! –Contact: johncult@hotmail.com / www.on.to/propaganda –Rate: (DP:5/6)DP.

Demo (8-track cd Ambidelic Records)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Moving into ambient, dub and psychedelic electro-acoustic styles. –Comment: The opening cut “An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips” is a great dubby-ambient song. I regret that the other compositions are less dub-minded and more into floating trips. It’s not bad at all, but it doesn’t set the world alight! –Contact: dominic@graffitti61.com / www.graffitti61.com –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Ancient thrones (6-track cd)
-Style/Influences: Dark electronics with some experimental parts. It sounds here and than like Yendri meeting M. Manson. -Comment: the production is quite well done while the idea is interesting! I’m just missing some explicit and worked out melody lines, which would give them a bonus! -Contact: stacia@angeldustrial.com / www.infrastructure.angeldustrial.com -Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Coming to a planet near you (21-track cd)
-Origin: Japan -Style/Influences: Wafting danceable electronics. -Comment: It’s not easy to qualify the style of this artist as an established electronic style. Mirai is already busy with his projects for more than 10 years, creating numerous video games and composing numerous releases. He even played in Belgium and the Netherlands… and I don’t know him yet! I discover some very cool danceable wafting pieces while other tracks are less inspired and sound like composed with preset sounds. This demo is a kind of compilation featuring some short extracts of radio interviews. -Contact: mirai@arkaos.net / www.wisdomcore.com -Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

One is… (5-track cd mp3.com)
-Origin: USA -Style/Influences: Catchy synth-pop. -Comment: This is traditional e-pop music that doesn’t bring anything new. It’s pleasant to listen, but doesn’t bring real high lights while I personally prefer it a little bit more into dance! -Contact: ivox@ivox.org / www.ivox.org -Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Demo (4-track cd)
-Origin: Israel -Style/Influences: Dark electronic with a touch of modernism like break-beats. -Comment: This is the real first time that I get a bit fascinated through the work of IWR. They move into more classical dark electronic body fields while adding some personal touch like break-beat parts. The “Access denied”-song is a very good surprise on which heavenly female backings are adding a touch of mystery! The sound and production of IWR evolve into a more refined and elaborated composition! -Contact: iwr@ureach.com -Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Elektronik Murder Comes (6-track cd)
-Origin: Belgium -Style/Influences: Dark Electro VS Industrial VS Pure Noise with a slight touch of Sielwolf (noise period) if you want a concrete reference. -Comment: I've just discovered this new project from one of the member of the famous metal hardcore band Negate.  It's very interresting to discover that some people has a real open-minded attitude for other musical horizons.  Even if this is a first attempt with all the negative of... a first attempt (the production could be better).  The Juoshua project is real fresh injection in our scene; there is no cliché here, no carbon copy. If you are into this kind of music...   -Contact: http://negate.free.fr/josuah.htm -Rate: (DP6/:7)CX.

Demo (9-track cd)
-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: A mixture between poppy danceable electronics and 80ies pop-rock music. –Comment: The Ju Ju Babies have this typical great British sound, combining different influences. They’ve a great female vocalist. I discover some real cool cuts, the “Sirius”-song being the absolute masterpiece! This band has a very clean and professional sound! A band to keep on eye on! –Contact: info@jujubabies.co.uk / www.jujubabies.co.uk –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Demo (6-track cd)
-Origin: Sweden –Style/Influences: Crossover! –Comment: This is a harsh and aggressive mixture between hardcore rhythms and industrial-noise bombast! An anarchistic sound, which needs serious elaboration! –Contact: peteroberg@home.se / www.rest.gabber.org/knekt/ -Rate: (DP:4)DP.

Studio & demo tracks (9-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Future-pop is probably the most approximate definition and Apoptygma Berzerk an important source of inspiration! –Comment: You maybe discover this young and promising band on the 2nd volume of “Cryonica”. With the “I believe”-song, they hold on a potential club-track. One version has been even remixed by Icon Of Coil (waw)! While the mix needs to be more professional and powerful (except the title-song, which has been recorded in a more professional studio), their mixture of techno ingredients and body lines sounds really cool. They’ve to improve some of the vocal lines, but this band sounds like being ready to get signed! –Contact: schmittydj@aol.com / www.KontinuumMusic.com –Rate: (DP: 7/8)DP.

The crash (7-track cd)
-Origin: Finland -Style/Influences: EBM with VNV Nation and even Suicide Commando as main sources of inspiration. -Comment: This project is already busy for several years now, but seems to have some difficulties to emerge from the depths… I notice a few good electronic ideas, but the male vocal parts are now and than like out of tune! Nothing devastating for so far… and that sounds pretty hard after already several years of involvement! -Contact: aqi@surfeu.fi / www.kuroshiocurrent.fingoth.net/ -Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Soulless (9-track cd)
-Origin: France -Style/Influences: Dark EBM. -Comment: This is the 2nd demo for this French solo-project. The content reminds to old dark EBM with a few melodious parts. The production needs some elaboration, suffering from a lack of complexity! The last songs like “Stop watching tv” and “Get away” are a little bit more elaborated. -Contact: garley@wanadoo.fr -Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Lost within the decaying fragments of chaos (10-track cd)
-Origin: Canada -Style/Influences: Dark electronics with vague techno ingredients. They remind me to Mentallo & The Fixer! -Comment: Mind Confusion composes acceptable dark EBM with some cool melodies. They use some techno elements like pumping bass drums. I just regret the saturated distortion on the vocals, but it’s for sure an old cliché for this kind of stuff. -Contact: gennydesaulniers@hotmail.com or mind2069@hotmail.com -Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Demo (7-track cd)
-Origin: USA -Style/Influences: EBM that moves from poppy influences to cold sequences. -Comment: This is a brand-new American project, but not that new… Discovering the presence of Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant), we for sure realize that this is much more than an ordinary new comer… Mono Chrome shows elaborated and powerful EBM like on “Riveted” while moving into darker and Klinik-al influences on “Fall in to you”. This is a promising debut, which will undoubtedly catch the attention of several companies… -Contact: contact@mono-chrome.net / www.mono-chrome.net -Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Re-designing the future (5-track cd)
-Origin: UK -Style/Influences: Between pop and EBM. -Comment: This duo consists out of Sarahjane (Faithful Dawn & Hexedene) and Jonathan Sharp (New Mind, Hexedene, Bio-Tek, Cyber-Tec…)! Waw… it sounds better than Faithful Dawn, but didn’t reach the level of the best work of J. Sharp. But let’s face the truth, this is a debut and it sounds already catchy and danceable. You can for sure perceive all the experience and knowledge of the duo, but they need some more time to work out their ideas! -Contact: kaq97@dial.pipex.com -Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Yell of fright (13-track cd)
-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Dark electronics à la Suicide Commando. –Comment: The inspiration comes directly from the dark electronic graves… Suicide Commando being the supreme idol! This is a 1st demo and you can hear it. The sound is poorly produced while the style is too close to a pure copy! This band can only move into improvement and I hope them to create a more personal sound! –Contact: obszon.geschopf@caramail.com –Rate: (DP:5/6)DP.

Chaos in expansion (11-track cd)
-Origin: Sweden –Style/Influences: Pure heavy crossover between electronic and guitar parts. –Comment: This is for sure a Swedish band, which avoids following the synth-pop and pure EBM trend. The good-old crossover style isn’t innovative at all, but it sounds definitely more exciting than a new cloning of a synth-pop master or an EBM combo! I like the electronic bleeps in their work and the powerful industrial guitar riffs. A few songs have been leaded through a beating cadence. I just regret the absence of real vocal lines. –Contact: anders@funplanet.com / www.thepainmachinery.com –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

The esthetics of the spot (11-track cd)
-Origin: Belgium -Influences: A kind of ambient symphonic electronics. -Comment: The sound of this Belgium project is for sure different, delivering some originality in the writing process. Dark electronic influences and a few rhythms join the symphonic soundscapes. Some distant vocals are joining in now and than. It’s really hard to compare this band to any other one… which is rather positive! -Contact: bartderuyter@hotmail.com -Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Ambiancandemonium (14-track cd)
-Origin: France -Style/Influences: A mixture of influences and styles, but mainly electronics! -Comment: It sounds like an electronic chameleon! Pistrix moves from wafting trance inspired electronics into kind of less inspired ambient fields into industrial areas to finally end in cold experimental atmospheres. I personally prefer their trance-style, they show on the cool “Multi ethnic”-track. I’m missing certain cohesion between the influences! -Contact: jeremy.velasco@wanadoo.fr / www.pstrix.biz -Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Demo 2002 (4-track cd)
-Origin: Germany -Style/Influences: A cocktail of synth-pop and EBM. -Comment: This German band comes for sure in the neighborhood of future-pop. They’ve a powerful sound while the way of composing is more than acceptable! The “Cycle of time”-song is an excellent way to get introduced into their body-style! -Contact: info@phraze.de / www.phraze.de -Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Demo (4-track cd)
-Origin: Ukraine –Style/Influences: A kind of soundscape production. –Comment: Entering the universe of this project is like visiting wide and experimental soundscapes. Definitely experimental, it all sounds a bit too heavy! Just one more project walking on the monotonous experimental path! –Contact: kali-yuga@narod.ru / www.zh-z.sumy.ua –Rate: (DP:3)DP.

Demo (6-track cd)
-Origin: France -Style/Influences: Industrial beating chaos! -Comment: This is a new project of P. P. Robles aka HIV+! Sensory Mindfields consists out of 2 members. The style is a fusion between industrial sounds and different influences like big beats, furious triphop cadences and heavy screaming parts. The result sounds pretty chaotic. I didn’t really get under the influence of this heavy sound blast! -Contact: dj.pedro@ifrance.com -Rate: (DP:5/6)DP.

Intimate alien (11-track cd)
-Origin: Germany -Style/Influences: From pop to trip-pop… sounding like the offspring between Everything But The Girl, Tori Amos and even Björk. -Comment: This is definitely a very good pop surprise. Well Shambelle doesn’t exactly compose the stereotypical electro-pop style, but strives for modernism. That’s why they remind me to legendary icons like Everything But The Girl and Björk. Just pay some attention for songs like “My ocean”, “Help myself” and “Into the unknown”. Their mix of electronic treatments and guitar plus bass has been perfectly executed. I think there’s a future for this band… -Contact: klaus.weis@shambelle.de / www.shambelle.de -Rate: (DP:8)DP.

De bene arte moriendi (9-track cd Third Brass Collective)
-Style/Influences: Moving from dark experimental soundscapes to heavier cyber-core pieces. -Comment: Noisy bombardments diving into chaotic and heavy endurable parts. This is the 3rd demo of this project that will maybe please some extreme noise-freaks! -Contact: sobriaebrietas@hotmail.com / johncult@hotmail.com / www.mp3.com/sobriaebrietas -Rate: (DP:3)DP.

Demo (4-track cd)
-Origin: Sweden -Style/Influences: Old-school EBM with Nitzer Ebb as only comparison! -Comment: Forget about Pouppée Fabrikk, Capp, Dupont, Ionic Vision… If you want the old and pure EBM, Spetsnaz is the only qualitative reference! They for sure mean to Nitzer Ebb what Mastertune meant to Front 242. It’s much more than a cloning, but it has been done with perfection. Even the vocal parts are reminding to Douglas in person! Amazing, but very old minded… Notice by the way that they’ve been active in this other cloning band of Sweden called Volvo 242! -Contact: lazerstefan@spetsnaz.tk -Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Demonstration (5-track cd)
-Origin: Portugal -Style/Influences: They’re composing on the edge of EBM and future-pop. -Comment: This is a good surprise from Portugal. I’m not used to hear Portuguese projects moving into EBM and pop styles. Syntax Orion does it quite well, showing a modern approach of electronics. It’s just a pity that the vocals aren’t a little bit more powerful. Anyway, enjoyable electronic stuff. -Contact: info@syntaxorion.cjb.net / www.syntaxorion.pt.vu -Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Download your heart (5-track cd)
-Origin: France -Style/Influences: Directly inspired from the good-old eighties analog electronics. -Comment: This is a cool production full of analog bleeps that have been transposed into the modernism of the current influences. This project is a side-project of Blank System and to be totally honest, I definitely prefer this one! I like the distant vocoder vocals that I perceive on one of the songs, but the main compositions remain entirely instrumental! A very good surprise! -Contact: gensystem@free.fr / www.gensystem.free/ukio.htm -Rate: (DP:8)DP.



[October 2002]



Bloc rocking beats(8-track cd)
-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: Electronic influences that have been reinforced by heavy guitar riffs and straightforward drums. –Comment: I’ve been never that much into the powerful sound of AD, but I know there’s an audience for their “Bloc rocking beats”. The cover of Sting’s “Russians” is a little bit wondering, but not bad at all! I would like to hear the electronic arrangements a bit more on the forefront to get some more cohesion and harmony between the songs… but I’m afraid it would be no longer AD! –Contact: adirecte@hotmail.com (Rate: (DP:5/6)DP.

Spiders kisses lies (9-track cd)
-Origin: Russia –Style/Influences: Powerful EBM! –Comment: A surprising production from Russia! Antisisters are into pure and enjoyable body power! Although some of their songs (like the remarkable “Lord of lies”) may remind to Front 242, they built up an own sound! I sometimes get the impression that they’re like make a parody of bands like Sisters Of Mercy (cf “Body and soul”) or Das Ich (cf “Zotenhaft Einsamkeit”). Anyway, good work here! –Contact: antisisters@mailru.com / www.mp3.com/antisisters –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Dreamstation (4-track cd)
-Origin: Canada –Style/Influences: Dark EBM –Comment: I like the diversity of fast and slower pieces… even if it’s hard to get an objective view with only 4 songs! The male and female vocal parts inject some more diversity. Anyway, I’m faraway from being convinced! –Contact: www.lowlevelprotocol.com/breathform –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Check point Charlie (9-track cd)
-Origin: Poland –Style/Influences: Guitar-synth-pop music. –Comment: The main song of this demo “Check point Charlie” has been delivered in 6 different versions! The same song appeared in their homeland on a tribute to Depeche Mode! This song has some real potential, revealing certain melodious side. It’s just a pity that we didn’t get more different songs, but let’s keep an eye on Cabaret! –Contact: cabaret@terramail.pl / www.cabaret.terramail.pl –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Nicole ep (12-track cd)
-Origin: Poland –Style/Influences: synth- & guitar pop –Comment: We here get a bit more stuff from the promising Cabaret! The less I can say is that a few songs like “Impuls” and “Dawn mist glowing” are really cool! These songs have been sung in a very sensual way! The work of Cabaret moves on the edge of electronic modernism. They’re able to compose very slow and quiet pieces with piano sounds while moving on danceable structures with the next piece! Promising and original. –Contact: cabaret@terramail.pl / www.cabaret.terramail.pl –Rate: (DP:7)DP.


Demo (split-demo) (13-track cd)
-Origin: Croatia –Style/Influences: CBS sounds dark EBM while XT comes closer to dark-wafting electronics. –Comment: you maybe know CBS from a remix they did for Injury while they also appeared on the “Decoder”-sampler on Code. This project delivers an interesting blend of dark electronic elements, showing certain maturity in the song writing! The live version of Skinny Puppy’s “Smothered hope” is despite of it all too bad! X Trackt is a side-project of the same artist, guiding us into more ambient electronic arrangements and rhythms! It probably means to CBS what Noise Unit and early Delerium meant to FLA. There’re some cool pieces on this demo! –Contact: erehwon_cbsxt@yahoo.com –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Soundcarpet (5-track cd)
-Origin: Sweden –Style/Influences: Electronic music recovered with guitar parts. –Comment: Finally a Swedish band, which doesn’t follow the synth-pop trend! I like their mix of male and female vocals. The electronic arrangements need some elaboration, but the guitar parts perfectly fill this gap! There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it remains an acceptable debut demo! –Contact: chameleontemper@home.se –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Demo (3-track cd)
-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: the mix between good-old goa-trance and EBM vibes! –Comment: I didn’t exactly expect to hear a pure goa-trance production like in the good days of the style… some years ago now! Chaosphere aren’t setting the world alight, just emulating what has been done years ago through several of their compatriots, but this totally devastating and chilling genre still fascinates me! You feel like being surrounded through astral bleeps and hard EBM bass lines. The tempo leads you in a total state of trance… being addicted to the sound! I love it! –Contact: chris@chaosphere.plus.com / www.cosmiccabbage.co.uk/chaosphere –Rate: (DP:8/9)DP.

Early embrace (9-track cd)
-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Back to the 80ies new wave productions à la Cure, Sisters Of Mercy… -Comment: After a previous and unsuccessful contribution inside Ad Nutum, Frédéric Padilla decided to set up his very own project. His opus smells like pure 80ies nostalgia, but I’ve to admit  that his guitar-wave style is quite well done! Just pay attention for the excellent “Cry for me”-track! Nothing original neither innovative, but an honest emulation of the glorious new-wave productions! –Contact: dawnofsamhein@hotmail.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Ordäl (11-track cd)
-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: Dark gothic with distant refreshing textures! The female vocals remind to Siouxsie Sioux! –Comment: Unbelievable! This experienced gothic formation, which already appeared on numerous samplers and played at some very important festivals is still in search to find a label! I can imagine it’s not easy under such circumstances to hold on your enthusiasm and motivation! “Ordäl” will be maybe the ultimate assault to obtain the favors of a company! The dark gothic moods are full of elaborated melodious parts and background electro arrangements! The “Temptation” song is a real cool cut while the “the calling” cover of Death In June isn’t bad at all! They for sure deserve much more! –Contact: dv.roxane@integral.be / www.geocities.com/dawnvisitors –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

Extra vendata (4-track cd)
-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: An interesting move into more achieved modern techno-EBM fields! –Comment: The opening piece “Damn these drugz” is really surprising! DS gains in maturity and the techno-dance approach sounds
like the early years of Underworld! There’s not the same elaboration and knowledge, but the ideas that have been worked out here are simply great! The other songs are moving into more classical electronic forms, but I’ve to
mention that for the very first time this band adds some vocal parts! A good step in the right direction! –Contact: info@devotedsymbols.be / www.devotedsymbols.be –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Left alone to die (7-track cd)
-Origin:   -Style/Influences: Old dark EBM, which reminds me to K.I.F.O.T.E. –Comment: It speaks for itself that if you’re fond of the dark and cold EBM stuff, you gone appreciate the work of this formation! They’ve to improve their production, but a few of their songs are still credible! –Contact: sheerhorror@emote.org / www.devoured.org/distortedmemory –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

III (10-track cd)
-Origin: Belgium –Style/influences: Pure traditional guitar wave with the Sisters Of Mercy as main source of inspiration! –Comment: Erato is undoubtedly one of the last unsigned talented gothic formations! Their work evolved into very mature, dark and gloomy guitar-wave compositions. The point is that this classical form of gothic music lost a great part of its credibility and enthusiasm… which probably explains why this formation is still in search of a deal! Anyway, if you’re an addict of the good-old new-wave school, Erato will give you 100% satisfaction! –Contact: info@erato.cc –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Demo 2001/02 (5-track cd)
-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: Typical Teutonic synth-pop that sounds like the offspring between Melotron and Technoir! –Comment: They’ve been inspired through a bunch of their compatriots, avoiding any originality, butcomposing a more than acceptable synth-pop music. The best exponent of this demo remains the “Vergessebn ist Sühne”-song, which has been sung by guest-singer, Andy Krüger (of… Melotron!). Emergenz did the support of Melotron, which probably explains this collaboration! This formation still needs some time to grow up, but they already show a strong potential! –Contact: mailto@emergenz.de / www.emergenz.de –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Music for dreams (8-track cd Les Disques de la Crypte)
-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Electronic ambient with vocals that may remind some 80ies atmospheres. –Comment: After the split of Taedium Vitaë, Jérôme G. concentrated on his solo work, achieving the 1st part of a trilogy. His symphonic electronic compositions are leading the listener into certain ambient impressions, but the entire work suffers from a lack of elaboration! This isn’t terribly inspired for the moment! –Contact: Les disques de la Crypte, 19 Bd. Victor Hugo, 44000 Nantes, France. –Rate:(DP:4)DP.

Shame and regret (5-track cd)
-Origin: Scotland –Style/Influences: Dark ambient electronics, which will maybe remind some CMI-productions! –Comment: The band name is rather funny… as Grimbergen is a small place in Belgium, which inspired this artist when he was driving through our country to join the Eurock festival! Well, I’ve to admit that the name perfectly fits into his dark ambient style. It all sounds like somber soundscapes, evoking the nearby end of times. This is a very significant debut… while Grimbergen will be never the same to me! –Contact: n.c.clemence@sms.ed.ac.uk –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Technique is nothing but lack of style (4-track cd)
-Origin: Sweden –Style/Influences: A mixture of 80ies influences together with industrial components. –Comment: It’s a rather unusual mixture between pure electro 80ies influences and harder industrial soundsculptures! It
comes now and than close to chaos. The last song “Media?” is something completely different, leading the listener into a crystal-clear and quiet piece of music! –Contact: lamebeat@enigma.se –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Demo (5-track cd)
-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: dance-pop and old school electro! –Comment: This German Dj active in the Berliner area composes a mix of pure cloning Kraftwerk-music and other pop-electronic influences. You feel that this artist is used to visit clubs because of the constant danceable aspect of his compositions… but don’t expect something hard beating and devastating! It sounds closer to a parody for instance! –Contact: von_neumann@berlinpetroleum.de –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

All that’s left is nothing (8-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: dark EBM. –Comment: The simplistic and basic structures of this dark electronic solo-project suffer from knowledge and maturity! It all sounds like a beginning (and it’s a debut demo!), but there ’s much to improve here! –Contact: xhavok@mail.com / www.kounterakt.cjb.net –Rate: (DP:3)DP.

Insane mental chore (4-track cd)
-Origin: Australia –Style/Influences: Pop-EBM. –Comment: you maybe know them from their remix on the latest Tankt-release! The Australians deliver a rather mature sound, combining EBM elements with catchier pop tunes. I’m just missing a real attention grabber to speak about a successful composition! –Contact: luxvoltaire@hotmail.com –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Funeral light (14-track cd)
-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: Moving from electro-industrial to noise. –Comment: The new demo of M&M holds on the same line and style and their previous work. The industrial style still needs some more elaboration
and variation in the structures and the soundsculptures to become really credible, but I’ve already heard worst indus projects that find a deal! –Contact: matieres.et.memoire@skynet.be  -Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Voytech (10-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Electronic-house! –Comment: This solo-project hides an experienced artist. Among all his involvement and activities, he did some remixes for Red Flag while MTV Networks used his music in their “Making the video”-show. “Voytech” is a voyage through pure trance-house fields! Now and than we can perceive some of his influences like Kraftwerk, but the compositions are one after one in the pure trance-house style! It’s just a pity that the quality of the sound recording remains too compressed! Anyway, food for the lovers of techno stuff! –Contact: mike@nvsproductions.com / www.nvsproductions.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Indelible (5-track cd)
-Origin: Italy –Style/Influences: A wide spectrum of electronic and pop styles, moving from 80ies influences to contemporary house tunes. –Comment: An interesting mixture of diversified sources of inspiration, which reminds me to the pop-wave side of Simple Minds on “The light” and moves into more melodious house tunes on “A voice”. Let’s keep this name in mind! –Contact: p_pain@hotmail.com –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Flesh & blood (12-track cd)
-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: A mixture between EBM, synth-pop and vague techno influences. Apoptygma Berzerk comes into mind when listening to some of the songs! –Comment: the 3rd demo of this Belgian duo shows an amazing progress into maturity! They’ve a good feeling for carrying melody lines and don’t hesitate to go in search of a mix between good old EBM and techno-trance influences! Just pay some attention for the “Omar  Cantar”-song, which is pure bleeping sensory joy! It’s just a pity that a few songs have been a little bit ruined through the poorly inspired way of singing. Anyway, “Flesh & blood” sounds as a revelation into demo-land and it’s not a coincidence if this band already get a considerable response in our homeland! Keep on the good work guys! –Contact: mail@propulsion.org / www.propulsion.org –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

Demo (11-track cd)
-Origin: France –Style/Influences: In between gothic and rock! –Comment: While this duo seems to be inspired through several industrial bands and styles, the compositions are closer to a melting of gothic moods and rock expression. The electronic structures bring a little bit refinement. They also deliver a surprising and funny cover of a Boney M-song! I know it’s a demo, but the quality of the sound could have been better! –Contact: dom_gaudeaux@hotmail.com –Rate: (DP:6)DP.


Das Schlachten der Unschuld (12-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: The perfect mix between dark ambient and industrial or when some of the Cold Meat Industry flag holders are meeting bands of Hands and Ant-zen! –Comment: The dark and oppressive moods sound like the pictures of a devastated landscape without a single sign of life! The industrial components give an extra dimension to the compositions, avoiding any further comparison with pure ambient projects! This band is ready to get signed! Congratulations! –Contact: sealed-in-silence@angelfire.com / www.angelfire.com/nd/sealedinsilence –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

Todes!Strom (6-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Influences/Styles: Moving into more pronounced industrial areas! –Comment: This is a more recent demo of SIS. They sound has evolved into more bombastic industrial drum patterns, but the global atmosphere remains pretty cold! Definitely a band to discover if you like strong industrial moods! –Contact: sealed-in-silence@angelfire.com / www.angelfire.com/nd/sealedinsilence –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Demo (4-track cd)
-Origin: Italy –Style/Influences: Dark and melancholic guitar wave. –Comment: This new ode to the dark 80ies decade suffers from real substance. The kind of melancholic ballads feel extremely sad and depressed, but the musical content needs to be seriously improved! There’s a lot to do here! –Contact: sinkingwithlove@yahoo.com / www.geocities.com/illudranmax –Rate: (DP:3)DP.

Valentine stigmata (8-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Gothic, neo-classical. –Comment: This is the project of a female harpist, which tries to combine the authentically classical sound of this magic instrument with the somber mood of gothic music. It now and than comes close to reverie, but I’m missing some refinement in the global writing process! I like the idea of combining both elements, but it can’t totally convince me for so far. Maria Kern (another harpist) precisely reached this refinement and fascination on her “The sound of glass and light”-album. –Contact: info@somna.net / www.somna.net –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Demo (10-track cd Creativa)
-Origin: Italy –Style/Influences: Lounge electro-jazz. –Comment: A very mature and worked out electronic composition that moves on the edge of free-electro-jazz stuff. The main tracks remain instrumental ones, leading the listener in an imaginary voyage full of prosperity and tranquility! If you’re fond of lounge, taste the Sonic Company! –Contact: creamusic@libero.it / www.creativamusic.com –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Demo (8-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/influences: Melodious EBM, which sounds like the symbiosis of Mentallo & the Fixer and Benestrophe! –Comment: This solo-artists tries to explore the wide fields of EBM, adding some harpsichord parts to the dark melodious body writing! It’s not the kind of record you will feel the need to start dancing, but it’s more into moody electronics! Nothing revolutionary, but easy listening songs. –Contact: brett@soul-circuit.com / www.soul-circuit.com (DP:6/7)DP.

The demo (7-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Groovy d&b with Autechre influences! –Comment: This is without a shadow of a doubt, a brand-new project with a huge potential! I really love the groovy side of this band while the d&b cadence recovered with a bunch of other influences are leading the listener in a stream of fascination! The few female vocal parts are adding an essential bonus to the structures! This is a band to watch out for! –Contact: teufel@ix.netcom.com / www.angeldustrial.com/rocktard/tonic/open.html –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

Insides out (5-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Sensual pop rock! –Comment: The debut of this American duo sounds pretty promising. Without being a real must, I heard enough potential and ideas, which make me think that they’re able to grown and become a real interesting project. The sensual female vocals are living in harmony with the quiet pop-rock arrangements. A very pleasant discovery! –Contact: info@tragicsense.com / www.tragicsense.com –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Demo 4-track cd)
-Origin: Israel –Style/Influences: Pure crossover between electronic structures and guitar parts! –Comment: Some 10 years ago now, we would have call it cyber-punk! The sound of Vultures is extremely powerful and aggressive, but sometimes bordering on the edge of complete chaos! It comes close to hard core underground and therefor not suited for weak hearts! If you like the noise-terror of electronic music, you’ll maybe love it… -Contact: info@vulturesculture.com / www.vulturesculture.com –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.


[June 2002]



Creator (3-track cd)
-Origin: The Netherlands –Style/Influences: From dark electro to gothic. –Comment: 2 tracks in a pure electronic way, which without being innovative at all, contain some cool bleeps. The last piece comes closer to a kind of ballad in the gothic vein. –Contact: jamez@wish.nl –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

A la sauvegarde de l’innocents (5-track cd Hellbound Records)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Modern EBM. –Comment: 5 tracks with numerous influences, moving from FLA to more ambient stuff and as top of the bill, the excellent “Fallen angel”-song featuring guest singer Athan Maroulis (Spahn Ranch). The band is actively involved in the animal rights. –Contact: hellraver@aol.com –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Vacuum 6 (11-track cd)
-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: Dark EBM in the purest Belgian tradition! –Comment: This project remains faithful to their dark and cold body-forms. They still need some more maturity in the achievement of the songs, but their work will please to lovers of traditional electro! –Contact: euforic_existence@hotmail.com / www.all.at/euforicexistence –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Safe inside (5-track cd)
-Origin: Australia –Style/Influences: A very own approach of pop music! –Comment: Undoubtedly one of the most atypical pop styles I’ve ever heard. It sounds like the blend of pop and “cabaret”-music. –Contact: societysleepingsophia@yahoo.com –Rate: (DP:4)DP.

Under glass (6-track cd)
-Origin: Australia –Style/Influences: A very own approach of pop music! –Comment: This demo sounds a little bit more accessible that “Safe inside”, but it remains a very minimalist pop style, spiced with rock and old wave influences. –Contact: societysleepingsophia@yahoo.com –Rate: (DP:5/6)DP.

Sessions #1: volume is necessary (3-track cd)
-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: Modern electronics, which reminds me here and there to Chemical Brothers. –Comment: A refreshing piece of electro that is hard to precisely define. The 2nd song “Jesusfreak part 1” reminds me to the style of Chemical Brothers and that sounds as a real reference! Keep an eye on them! –Contact: info@satellitedub.com / www.satellitedub.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.



Eclipsing Binary (8-track cd)

-Origin: USA - Style/Influences: Instrumental space electro is maybe a good definition.  - Comment: It is, if I'm not wrong, the second review for this band in our demo section.  I'm still surprised that this one man project has not been signed yet.  We are far from big cliché here, the guy tries to create his own architecural spacy sound not too far sometimes from bands like... Architect, and some big moments of Autechre with a very personal touch.  worth a listen! - Contact: smal5319@bellsouth.net - RATE: (CX:8)CX

Morphine soda (7-track cd)
-Origin: France –Style/influences: Dark electro with industrial influences. –Comment: An omnipresent dark, frightening mood with some electro parts reminding to Die Form. Thanacid has to gain in maturity, but their work is interesting for so far! –Contact: k.merat@libertysurf.fr –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.



[May 2002]



Demo – Collection 1997-2202 (8-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: An experimental approach of electronic music. –Comment: It becomes rapidly clear that this project wants to be different. I think they didn’t manage any effort and the spooky treatment of the vocals is one of the best examples of this will to be innovative! Despite of their work and concept, the result isn’t the most satisfying! –Contact: cellocaust@fn.net –Rate: (DP:5/6)DP.

Demo (11-track cd)
-Origin: Belarus –Style/influences: A mixture between dark electronics and industrial. –Comment: This is a selection of songs from their 3rd album and a few ones from the upcoming release. It’s not pure industrial neither pure dark electro, so the crossover between these genres is quite interesting without being groundbreaking! There’s still much to improve and ideas to work out! –Contact: ar2000@tut.by & ar2000@yandex.ru –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Vibrant grey (13-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/influences: A very own type of pop. –Comment: I’ve already reviewed a previous demo of this duo and to be honest, it didn’t really catch my attention. The new work sounds different, moving into a personal interpretation of modern synth-pop combined with d&b aspects and guitar intrusions. It sounds pretty minimal, but easy listening. I just regret that the best pieces are the ones that have been remixed through other names like Avatar, Esion and Function 13. –Contact: headaque@yahoo.com / www.ceoxime.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Zero/One (9-trackcs cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: A wide range of electronic underground styles moving from EBM to pop to techno to d&b. –Comment: This guy seems to be a chameleon of the electronic music. Every song sounds like opening a door to another electro field. I personally really like the kind of achieved electro-techno work (cf.“Chasm”). He also made a kind of cover-sampling of Depeche Mode’s “I feel loved”, which is rather bizarre. –Contact: adrivingforce@hotmail.com / www.mp3.com/digitalgeist –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

We are involved in a war (9-track cd)
-Origin: Greece –Style/influences: Wave built up with a mix of guitar and electronic gear. –Comment: This project affirms to be not a band, but a sort of theatrical group. Whatever it may be, the music doesn’t really reveal any surprise neither get me wild! It’s not terribly inspired! –Contact: nick.sales@v2records.gr (DP:5/6)DP.

The best of (1-track cd Red Neon Tapes)

-Origin: Belgium –Style/influences: Ambient soundscapes. –Comment: This album sounds like a long mix, which consists out of 11 tracks. It’s a very diversified entity of ambient and dark soundscapes, which also move into experimental fields. You can easily perceive that the project doesn’t spare any effort to create a descent sound. It’s just that I can’t really get into it! –Contact: redneon@skynet.be –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

The absolution (9-track cd Wrecked angel Promotions)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Synth-pop with a singer reminding to Thomas Dolby. –Comment: This is a cool surprise in pop-land! This band takes care to work out their songs, accentuating the rhythmic and increasing the bleeps and sweeps. This is definitely not the kind of “conform” synth-pop production like we’ve been used to hear! The singer’s voice is very atypical too and some of you might not totally convinced about it! The voice timbre personally reminds me to the charismatic Th. Dolby. This band has the potential to get signed! Contact: wreckedangels@hotmail.com / www.warden.gdn.net/~ruinnation/fainting/index.php3 –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

Demo (5-track cd Geska Records)

-Origin: Canada –Style/Influences: Wave. –Comment: This is easy listening music that I like to have as background sound… but that must be rather offending for this duo! The point is that I’ve a constant impression of déjà-vu, like a sound I’ve already heard thousand times before! Guitar and electro are melting together in a typical wave-minded sound! –Contact: gdofn@videotron.ca –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

The silk road (9-track cd URCKram Recordings)

-Origin: USA –Style/influences: Experimental. –Comment: Strange, this collective says to be intended as a guerilla action against the upbeat, positive and highly overproduced world music! Their work dives into minimalist experimental compositions with a few “world-music”-elements. It starts to bore after a while for stagnating in long during and monotonous soundfields. –Contact: www.hop-frog.com –Rate: (DP:3)DP.

demo (13-track cd)

-Origin: Czech Republic –Style/Influences: EBM reminding to early Project Pitchfork for the way of singing. –Comment: This is definitely less elaborated and badly produced! The music remains a pure total cliché from start till the end… even containing a cover of Funker Vogt’s “Tragic hero”. Let’s consider it as a try-out from a band in search of experience and an own identity! This is definitely inconsistent for so far! –Contact: krystof@immunology.cz –Rate: (DP:4)DP.

A Mana Erg collection (1992-1999) (13-track cd)

-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Wave-rock. –Comment: I’m always a bit afraid to discover older work coming from a demo-band! The musical content sounds poorly inspired and rapidly border on the edge of boredom! The different languages they use to sing (English, French, German) aren’t really refreshing! Nothing exceptional at all! –Contact: bruno.deangelis@virgin.net / www.manaerg.1me.net –Rate: (DP:3)DP.

Postboiler (8-track cd)

-Style/Influences: Old EBM. –Comment: Some bands would better wait and improve their compositions before trying to conquer the world. This demo seriously suffers from a lack of originality and simply a lack of talent. I can’t find anything positive here! Sorry guys. –Contact: eddiejeckle@nineinchnails.zzn.com –Rate: (DP:2/3)DP.

Happiness hurts me (12-track cd)

-Origin: Spain –Style/influences: Pure synth-pop mainly inspired through the German pop-masters. –Comment: This demo has been produced by Frans Beltran of Iberian Spleen and that’s probably one of the reasons why the sound is pure and clear. This band already did the support in Barcelona of big names like Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation and De/Vision. But I’m not surprised that they’re still in search of a deal because it’s all too similar and less personal. The vocal parts are a little bit too soft to my taste. Maybe something for the heaviest pop-collectors! –Contact: self2000@terra.es –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Spinal agnostic (5-track cd Syncromesh Audio)

-Origin: Canada –Style/Influences: Dark EBM, for the lovers of Mentallo & the Fixer and Funker Vogt. –Comment: They’ve been already compared to numerous formations and that maybe says something about their difficulty to create a personal EBM-approach. They too often fall into old EBM-clichés. It’s not bad at all, but it’s far away from being essential. There’s still much to improve here! –Contact: badger@badger.cx / ww.syncromesh.net  –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Excessive brutality (8-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Dark EBM à la Hocico! –Comment: This is the 1st demo and you can directly perceive the traditional errors: trying to get so close as possible to their personal favorite band (cf. Hocico) while unconsciously avoiding the elaboration of an own sound! Too much precipitation in the composing and recording process… to finally send us a non-produced result! I hope this band will learn out of their faults, trying to reach an own sound… and than we’ll see! –Contact: djdesensitize@aol.com –Rate: (DP:5/6)DP.

The sound of burden (4-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Close to crossover between rock and electro. –Comment: from a pure musical point of view, this band doesn’t sound bad at all! I really like their cool electro bleeps while the rock influence is rather strange… and from a personal point of view, regretting! The point that hurts is the poorly, less captivating and screaming vocals. –Contact: st1||warm@aol.com / www.stillwarm.iuma.com –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Abertension (3-track cd)
-Origin: A Canadian living in the USA –Style/Influences: Modern and intelligent electronic music bordering on the edge of techno and ambient. –Comment: Among the tons of demos I’ve listened to, this is definitely one I’ll remember. It’s an achieved piece of music that may remind to great electro-scientists like Clock DVA, Haujobb and Trauma. The sound is still on the edge of techno while some sequences remind to Klinik. I hope to hear more songs from this talented project! –Contact: patricksmall@bellsouth.net / www.patricksmall.com –Rate: (DP:8/9)DP.

Demo (4-track cd Enjoy This! Music & Management)

-Origin: French band on a Brazilian label –Style/Influences: Back to new-wave and eighties pop. –Comment: This trio consists out of 3 experienced musicians, F. Lopez from Opera Multi Steel being probably the most recognized one. Their common efforts sounds like synth-wave-pop with potential, but that never excels in real fascinating songs! Rather disappointing for so far! –Contact:  enjoyt@ruralsp.ciom.br –Rate: (DP:5/6)DP.



[April 2002]



Civilization of computer war (14-track cd)

-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Instrumental EBM reminding to several projects of B. Leeb & Rh. Fülber. –Comment: I personally prefer the previous demo, which was still in the same vein, but the sound was more brute and aggressive. This is well-done electro in the line of Noise Unit and FLA. The main point that hurts is the absence of vocal parts, which would inject some more life in this remarkable work! –Contact: gensystem@free.fr / www.gensystem.free.fr –Rate: (DP:7)DP.


The blessed virgin Larry (11-track cd MP3.com)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Wave-rock. –Comment: They look more eccentrics than their music is original! We get a tepid cocktail of old guitar wave and rock music. A few songs are a little bit into innovation for their kind of triphop cadence! Nothing to keep in mind! –Contact: www.mp3.com / mavjb@aol.com –Rate: (DP:4)DP.


[No more lies] (8-track cd)

-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: Moving influences from EBM to electro-pop. –Comment: This is an excellent try-out, especially for a 1st demo! I perceive a considerable elaboration in the writing process, resulting in cool pieces like the outstanding “Not forever a dream” and “Drama Queen”. The female vocalist reminds me a little bit to Dust Of Basement. This is a promising debut! –Contact: info@bodyarmour.uk.com / www.bodyarmour.uk.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.


Demo (3-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Catchy body style. –Comment: The tragically events in the USA last year, seems to have inspired this band. This can be considered as a funny wink, but still as a form of patriotism. Whatever it may be the song (that has been remixed) is a great and catchy danceable piece of electronic music. The chorus is pretty cool and easy reminding. I hope to hear more from Boole! –Contact: brad@boole.org / www.boole.org –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.


The surgical suite (13-track cd)

-Origin: Australia –Style/Influences: This must be the Australian Hocico! –Comment: Big names and successful bands always have an important influence on beginning projects, trying to emulate their favorites. Listening and enjoying Corrosion, I can’t get away from the certitude that they’re strongly and mainly inspired through Hocico. This demo is well done and I even dare to say that this band is ready to get signed. This is pure cold-body-aggression containing devastating chilling sequences, harsh distorted vocals and a merciless tempo! I like it! –Contact: bbul5257@mail.usyd.edu.au –Rate: (DP:8)DP.


Demos (4-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: EBM. –Comment: This is body stuff without real surprises except… the female way of singing, which sounds a little bit childish… the kind of sweet and sensitive vocals à la Regenerator and Hungry Lucy, but less talented! The 4th piece “Karma” is the best cut. This demo serves as a good basis to move on! –Contact: sterkro@aol.com –Rate: (DP:6)DP.


Under darker skies (15-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/influences: While there’re several pure EBM influences, the sound moves to the edge of techno and goa. –Comment: the demo is too long, but I heard a few extremely danceable and devastating pieces. This is the most trance-techno minded side of Earthshock, which reminds to the goa scene. “Into the eye” is one of these remarkable tracks! I would advise them to follow this way! –Contact: hellraver@aol.com / www.geocities.com/hellraverproductions –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP/


Light of love (8-track cd)

-Origin: Mexico –Style/Influences: EBM with poppy elements. –Comment: This is undoubtedly a new discovery on planet EBM! The music is extremely worked out, showing certain knowledge and talent in the writing process. They here and than remind me to the Spanish Culture Kultür, probably for the Spanish language! It proves that Mexico is much more than the dark-doom-EBM of Hocico. This style is much more refined and I can assure you it’s a remarkable and essential piece! They deserve to be signed! –Contact: errarick@hotmail.com –Rate: (DP:8/9)DP.


Act 1: Connection (4-track cd)

-Origin: Belgium –Influences/Style: EBM with some vague influences à la front 242. –Comment: This new band raised up from the ashes of Escape Industry, a band that released a demo in 1997!  I’m afraid the music of E-Void sounds a little bit more up to date, but there’s still a lot to improve! I don’t find a real cohesion in the song writing while the vocals sound like have been recorded in a few takes. This is insufficient for so far! –Contact: evoid@multimania.com –Rate: (DP:4/5)DP.


Obscene dream  (7-track cd Oracular Music)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: A mixture between good-old synth-pop and modern ideas. –Comment: This is meant to be a single containing 6 different versions of the title-song and a kind of bonus track. “Obscene dream” is an amazing piece of danceable electro-pop. I’m totally addicted to the carrying chorus line and the easy reminding lyrics. A great piece of music with excellent remixes like the “Decoding Jesus remix” built up with cool acid bleeps. They’ll for sure find a label! –Contact: david@xhibition.net / www.xhibition.net –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.


The tension and the darkness (9-track cd Dtrash Records)

-Style/Influences: A mixture between industrial and d&b. –Comment: It all sounds close to pure cacophony and improvisation. The result is definitely inconsistent! –Contact: exist_dtrash@hotmail.com / www.warp9.to/exist (DP:2)DP.

Demo (5-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Dark ambient. –Comment: The opening track “Spoils of war” shows a rather rhythmic approach, which goes over into a kind of pure dark ambient work with vocal lines although it’s not the kind of haunting ambient. Nothing very groundbreaking! –Contact: cdenbaars@yahoo.com –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Promo 2001 (10-track cd)

-Origin: Greece –Style/Influences: Electro-dance-trance. –Comment: Is this the brother of Ivory Frequency?  This is an attractive duo combining the body style with a remarkable dance-trance effect! The elaboration is very mature and perfectly built up with cool bleeps. The “Possible c.o.d.”-cut is a real high light! This could be the next electro signing from Greece! Keep on the good work guys, you’re doing great! –Contact: eko1515@yahoo.com –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

Demo (13-track cd)

-Origin: Croatia –Style/Influences: Pure EBM. –Comment: It’s clear that this band has a serious chance to get signed very soon! This is a remix-release with the contribution of bands like Flesh Field, Funker Vogt, Decoded Feedback, Aghast View, Pulse Legion, Dead Jump and Strategy! It’s just amazing, especially for a band on demo format! The remixes are quite worked out while the new songs perfectly hold on the road! This isn’t the most innovative body stuff I’ve heard, but it will please to several addicts! –Contact: info@injury.online.com / www.injury-online.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Kill yourself (c-60)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Experimental, noise. –Comment: It’s very surprising to see that a few projects are still using the good-old tape to promote their work. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when I discover the content of this noise-dealer, I got really bored. There’re probably a few people who still enjoy this kind of stuff, but they must be hard to find… -Contact: chadwicked@webtv.net –Rate: (DP:2/3)DP.

Three zero (10-track cd Quai Loh Records)

-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: A powerful interpretation of industrial! –Comment: It’s not the usual kind of industrial, but the kind of terror and power emerging from their sound can be only linked to industrial! They remind me to Einstürzende Neubauten for the power of their work next to the ferocity and passion they thrive to extract. A noticeable evolution in comparison with the earlier work! –Contact: alex.leechwoman@ntlworld.com / www.leechwoman.com –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Never mind the MSBR, here’s the Napalmed (c-90)

-Origin: Czech Republic –Style/Influences: From noise to experimental. –Comment: You’ve to be a hard one to endure these 90 minutes of mental torture! It’s a kind of soundscape full of noises and experimental arrangements. It all sounds like pure improvisation. –Contact: napalmed@volny.cz –Rate: (DP:2)DP.

The liminal void ep (5-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/influences: a melting pot of electronic influences. –Comment: A very interesting demo from Milwaukee that moves from EBM to more complex song writing evoking Clock DVA to vague go vibes. I don’ t have a preference for any or other song, but “Mortal vessel” sounds like the way to follow! –Contact: contact@netherfabrik.com –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.


Subliminal (MCD self released)

Hailing from Middleton, USA, are the duo Null Device that brings synthpop with EBM touches. The result? Catchy synthpop tunes with vocals that remind me of the excellent though never published material from the Belgian synthpop hope Da Vinci Principle (Da Vinci Principle tracks such as “Pain” were even sold as genuine Depeche Mode demos). Harsh sounds are nicely incorporated into the electro pop world of Null Device. Tracks that keep on being played at home are opener “Blindsighted” and closer “Word and deed” for being hard driven synthpop tunes that stand comparisons with other ‘major’ acts in the synthpop scene. A band that every synthpop follower should have checked out! It wouldn’t surprise me to see these two boys end up on Todd’s famous A Different Drum label. Contact: www.nulldevice.com (bvi: 7/8) bvi.


With pride (4-track cd)

-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: A trendy mixture of synth-pop and EBM with VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berzerk as main sources of inspiration! –Comment: I’ve already said the principal, mentioning their influences. The band has to take the time to improve the whole writing process and production, but there’s still some light in the mist for this band. They just have to know that there’re still numerous other formations trying to follow the footsteps of the 2 giants… -Contact: info@pandique.com / www.pandique.com –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Forbidden city ep (11-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Pure electro in search of an own identity! –Comment: Is it due to the fact that this demo is full of remixes made through other formations that it sounds that diversified? Probably, but the point is that it doesn’t really convince me of any credibility! Maybe they didn’t choose the right remixers, maybe their original versions are suffering from any personal style. Nothing exceptional here! –Contact: badger@badger.cx / www.syncromesh.net –Rate: (DP:4)DP.

The search for something sacred (7-track cd)

-Origin: Australia –Style/Influences: They’ve been already described as a grunge formation and that could be the right description! –Comment: A personal style, but which never attempt to get me wild. The whole compositions remain rather slow with spooky vocals and the guitar as main instrument. Nothing noticeable for so far. –Contact: puppetman99@hotmail.com / www.puppetman.com.au –Rate: (DP:4)DP.


Music sampler (7-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: A mixture between synth-pop and triphop cadences. –Comment: Their sound is less underground than closer to mainstream. The female vocals are rather cold, but efficient while the compositions are quite achieved and already mature. I’m missing a pure hit, but there’re enough arguments here to keep an eye on them. –Contact: ryan@puredrama.com / www.puredrama.com –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Demo (5-track cd)

-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: A wide spectrum of influences; a sea of electro, techno and industrial-guitar ingredients. –Comment: This demo contains 5 remixes. While I didn’t get seduced through their previous work, they here realized an acceptable job. The numerous spoken samplings form a surrogate to the absence of a singer. The opening song “Stutter” is a hard punching piece with vague techno arrangements! –Contact: sepia-news-subscribe@egroups.com / www.the-sepia.co.uk –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.



Installation (cd Hempmachine / mp3.com)

Origin: Sweden - Style/Influences: Dark Ambient - Comment: Stay in your bed, light a candle, SWODM will take you on an endless trip, in their secret land for the mind, following Lustmord and other Raison d'être.  Even if it's not so elaborate than his famous predecessor and that he has a dangerous obsession to stretch a song unnecessarily with not enough diversities.  This debut shows the potential of this one man project. - Contact: http://www.silentwatcher.com/ http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/141/silent_watcher_of_dark_mat.html - myt@silentwatcher.com - Rate: (CX:6/7) CX.



Quiet Garden (cd Hempmachine / mp3.com)

Origin: Sweden - Style/Influences: Dark Ambient - Comment: I received the full discography of this young Swedish project, and that's very interesting to see an evolution of three years.  “Quiet Garden” is the second album and even if he still has difficulty to record an effective long ambient track, « This Quiet Garden 1», we can see a small evolution in the diversity of the used sounds. - Contact: http://www.silentwatcher.com/ http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/141/silent_watcher_of_dark_mat.html - myt@silentwatcher.com - Rate: (CX:7) CX.



Deep Space I and II (cd Hempmachine / mp3.com)

Origin: Sweden - Style/Influences: Dark Ambient - Comment: This is the third release of SWODM, originally divided in two albums, Hempmachine has recently released it on one cd.  The endless tracks are more than present in this opus and Myt manages to create a more complex wall of sound, however, without the saving help of some interesting satellite sounds…. The problem is that it becomes difficult to abandon yourself completely because of this.  Anyway, we have here a quiet suitable atmospheric simple sounds composition, a kind of back… background music - Contact: http://www.silentwatcher.com/ http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/141/silent_watcher_of_dark_mat.html - myt@silentwatcher.com - Rate: (CX:7) CX.


Special weapons and tactics (13-track cd Hellraver Production Artists)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Crossover between electro and techno. –Comment: The name and the cover made me expect a new noise-assault, but I get positively surprised through a sound that comes very close to pure techno music. This band is probably even too techno-club minded for body-heads, but I personally enjoy it! –Contact: hellraver@aol.com / www.geocities.com/hellraverproductions –Rate: (DP:7)DP.


[VOLVO 242]
Live demo (12-track cd)

-Origin: Sweden –Style/Influences: Covers of Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb –Comment: Is this meant to be a joke? I think it’s very funny… and listening to this tape on the 1st of April… it could have been a joke for the circumstance! Let’s get serious now, this band seems to be very popular in their homeland where they entertain the audience with covers of Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb. The result is very good when diving back into time with the early work of both EBM-giants. This band is an excellent warm-up for a good night out! –Contact: ???? –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Demo (10-track cd)

-Origin: Israel –Style/Influences: Claimed to be influenced by bands like Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Assemblage 23. –Comment: The sound of Xanthippe isn’t bad at all. I like the faster and more danceable songs. This is EBM that sill appeals for more complexity, but they’re several good ideas running through the compositions. –Contact: xanthippe@bigfoot.com / www.xanthippe.dot.nu –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.


Neurotic & latonic (6-track cd Third Brass Collective)

-Origin: Australia –Style/Influences: Gothic. -Comment: This is pure and alluring gothic stuff coming from a band, which already gained some experience throughout the years! One of their main forces is the alluring female vocalist. Nothing new, but quite well done! –Contact: info@zeitgeistaustralia.com / www.zeitgeistaustralia.com –Rate: (DP:6)DP.



[March 2002]


Anoil sides (5-track cd)

-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Pure and traditional guitar wave reminding the coldness of Joy Division! –Comment: This is food for the nostalgias, but first of all for the lovers of deep, dark and suicidal bass lines. –Contact: yves.Bily@wanadoo.fr –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Nothing like this (5-track cd)

-Origin: Spain –Style/Influences: Pure synth-pop that reminds to De/Vision. –Comment: You can hear that those 3 guys are already busy for a couple of years. Their work isn’t the most original one, but it’s already very worked out. The way of singing reminds to De/Vision! The “Skin on skin” track is a very good one for the excellent danceable part at the end! Let’s keep an eye on them! –Contact: pulsion02@hotmail.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

[DEE JAY 23]
I’ll give you cyber… punk!!! (13-track cd)

-Origin: USA -Style/Influences: It moves from dark EBM to cyber-core. –Comment: The body side of the project is the most acceptable one, but the less present! The cyber-tracks are less inspired and suffering from a lack of elaboration! The main characteristic is the use of spoken samplings coming from diverse sources. There’s also a cover of Dead Kennedys, but it’s one of the poorest songs of the demo! –Contact: DEE23JAY23@aol.com –Rate: (DP:4)DP.

Demos (3-track cd)

-Origin: German-American trio based in Philadelphia PA –Style/Influences: A mixture between synth-pop, EBM and techno or the techno meeting between Depeche Mode and Apoptygma Berzerk. –Comment: An excellent debut that starts
in a rather poppy way to evolve in harder an EBM style (cf. “I believe”) to finally end in the great club-track “In my dreams”, which is more into house! I just regret the length of the songs that is maybe a little bit to long! –Contact: www.mp3.com/kontinuum / schmittydj@aol.com –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Nichts ist Heilig (7-track cd)

-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: Teutonic EBM in the pure, old tradition that can be described as the hybrid between DAF and Der Prager Handgriff. –Comment: It could have worked more or less 10 years ago! We’re actually in 2002 guys and even if there’re a few survivors and adherents of the good-old EBM, you better march on with new and modern ideas, which isn’t the same as jumping on the fashion train! –Contact: Matthias Günzler, Burgstr. 45/1, D-72764 Reutlingen, Germany. –Rate: (DP:4)DP.

Demo (2-track cd)

-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: A mixture between d&b and ambient. –Comment: It’s pretty hard to get an objective point of view after only 2 songs, but both tracks have a kind of soporific influence in the meaning of diving into wafting ambient! “Deep substance” is a remarkable piece of music. I hope to hear more from this project! –Contact: carlM@rhegeds.freeserve.co.uk –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Starry blue (4-track cd)

-Origin: Sweden –Style/Influences: Synth-pop evoking the eighties. –Comment: There’re a lot of bands, which don’t reach the same level, but who already found a label. The delicate compositions are achieved and contain a very good balance between the male vocalist and the female backings. The 4th hidden song is a cover of Cindy Lauper’s “Time after time”. They maybe need one big hit to get the deserved deal! –Contact: www.hem.passagen.se/tabloid
/ tabloid_information@yahoo.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.


[February  2002]


Le voyage intérieur (9-track cd)

-Origin: France –Style/Influences: After a few notes it becomes clear that this French composer is a big fan of FLA, early Delerium, Noise Unit and other B. Leeb productions. –Comment: Excellent instrumental ambient-EBM. The production is close to perfection, diversified, fresh and… less original! Anyway, originality isn’t the main item to enjoy music and this demo is fully enjoyable! A great and elaborated composition! –Contact: gensystem@free.fr / gensystem.free.fr –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

Digital dawn

(4-track cd)
-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: A danceable mixture of early electro-wave influences together with millennium electro tendencies. –Comment: You can hear that this duo comes from the UK. They’ve this typical British legacy and expression in their composition. They remind me to a mix between Fad Gadget and current danceable underground electro styles. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on! –Contact: info@conspiracy.uk.co / www.conspiracy.uk.co –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

Impulse (12-track demo)

-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: In between groovy dance music and certain underground electro tendencies. It’s probably too dance for the underground and not dance enough for the clubs. –Comment: From the ashes of Cyber emerged Cysonic. The band has been in touch with Serpents (which explains the Serpents’ reprise of “The 2nd life”) and Claus Kruse of PNE. This demo is totally great, but hard to define as music entity! The multiple influences move from groovy dance to certain pop to drum’n’bass to a totally amazing track entitled “Push it in” on which they simply sampled the voice of Bjork! I guess Bjork doesn’t know anything about it, but I would be not surprised if she would like it! Excellent stuff! –Contact: cysonic@neunvolt.de –Rate: (DP:9)DP.

Wheel of time (15-track cd)

-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: Electro-pop with vague old wave influences. –Comment: You can hear that this band is already active for a couple of years. I appreciate the diversity in the songs and the vocal parts. The male vocalist reminds me a bit to I. Curtis while the music is first of all electronic. This is a pleasant demo, but nothing more (…for the moment). –Contact: www.devilmachine.de / email@devilmachine.de –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Grauer stern (6-track cd)

-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: Synth-pop with techno influences –Comment: The sound of Die Perlen evolved from less commercial house style into pure synth-pop fields. Ferdinand Steinbart who’s the main force behind the project is still member of Drunkness (which partly explains the poppy style). Hearing all the electro-pop releases of the year, Die Perlen deserves to get a deal! –Contact: die.perlen@t-online.de / www.drunkness.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Demo (6-track cd)

-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: A surprising mixture of pure goa structures and sensual jazzy ingredients –Comment: No doubt about it, this is a project that dares to innovate, combining distant styles with each other! It needs some time to get used to the mix of trance and saxophone, but it works pretty well! Totally original! –Contact: Ebolah, Wespstraat 45a, 9000 Gent, Belgium –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP. 

Space:traveller (6-track cd)

-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: It could have been the instrumental side of Plastic Noise Experience –Comment: Both guys hiding behind this project are nobody else than Your Schizophrenic Pal (PNE) and Steffen Gehring (Technoir). Their work sounds like a kind of dark and dreamy EBM-soundtrack. You rapidly perceive all the maturity of both musicians, but you’ll wait in vain for the vocal parts. It definitely sounds like PNE without its charismatic singer. The 3rd track “Spacetraveller 402” is a real great cut! –Contact: eigenspace@usa.net –Rate: (DP:7/8 CX: 7/8)DP.

Trans level (8-track cd)

-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: A strangeness of electronic music without any reference neither comparison! –Comment: Ivanovitch Dans L’Ombre is still alive! My God, this is years ago that I heard about one of the craziest electro-demo bands of our country! Their music is bit more elaborated than before, but it remains a bizarre entity of experimental electro constructions! The originality is there, but the efficiency has never been their main characteristic! –Contact: idlo@excite.com –Rate: (DP:3)DP.

Demo (3-track cd)

-Origin: Hungarian artist living in Slovakia –Style/Influences: 3 tracks aren’t enough to put a label on the style, but it makes me think to a kind of soundtrack music. –Comment: It sounds poorly worked out and just one among the numerous projects trying this kind of experiment. The 3rd track seems to be an older one. It contains female vocal parts and is a little bit pop orientated. Nothing exceptional at all! –Contact: josephg@nextra.sk –Rate: (DP:3)DP.

Descent (4-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Diversified electro ideas, but the main influence is undoubtedly a harsh mixture of d&b and industrial –Comment: After a 1st esoterically minded track, the style evolves into very energetic d&b recovered with a sort of industrial atmosphere! It’s well done and the last piece “Assisted release” is totally great! –Contact: jpeck@oswego.edu / www.mp3.com/masterjp –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

Demo (3-track cd Keremos)

-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: Soft rock –Comment: Those guys seems to be lost in our electro, gothic, industrial, techno… universe. Anyway, I don’ t think their rock style will get very successful at the moment. –Contact: tom@keremos.be –Rate: (DP:3)DP.

Private void (13-track cd Rimedia)

-Origin: Sweden –Style/Influences: Cold electro pop. –Comment: We know Morticians for quite a long time. Andreas Rimheden started in a certain Klinikal-way and progressively evolved into poppy arrangements. His latest demo is undoubtedly the most melodious minded and the more you walked into  it, the more you feel growing a sort of cold and Klinikal-touch. The compositions are quite professional and I regret that this band didn’t find any label for so far! –Contact: www.morticiansmusic.com / rimheden@epapper.net –Rate: (DP:7)DP.

SUENO DE LA LUNA/LUMEN (13-track cd)

-Origin: Mexico –Style/Influences: The 1st band is more into easy listening electronic ambiences while the 2nd band is a mixture of industrial noises and experimental stuff. –Comment: The concept of this demo is rather bizarre. You get a 1st part, which is rather restful followed by a heavier and noise-industrial 2nd part. The link between both bands and parts is the poorly inspired content! It’s too bad to be true and I can’t understand why bands are spreading this around?! –Contact: www.mundonuevo.com.mx / info@mundonuevo.com.mx –Rate: (DP:2)DP.

Burn (6-track cd)

-Origin: The Netherlands –Style/Influences: A strong cocktail of body-techno and gothic. –Comment: I was already very positive about their “The only things that count”-demo and “Burn” only reinforce my conviction that this will be the next new signature from The Netherlands. The sound is good enough to get signed, but they’ve to take care to hold some melody lines more simplistic! The gothic-way of singing sounds a bit British and you’ve to get used to it, but I heard several good tracks here! Definitely a band to keep an eye on! –Contact: www.ng-pro.com / ng-pro@reborn.com –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

Emotions (5-track cd)
-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: A mix between traditional body electro and synth-pop –Comment: I notice a good progression into a more mature and elaborated composition, which sounds promising for the future. –Contact: Günther Haegeman, Kaprijkestraat 22a, 9971 Lembeke, Belgium –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.

Circusses (11-track cd Eldritch Music)

-Origin: Belarus –Style/Influences: Experimental and soundtrack minded. –Comment: It must be the 1st time I heard something from Belarus. Omen Faustum conceived a dark experimental soundtrack full of sound waves and signals from unknown planets. A humming atmosphere dominates this very minimal release that will please a few people. –Contact: buben@tut.by –Rate: (DP:4)DP.

Process and productivity (11-track dcd)

-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: This sounds like a pure electronic mix of techno elements and contemporary EBM-forms. –Comment: A very good evolution for this solo-project that already caught my attention through previous demos. The 2nd disc contains live-tracks, showing very good dance vibes and certain complexity in the song writing. This band doesn’t sound as a new emulation of old Belgian pioneers, but has a very own modern approach. If they take care to go on elaborating the sound, they’ll be ready to get a deal. –Contact: psgxxix@theglobe.com –Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.

Crank (5-track cd mp3.com)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: A mix between synth-pop and vague triphop elements. –Comment: The main point that hurts are the total absence of real melody lines. It sounds flat, while the great female vocal parts have been used as backings. It sounds like this band is able to do much better! –Contact: www.mp3.com/pseudocipher –Rate: (DP:3/4)DP.

Incarnate/Subcode (3-track demo)

-Origin: UK –Style/Influences: Dark d&b with distant ambient atmospheres. –Comment: This is just an advanced copy of their forthcoming release and it’s not that easy to get a total view after only 3 tracks. I personally appreciate the cold d&b “Subcode” tracks while the last cut is more into endless and less original ambient fields. –Contact: www.redzone.co.uk –Rate: (DP:6 CX: 6/7 )DP.

La Esencia de la inocencia (15-track cd)

-Origin: Mexico –Style/Influences: Old EBM school. –Comment: I already heard this band on the “Mundo Nuevo”-demo. There’s some evolvement here, moving into an explicit EBM genre although less inspired and poorly arranged. It’s
miles away from other Mexican bands like Hocico, Dulce Liquido and Cenobita. –Contact: www.mundonuevo.com.mx / info@mundonuevo.com.mx –Rate: (DP:4)DP.

Crystalline (14-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Some will call it heavenly voices, others will dig a bit deeper in the analysis of the music discovering a kind of dreamy, poppy d&b. –Comment: It’s a very original and achieved concept featuring 10 artists from different bands. The duo of Hungry Lucy is the most familiar one to the Side-Line staff. The work is (of course) comparable to Hungry Lucy, but in a less dance and poppy way. A very diversified content for a maximum pleasure! –Contact: contact@hungrylucy.com –Rate: (DP:8)DP.

First visions (10-track cd)

-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Dark and melodious electro. –Comment: Sébastien Ficagna who’s sheltering behind this solo-project is nobody else than the mastermind of Dead Souls Rising. While this great band seems to have disappeared, S. Ficagna presents his debut-demo. You can easily perceive that this artist has a serious background and experience, but there ’s something wrong with the vocals. The timbre of his voice can’t really seduce me. The music is pure electronic and already achieved! It’s nothing really new, but it holds on the road for a demo! –Contact: twins2sf@yahoo.fr –Rate: (DP:6)DP.

[V/A - Suicide Machines V1.0]
(cd Revelry Records)

The concept of this French label is quite interesting for presenting us a maximum of less known and familiar names from the French-speaking “demo-world”. You maybe already crossed a few names among the list of 15 like Wired Brain, Almazor, Void Kampf, Jailbird, Ex Nihilo or Pro Patria (from Belgium) and Muckrackers (from Switzerland). The point is that most of these bands don’t sound like they’ll get soon a big deal! Their electronic and/or industrial compositions suffer from a lack of professionalism, originality and talent! I just want to mention the opening body danceable instrumental piece by Virtual Reality next to the achieved FLA-minded Wired Brain and our own Belgian 242-clones of Pro Patria with a very old song from1997! This is definitely an experience strictly reserved to the demo-lovers! Contact: Revelry Records, Olivier-Camus@Wanadoo.fr (DP:3)DP.


[January 2002]


Distant Sun

(CD self released)
Canada sends out its prodigal sons. The Toronto based Distant Sun that formed mid 2001 are for sure one of those bands that have ‘it’. The core of Distant Sun's music is and we quote, based on the pursuit of precision rock/metal guitar riffs suspended on relentless repetitive industrial rythmns. I couldn’t describe it better than that. The diversity in the material is clearly the synergy of the two bandmembers, the 80’s kid Keenan Sun (Guitars, synths and sequencers) and the multi talented George Masswohl (vocals and lyrics). In a way they remind me of Kong, the Dutch band that incorporated all kind of influences, from metal to techno into their material. Distant Sun is perhaps less ‘confusing’ and follows a lined out path that is less distractive than Kong’s. But when it comes to energy, both acts have a lot in common. Distant Sun is currently busy recording a new album to be titled “Blood Stone”. Should you be interested in acquiring a demo CD just send an email to distantsun2019@hotmail.com. (bvi:6/7) bvi.


[December 2001]


Les précieuses ridicules (3-track cd)

-Origin: Finland –Style/Influences: Definitely eighties minded synth-pop –Comment: It’s less catchy, but the last song “The prompter” brings a little improvement; one more synth-pop band that tries to emulate
the old masters –Contact: thedisordered@hotmail.com / www.listen.to/80thdisorder/ -Rate: (DP:6)DP.


Stains and Scribbles (CD-R Bake)

This is Valerio Zucca Paul’s second attempt after the first album  ”Selected Frequencies For Unrepressed Neural Events” which I liked quite a bit withits modernized Old School ala Clock DVA and Lagowski. The development continued and this time his digital electronic groove has gotten more complex and varied. The EBM/Industrial influences are replaced by accelerated ambient rhythm and playful style experiments, pulsing beats, organic sound sources, and bubbling analog and digital electronics. The playful Warp approach gained more depth, the driving rhythms more embellishments and warmth. The stylistic uniformity of the predecessor is sacrificed in place of a kaleidoscope of styles which however does not sound random, but rather hints at the sound density and complexity of  Meat Beat Manifesto. To the contrary, the synthesis is fun and the simple melodies are shared by more sounds and more varied rhythms. Aimless electro ticking and stretched, atmospheric knits captivate. It sounds instantly familiar, yet remains fresh with each listen. The quality of the debut has been surpassed and Abstract Q are once again high on my list of quarterly favorites.  (TTM:8) TTM


Miscreant (13-track cd)

No doubt about it, Acclimate is one of the most inventive and professional sounding industrial projects I’ve heard for quite a long time. It’s not that the sound of this American project is really innovative, but the composition is perfectly conceived. We’re facing an artist who doesn’t spare himself from any effort in the research and creation of sounds. Most of the tracks are into pure soundscapes with an omnipresent frightening atmosphere that serves as basis of the concept. I like the way he tries to differentiate the work to avoid a state of boredom… the point that hurts with numerous bands.  It’s a bit in the line of some productions on C.M.I., but with a very own identity. It sometimes moves on the edge of pure noise like the “Automatonically korrect”-track and even becomes danceable with the distorted drums of the Dive-sounding “Black atom”. Notice by the way that a full-length album has been released on Xerxes Records. If you’re into industrial spheres, this is the perfect entertainment! Contact:Acclimate6@webtv.net (DP:7)DP.


Demo (8-track demo)

It was hard to find new Belgian projects some years ago, but these days are really different. There’s an impressive increasing quantity, but that goes hand in hand with a decreasing quality! This new project from the French part of the country is one of the illustrations of poorly inspired industrial stuff, which now and than moves on the border of repetitive electro-industrial. There’s nothing more to add, except to encourage the band to improve their composition! This one makes no sense! Contact: nihilum1348@wanadoo.be (DP:3)DP.


Cognitive dissidents (12-track cd)

We already reviewed a previous demo of the U.K formation Action Directe. A controversial band name that reminds to a French left wing terrorist group that has been active in the eighties. It gives you any idea about the political and social themes of their lyrics. Musically speaking AD still goes on to combine cyber- and punk elements together. It’s a particular style of cross over that seems to get an honest recognition in their homeland. So far so good, but I miss a certain cohesion and accomplishment in their composition process, which remains too simplistic. Anyway, if you like less complex structures, preferring heavy guitar riffs in conjunction with fast rhythms and EBM sequences, taste this! Contact: joel@a.d hq /www.actiondirecte.co.uk (DP:4)DP.

Split CD (3”CD-R Ad Noiseam)

Two up and coming talents from the New York Technoise Underground around Joe Abrescia’s (Aural Blasphemy) Frozen Empire Media label are duking it out. Ativ, a side project of Synth-Etik which just debuted impressively on Hands, starts off interpreting two Radial tracks who returns the favor right away.  The final result is surprisingly symbiotic. The different styles of both collaborators remain in the background in favor of a common sound. Very fresh sounding electronics, crunchy beats and moody melodies weave into one picture. Ativ’s drive for fast and elastic rhythms welds together with radial’s darkly creeping and delicate atmospheres and in the end sounds like the two sides one and the same project. Carries you away and promises nice things for their coming releases on Hands and Triumvirate. If you are looking for exciting new stuff, check www.adnoiseam.net (TTM:8) TTM


Demo (3-track cd)
-Origin: UK -Style/Influences: A mixture of electro and techno elements -Comment: Modern and elaborated electro textures recovered with incisive techno tones. A cool effect on the vocals. This is a band to
follow!  ex-Electro Assassin member!! -Contact: atom.zero@virgin.net / www.atomzero.com -Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.


(13-track cd MP3.com, Inc.)

13 projects and to be honest Joshua Bourke is the single one that sounds a  little bit familiar to me! It’s an opportunity to discover new formations from the U.S. and Canada. The instrumental song “It is” by Permanent Solution is my favorite one. It’s a danceable bouncing pop cut. Other names to mention are Non Revanche combining electro and guitar arrangements, Brain:Blood:Volum delivering an approaching beat-cut, Anaphylaxis that opens a window on ambient fields and Substructure that also deals with a kind of ambient. There’s unfortunately nothing essential here, but it’s a good way to get a bit more familiar with young bands! Contact:www.mp3.com/ballistictest (DP:6)DP.


Shred it! (9-track cd)

-Origin: Italy –Style/Influences: Dark electro to gothic –Comment: It sounds like a 1st try-out; a bad production and musically too simple and inconsistent. Too bad! Contact: sunblack@treemail.it / www.members.xoom.it/sunblack (DP:2)DP.


Fall and forget (14-track cd Propaganda)

The Belgian Buropolitik strikes back with 14 new songs for a total running time of more than 70 minutes and that’s definitely too long! The duo from Mechelen digs a bit deeper in their dark electronic fields, pleasing the lovers of Suicide Commando and other Terminal Choice. They belong to the same style, but avoid becoming too close to the sound of these 2 giants! Pretty good, but at the other hand, I search in vein for a certain refinement. Most of their songs remain too stereotypical while the melody lines haven’t been enough elaborated. A few songs at the end of the demo are a bit more convincing for being more worked out. I’m thinking to songs like “Heavy water”, especially “Forget” and “Liberate me”. The switch between male and female vocals remains the best element of Buropolitik! While they’ ll certainly convince numerous dark body lovers, I’m still convinced that there’s a lot to improve! Contact: Buropolitik@hotmail.com / www.geocities.com/buropolitik (DP:6/7)DP.

Demo (15-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Experimental and noise recovered with a few techno beats and bleeps –Comment: It sounds less cohesive and less elaborated. This is poorly inspired and irrelevant as music entity! –Contact: www.geocities.com/nnythm/3 / tleilaxu_@hotmailcom –Rate:(DP:3/4)DP.


Galactical guards (10-track cd)

-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: It’s hard to describe, but it sounds like a metal legacy transposed into something more gothic with electro traces –Comment: 1st demo for a band that seems to be in search of real style and personality! The mix of different ideas is interesting, but the way it has been worked out sounds less inspired. –Contact: www.users.pandora.be/crossvaults –Rate: (DP:5/6)DP.


Demo (4-track demo)

This is the debut-demo of the Swedish Cynthia Leech. The main structures are electro minded, but there’re other traces like wave and pop running through the songs. The 2nd cut “In danger” has a little Project Pitchfork flavor.  The next piece “Contamination” has a kind of bewitching, carrying mood and is the best cut for so far. With “Hurts” they’re moving on poppier fields without finding the right tune. A first try-out and nothing more! Contact: cynthialeech@yahoo.se / http://go.to/cynthialeech/ (DP:6)DP.


The ashes will never be cold… (4-track cd Third Brass Collective)

-Origin: Belgium –Style/Influences: Pure gothic in the good old guitar-wave style –Comment: The opening cut “1989” sounds pretty Nightbreed-orientated through the kind of beat recovering the stereotypical guitar wave basis. The songs evolve into a kind of esoterically approach. You can perceive that this band is already busy for numerous years! –Contact: johncult@hotmail.com/ www.socolog.be/projects/dawnvisitors/index.html –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.


Abattoir (2-track cd)

-Origin: Germany –Style/Influences: Rather EBM with metallic sounds –Comment: Poorly elaborated and less original –Contact: deprivation2001@yehoo.de / gothdock@aol.com –Rate: (DP:3)DP.


Demo (10-track cd Riposte Rec.)

This French industrial combo offers you an entrance to noise and experimental fields. They build up some heavy wall of sounds and try to move to more experimental areas like “Orgy”. Another track entitled “Powerful banking mit uns” comes closer to some noise-terrorists on Antzen, but on the whole run this is hard to endure for being too chaotic noise-minded! Contact: eiterherd@widerstand.org /www.angelfire.com/electronic/bucketovissors (DP:2)DP.


Blue muse (4-track cd Chantry Records)

Emergence sounds like a melting pot of EBM, pop and vague cross over. The last song “The creeping hours” is probably the most electronic minded while driven through nervous heavy beats. The title-song is a cool cut containing powerful clear vocal parts and revealing a certain potential. It’s now the question if Emergence will be able to work out this basis!? Contact:www.emergenceband.com (DP:6/7)DP.


The best of (8-track cd)

We know that there’s a small, but devoted underground scene in Lithuania. It ’s just that we didn’t hear that much about local bands… till a demo of Endiche Vis.Sat reached our office. They claimed to be experimental and sure they are! They combine a kind of ambient style with neo-classical influences, recovered with some folk traces. It’s really bizarre and sometimes ending in a real cacophony. I’ve already heard better experiments, but don’t hesitate to contact them if you’re in search of projects fromdistant territories! Contact: r@delfi.LT / http://endiche.i.am/ (DP:2)DP.


The irreplaceable one (8-track cd)

-Origin: Belgium -Style/Influences: Pure gothic built up with guitar and an electronic background -Comment: After several years and changes in the line up, an achieved work with excellent dark melodies. The vocals could have been a bit harder. Ready to get signed! -Contact: Frank.Mahieu@rega.kuleuven.ac.be / www.erato.cc -Rate: (DP:7/8)DP.


Demo 2001 (7-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Electronic soundtrack music –Comment: We already knew that ex Stereo Taxic Device G. Sarrah went on to something totally different. This is pure ambient work that has been conceived as soundtrack. The piano is the main instrument –Contact: georgesarah@earthlink.net –Rate: (DP:6)DP.


Diva (3-track cd)

-Origin: Poland –Style/Influences: Wide range of electronic styles like cold pop, EBM, vague d&b traces –Comment: A step in the right direction; rather complex electro structures with an excellent debut-song reminding to the late XMTP style with a female vocalist –Contact: reelcash@techno.lublin.pl / http://grimfeast.techno.lublin.pl –Rate: (DP :8)DP.


Home from exile (8-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences:  Close to pop with distant Depeche Mode influences –Comment: A weak production; less catchy and vocals that don’t totally fit for being too tough. It sounds like an early
beginning. –Contact: www.mp3.com/intervox –Rate: (DP:2)DP.


Inside nonsense (11-track cd)

While this French band was busy recording this album some 3 years ago, the label that was supposed to release it went bankrupt. I can easily imagine a lot of frustration and deception… especially because of the cool content.  Jailbird sounds pretty close to Young Gods and that says enough about their style of music. Especially the vocals are like a cloning of the Swiss band. Let’s say that it’s a little bit more guitars minded and therefor gothic inspired, but the spirit of Young Gods recovers the whole work. I also notice a few techno bleeps like on “End connection”. The best exponents are entitled “N.W.O.” and “Mach. Syst. Ctrl.”. They announce a new album for the end of next year! Contact: jailbird@free.fr / studios.design@wanadoo.fr (DP:7)DP.


Atropa (5-track cd VDC)

-Origin: Italy –Style/Influences: A kind of heavy electro-gothic music on speed that may reminds to Swamp Terrorists in a brute way –Comment: I miss a certain refinement in the whole production, but the ideas aren’t bad at all Contact: kunstmork@hotmail.com –Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.


Demo (7-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Gothic –Comment: A quite traditional and less original gothic receipt moving from slow and melancholic pieces to more dynamic and electro songs. It doesn’t sound terribly inspired! –Contact: ciao2bella@hotmail.com / Justa-Quid@webtv.net –Rate: (DP:6)DP.


Demo (5-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Atmospheric synth-pop –Comment: It all sounds like an artist with a classical background composing on a synthesizer. It gives the impression listening to the demo-song of your
brand-new synth. Absolutely not into underground! –Contact: KeitPt@aol.com –Rate: (DP:5)DP.

Age of auto (11-track cd)

Another demo from Michrochasm, which take you by the hand and guide us in the dark electro-industrial universe of the composer’s imagination. The opening piece contains some vague resemblance with the distorted electro tones and drums of Dive, but the global mood of this album is rather soundtrack minded! When industrial and noise are melting together to get transposed into obscure soundscapes you hear the “Age of auto”. I think that this work is really captivating to please minimalist labels and auditors! (DP:6/7)DP.


Structures against time unfolding (8-track cd)

Michrochasm aka Meurig Jones is involved in the industrial area for numerous years now. With “Structures against time unfolding” he realized an exceptional industrial-minded release! A few artists seem to have understood that this style is much more than pure noises and improvisations! He particularly takes care to give a real substance to the whole productions moving from pure dark industrial-ambient to the absolute masterpiece of his demo entitled “Greyland”. This song is more into loops and danceable elements, without loosing the industrial atmosphere! It’s a real great cut! I still like the way he literally plays with the vocals (sampled parts?) on “Voice carrier”. It’s just a pity that some pieces like “Voicanix” are a bit too long during! Anyway, a cool surprises! Contact: meurig4aolmember1@aol.com /www.peoplesound.com/artist/michrochasm (DP:7)DP.

#1 (5-track cd)
-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Somewhere between cyber-core and industrial that can remind to Swamp Terrorists –Comment: Powerful assaults of merciless cybernetic guitar-noises. Heavy distorted vocals in English and German language. The lovers of this style gone like it! –Contact: www.muckrackers.multimania.com / muckrackers@yahoo.fr -Rate: (DP:6/7)DP.


Aesthetic death Design (8-track cd)

-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Industrial recovered with somber ambient moods –Comment: It sounds too anarchistic and improvised while several songs are definitely too long; the 8th hidden track reveals something more into loops and dance and is much more captivating Contact: sealsapart@free.fr (DP:5/6)DP.


Subliminal (4-track cd)

-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Contemporary synth-pop with triphop and acid –Comment: This band is already active for several years and you can hear a worked out result! They perfectly melt a solid synth-pop basis together with triphop rhythms and a few acid bleeps –Contact: www.nulldevice.com / wonko@nulldevice.com –Rate: (DP:7)DP.


High, Straight, Low (4-track cd)

It all happened in Sweden… a musician with metal roots met another musician with synth-pop roots and decided to start a project with a 3rd member who should has to take care of the vocals. I can’t speak about a total success! Slow and quiet rock minded songs reinforced with electronic structures never attempt to get me wild. It’s a 1st demo, so there’s still real hope for Providense! Contact: providense@spray.se (DP:3)DP.


Demo (6-track cd)
-Origin: Colombia, but actually based in U.K –Style/Influences: It’s hard to describe, but it sounds like a mixture of gothic, electro and vague ambient –Comment: Easy listening music covering different ideas. It sounds like ballads. Contact: el_laberinto@yahoo.com / thequestion@iu.zzn.com –Rate: (DP:6)DP.


The lesson (4-track cd)

This young Canadian duo seeks to create innovative electronic music and that ’s already a positive approach. It’s just a pity that the content is less innovative than the purpose. It sounds rather pop minded, evoking the unavoidable eighties spirits of the electro-pop. The 2nd song “Focus” perfectly accentuates the pop orientation, while another song entitled “Desperation” sounds much more refreshing. They experience with drum loops and add some unusual tones and bleeps. Anyway, nothing groundbreaking for the moment! Contact: L_1800@hotmaail.com (DP:5)DP.


Split-cd (3-track Eurocore)

-Origin: South-London, UK -Style/Influences: A mixture of experimental and industrial ingredients that has been set up as a kind of concept among the united Europe –Comment: Chaotic sound collages moving on the edge of soft noise -Contact: eurocore@europe.com –Rate: (DP:3)DP.


Re-build projects (4-track cd)

I’m always a bit afraid when listening to Japanese noise &  industrial projects. I know a lot of industrial fans consider the Japanese scene as one of the most prolific and extreme one, but I’ve been never a fan! Sino sounds really different, trying to humanize the industrial style by making it more complex in the way of using sounds. Except the debut-song, which doesn’t catch my attention, the other pieces are remarkable. Songs like “M(a)d” and especially “Sadistic Hyper Love” are intelligent and elaborated pieces a kind of industrial complexity in front of pure improvisation! This is really attractive! Contact: re-build@par.odn.ne.jp / http://www2.odn.ne.jp/re-build/ (DP:6/7)DP.


Sanctuary (4-track cd)

This Canadian project is a worthwhile listening for several reasons! First of all there’s this impressive list of guest musicians playing numerous acoustic instruments like guitar, djembe, tabla… Next there’s the totally artistic way to intermix these instruments together with electronic equipment and facilities. Last, but not least there’s the incredible result of the sound! The style is fusion between soft synth-pop and slow triphop rhythms. The charismatic female singer reminds to a colder version of Everything But The Girl. Her voice is literally floating through the music.  The 3rd song “Ferku” becomes a little bit more sensual through the intrusion of saxophone parts. It’s a little bit bizarre, unusual, but definitely personal! Sonicjoy realized an excellent debut! Contact: joyellebrandt@home.com / www.mp3.com/sonicjoy (DP:7/8)DP.

Dream & Drift (12-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: It sounds pretty wave minded with a kind of floating atmosphere –Comment: Pleasant music to listen to and relax! It evokes the sound of some late-eighties bands. Contact: www.stellarscope.net / panaphonic@yahoo.com –Rate: (DP:6)DP.


(18-track cd Str8Line Records)

9 bands from France delivering each 2 songs in very diversified styles moving from wave to electro to rock to gothic and even punk. The concept sounds interesting because it reveals 9 unknown formations! The result is nothing more than simply avoidable! This is too bad and not one single band is able to create something decent and interesting! Vernix Caseosa is the only one to deliver a little light in a never ending and boring darkness.  The song “Too fast” is an instrumental jungle-orientated cut… without being a masterpiece! I prefer to keep the names of the actors secret because it’s really too silly! Contact:str8line@ifrance.com / http://str8line.free.fr/ (DP:2)DP.


i (3”CD-R Ad Noiseam)
The smoke around the killer album ”Subfusc” has hardly cleared and the Swedish machinery rolls on and churns out another hot item, a limited remix 3”CD-R. The first, exclusive track is the stylistic continuation of the album which means 10 minutes of infectious rhythm between noise industrial and hard techno. This typical, epic-melodic Tarmvred feeling. This time with even more female vocals, already unexpectedly present on the album. The tracks afterwards are stylistically more diverse with two remixes by the dark noisebient of New York’s Aural Blasphemy and the tamer ambient approach of Any Future. Both very dark and heavy pieces noisily offering glimpses into an abyss. The closing track is a retro attack. Digidroid from Sweden mutate Tarmvred into 80s electro pop, and a damn catchy one at that with its vocals. As if New Wave never ended. Broad in approach and topnotch in quality, I am more than ever convinced
by Tarmvred. (TTM:8) TTM

Mechanical body parts (6-track cd)
-Origin: USA –Style/Influences: Punk minded noises and other experiments –Comment: You’ve to be a big fan of these kind of improvised experiments. There’s no coherence and no structure, like the will to avoid any artistic form! Contact: www.geocities.com/nnythm/3 /tleilaxu_@hotmailcom –Rate: (DP:2)DP.


Incantation (9-track cd)

The American VX-duo isn’t for sure stereotypical! They compose powerful electro driven by furious beating bass drums. The female vocalist who triesto find a place in this tough urban universe reminds me therefor to the Australian Ragewar (but they were more into techno-elements). I regret that several of their songs remain that short! “Mindkiller” for example is a heavy danceable cut, but with an abrupt end! It’s definitely their best song, which has been remixed in another version with acid and jungle influences. It’s a real cool mix and a potential hit for VX. Let’s now await their next demo they’re actually working on! I can only encourage them to elaborate the writing process and warn them to avoid any hurry! Contact: Kaoss101@hotmail.com / www.vxmusic.com (DP:7/8)DP.


[RE]:Wired (12-track cd)

-Origin: France –Style/Influences: Dark electro, industrial and techno-acid bleeps; FLA seems to be the main source of inspiration (name of the project, title of the demo and even artwork…), which is cool at one side, but a little bit too exaggerated at the other side! –Comment: An excellent demo that features a cocktail of complex electro structures, acid treatments, a few guitar riffs and industrial atmospheres. They used an arsenal of samplings. They made a remix for the French industrial HIV+ project! This is one of the revelations of the past months in demo-world –Contact: 333astolfi@wanadoo.fr –Rate: (DP:8)DP.


Dreaming on the wind (8-track cd)

Healing from Moscow, Y. Zverett introduces us to his particular experimental universe. “Dreaming on the wind” is a free expression of a wide spectrum of ideas and styles. It moves from symphonic neo-classical elements to Nintendo-minded analogue bleeps to noises and other manipulations. This guy is living on the edge of minimalism and will only catch a few numbers of people! Contact: zver777@mail.ru (DP:3)DP.


[July 2001]


Extremely rare (10-track cd)

Ameba is hailing from Italy. Their music is a mixture of different styles moving from punk-rock to triphop to a kind of folk. There’s no sort of compromise, but a very diversified input of ideas that are running through this album. They’ve many faces so everybody will find some songs to his taste, but on the other side it’s a bit regrettable they don’t really focus on one style. Last, but not least, I would like to mention the quite  artistic artwork! Contact: ameba@ameba.it (DP:5)DP.


Ascension (5-track cd)

Alien Produkt claimed to be the leading EBM-band of Argentina. That could be true because I don't know any other band from this country involved in the same style! More than once I heard influences coming from VNV Nation for the melodious side and Hocico for the dark atmospheric side. The first songs "Berserkers" and "Espacio Exterior" are the right examples to illustrate the style of the band and their inspiration. It's a pity that the songs don’t have the gift of  reat vocal parts. I noticed the presence of a few, heavy distorted vocals on "Awakening". I don't know if it's a deliberate choice to sound more like an instrumental EBM-combo à la Feindflug (but who use numerous vocal samplings)  han adding vocals. Just keep this band in mind! Contact: alienprodukt@hotmail.com (DP:7)DP.


Demonstration 2001 (3-track cd)

After 2 demos and several changes in the line-up, Deonda send us their newest material. The songs are new, but the style doesn’t sound innovative at all! The melancholic gothic compositions recovered with tiny metal guitar parts  are less refreshing. I feel a déjà-vu effect, which unfortunately can’t convince me. If you’re in search of melancholia, “Mary Jane Doe” will rock you into your darkest thoughts… Contact: deonda@fade.to / http://fade.to/deonda (DP:5)DP.


Atziluth (10-track cd)

Cain and Abel remain a very important source of inspiration for the gothic scene... This is the debut-album of a British band who seems to represent the old side of gothic... Descendants of Cain are closer to the eighties style and their dark, melancholic wave-ballads seems to be like the resurrection of this style. I'm definitely missing any trace of innovation! www.descendantsofcain.co.uk (DP:6)DP.


Vendata Populi (7-track cd)

You maybe remember the positive review I made about Passage 29, a new Belgian formation, which tried to intermix EBM together with techno. Passage 29 got a very short life and from the ashes raised up Devoted Symbols  There’s no main change concerning the style, which remains an excellent fusion between EBM and techno. The innovative element concerns the input of a few vocal parts (which are more than acceptable!)… while Udo Van Roosbroeck is still in search of a vocalist! There’s for sure a strong potential in Devoted Symbols! Contact: psgxxix@theglobe.com (DP:7)DP.



Are you ready for the fun-fun?? (16-track cd)

I’ve some problems with this Belgian project and more especially with the guy(s) sheltering behind! Some of you maybe know that I was personally involved in FuzeBoxMachine (let us say in a previous life) and when the band
split up, some 3 years ago now, there were enough achieved songs to release our next full length! You’ll understand my stupor when now I discover a brand new formation, which picked up one of these songs (“Don’t go”, a cover of Yazoo, which had been realised in collaboration with my all time old friend, Sven Lauwers of Ionic Vision), without changing any single note… but just change the vocalist. According to the booklet, it seems that FuzeBoxMachine and Ionic Vision give their permission to release it, but it’ s the entire contrary! There has been always a strong support and respect between most of the Belgian bands, but we here have a band that don’t give a fuck about it! Sorry guy(s), but that’s the reason why Side-Line will never support your work! I’m not gone give you any rate, but just ask our faithfull readers to boycott and forget your work! I don’t want to use Side-Line to settle personal accounts  with anybody else, but just to keep people inform that if you’re able to do it with me, you’ll be also able to find other victims!!!



Wirf mich bitte weg! (11-track cd)

Die Perlen is a side-project from Drunkness-member Ferdinand Steinbart and Katja Heller (who’s also involved in Drunkness). They compose an easy listening electonic music, which sounds like a marriage between catchy synth-pop and house music. Songs like “Toys” and “Ordinary techno song” are funny, danceable house pieces. Other cuts like “Frank” and “Frank in trance” are more into the electro-pop style with female vocal parts that remind to Anne Clark. I personally prefer the songs with K. Heller as vocalist, but that’s a question of taste. Nothing groundbreaking, but enjoyable music! Contact: die.perlen@t-online.de / www.drunkness.com (DP:7)DP.

Promorph(CD-R self-release)

That’s some clanky, funky shit. Head-on collisions of beats and distortion,shattered shards of frequency modulations and loads of bass either club you over the head or creep more subduedly into your cranium. Technoid excursions into industrial mine fields. Distex is the Technoise side-project of the German percussion and guitar industrialists Beinhaus and, as has already been the case with Beinhaus, packaging, music, presentation and concept are professionally top notch. The only catch is that they are still undeservedly unknown. They easily hold their own and can compete with anybody else out there. Ant-zen-cionados and Hands-ciples will eat this right up, and have to gargle with nuts and bolts to clear their palates. Repetitive assaults that range from overly noisy to straight and funky heaviness. So, who is going to sign them first? These boys need some good production budget and great
things will result. I’ll guarantee it. www.beinhaus.de (TTM:7) TTM



Tout brulait... (12-track cd Dormellia)

The French trio of Eclypse Close has been busy for several years, having released a bunch of demos and getting a considerable live-experience. They even have their fan-club. I've to admit that they've a strong potential thanks to experienced musicians, but it's just a pity that time seems to have stopped at the end of the eighties... Their main source of inspiration is dark-wave from the eighties. The French language may remind of bands like Indochine or Opera Multi Steel. This is music for nostalgic, but living in the now... which means 2001, it sounds a bit old-fashioned to me! Eclypse Close, 14 Bis de la Mairie, 77130 Dormelles, France. (DP:6)DP.



Mindless fearless (6-track cd)

Euforic Existence is a Belgian project I’ve never heard of before! The style is quite recognisable as they deal with powerful EBM. It doesn’t cover any ground, but just try to fill the gap between early EBM and more contemporary electro. It’s not bad at all, but there’s still a lot to do… and gaining maturity will be for sure the first essential step in the right direction! A next demo is already announced and that will give us an idea about the
evolution! Contact: euforic-existence@hotmail.com / http://all.at/euforicexistence (DP:6)DP.



DEMO (2-track cd)

In times of war and political pressure, there’s still some time for Israeli musicians to be musically active. IWR is dark-EBM solo-project that composes a hard and danceable form of body stuff. The Electro basis has been scattered  with gothic atmospheres, reinforcing the dark colour of the songs. “Dreamers delight” is a real cool cut containing distorted, whispering male vocals and female backings. I want to hear more stuff from IWR. Contact:
iwr-music@hotmail.com (DP:7)DP.


Live at FNAC (1-track cd)

Kaneda send us a demo from one of their live-performances. It's a long mix of more than 30 minutes which lead us into a sombre ambient universe. It sounds close to a kind of theme for an imaginary movie... an apocalyptic world full of danger and fright... a world where the sun went down forever! They used a lot of spoken samplings from the tv-news while other parts are more electronic minded with a good rhythmic. It seems to illustrate their wide spectrum of influences and who knows, that will maybe a good chance to get a deal? Kaneda, apt. 304, 121-123 Rue Colbert, 59800 Lille, France. (DP:6/7)DP.

Demo (15-track cd)

This Italian project claimed to be influenced by Laibach and Discharge. The work becomes a hard electro-industrial entity like we're used to hearing the last years. Contemporary industrial music has nothing in common with the good-old industrial compositions of a band like Laibach! It's now much more easier and simple to create a brute and noisy texture thanks to the modern technology. Lupinaria seems to be not the worst project in the style, but I'm missing the original and creative touch! Anyway, if you like harsh-crunching percussions and noisy treatments, you will appreciate this! Vanni Fabbri, Via Portonueva 10, 62019 Recanati mc, Italy. (DP:6)DP.



Fear – Truth – Pain (9-track cd)

After their debut demo “Images of a self destructing era”, the Massaker Staccato-brothers are back. “Fear – truth – Pain” gained in maturity while the main source of inspiration (cf. Apoptygma Berzerk) remains the same. This Belgian project claimed to be influenced by several other formations, but their sound is the closest to the catchy synthie-pop EBM of the Norwegian master! Another important evolution is the production of the vocals, which are  much more captivating than before. A natural and logical evolution… I heard several cool songs with “Waiting for relief” as absolute favourite one! Contact: david.delesie@pandora.be / www.centipede.yucom.be (DP:7)DP.



L’âme perfide (chapitre final)

(12-track cd Black Sun Rising)

We already got this demo some months ago, but this one  seems to be the final result, containing 12 tracks! M&M is digging deeper and deeper into the fields of heavy distorted industrial music. I already compared their sound with the early and brute terror of Imminent Starvation. It sounds a bit cliché, but it’s not bad at all and especially if you’re fond of mind-blowing and destructive treatments. Black Sun Rising (France) is now distributing this Belgian project.  contact: Scal, Rue du Grenadier 1, 7080 Eugies, Belgium or kgbsr@caramail.com (DP:7)DP.



Demo (4-track cd Negative Records)

First demo for a French duo that choose the German language to inject more power and violence into the music which already sounds heavy and noisy. The influences are coming from Skinny Puppy, Ministry and pure noise. You’re facing a wall of sound elevated by heavy guitar noises, tape recordings and other sampling manipulations. Hard and damaging! Contact: Muckrackers, 13 Route d’Anderny, 54640 Tucquegnieux, France. (DP:6)DP.



The only thing that counts(7-track cd)

I discovered this project from The Netherlands on the excellent sampler from  The Noise Dept. They compose a mix of elaborated electro structures and gothic moods, which serve as basis of the work. You can also perceive some vague techno traces and ambient atmospheres in the background. The last pieces, which are more into pure electronic style, sound really great “Decadent” is a masterpiece and maybe the song that will open new horizons for this talented formation! Contact: ng-pro@reborn.com / www.ng-pro.com (DP:8)DP.


Electronique (7-track cd)

I remember this Belgian project from an early demo, which was rather poorly inspired in the EBM-style. “Electronique” sounds more attractive through an improved elaboration in the way of composing. The style evolved into more wave and pop influences. The first songs are quite promising and especially the melodious “Punish me, lover”. It seems to reveal another cliché… the passion for S&M and fetishism. I can only encourage Observe Reality to take their time and work out their ideas, but this is definitely a step in the good direction! Contact: Gunther Haegeman, Kaprijkestr. 22A, 9971 Lembeke, Belgium. (DP:7)DP.



Figures (9-track cd)

Hailing from France One For Jude compose a very particular style of music. It sounds pretty different than the usual gothic and ambient releases. It may be an advantage, but still a hard challenge to find an audience for this kind of stuff! Anyway, the contribution of Eric Roger (involved into Sol Invictus) and a few other guest-musicians add an extra dimension and at the same time, a minimal touch. One For Jude come to combine a gothic basis together with some minimal elements like accordion and trumpet which result in acceptable back-ground music. We can maybe call it modern-experimental wave music, but once again I'm not sure there's a real audience for it! Billy Amzal, 47 chemin du Clocher d'Aulney, 93320 Pavillons-sous-bois, France. (DP:6)DP.



Demo (8-track cd)

If you like the old-styled EBM à la Pouppée Fabrikk, Orange Sector, Ionic Vision etc you have to take a listen to this German band. I’m missing some certain details in the writing process and a lack of dynamism in the global power of the production. There’s much to improve, but Proceed will already please the traditional and conservative EBM-freaks! Daniel Pfennigsdorf, Gardelegener Str. 11, 39638 Schwiesau, Germany. (DP:6)DP.



Demo (8-track cd)

I personally missed their previous demo which got a good review in our pages and in several other magazines all over the world. It's not very often that we get the opportunity to discover a band from Israel and especially one who's more into gothic! They aren't into pure gothic because it's combined with a few other influences like free-jazz and vague psychedelic traces... The result sounds a bit ambient and ballad-minded too. It's not bad at all, but I miss a few details that would incite me to belief in their work! Maor Appelbaum, 42 David El-azzar, Ra'annana 43205, Israel. (DP:6)DP.



Cold hearts (12-track demo)

The Brazilian Stale Bread has already released several demos, but I can’t remember to have ever heard of them before! It’s clear for everyone that those 5 guys are more than inspired by the good-old new wave and especially through The Cure. I don’t like to call them as the latest Cure-clones, but I ’m afraid there’s no other description! You don’t hear me say that it’s bad, but I’ve already listened to this kind of bands for thousand and thousand
times before! Contact: stale@zipmail.com.br / http://www.gothic.art.br/stale (DP:5/6)DP.



Music for tifty bars (8-track cd)

This American formation is now busy for a few years, trying to combine hard guitar riffs together with electronic structures. More than once they remind me of Cat Rapes Dog in a less melodious and funny day and more hard-core minded. I've to admit that it's a weird comparison, but that's the way it sounds!  I think the band would gain a bit more refinement, adding detail to the electronic parts while it's now too rough and anarchistic to my taste. Nothing groundbreaking for the moment! Christopher Poole, PO Box 5850, Brevard College, 400 N Broad St, Brevard NC, USA. (DP:6)DP.


Raining December

(8-track cd)

More and more Russian projects are sending us their demos and the less I can say is that most of them sounding really acceptable. Stillife is one of these formations, which try to intermix several styles together. It moves from electro-ambient to gothic to neo-classical styles. There’s a kind of apocalyptic atmosphere running through their work. The more you enter the “Raining december”-universe, the more it comes close to a certain artistic approach. I’m  thinking on songs like “Stay” and “Outside”. Nothing essential, but maybe interesting if you want to discover new horizons! Contact: stiv@don.sitek.net (DP:7/8)DP.



Starry blue (3-track cd)

The new demo of the Swedish Tabloid only confirms their strong potential! Their music is still very catchy, but evolves into a rather Euro-pop sound. It’s less underground than most of the Swedish synth-pop formations, but first of all less cliché! This is a trio that perfectly work out their ideas. I’m not surprised that several record companies has showed some interest and I now do hope that the next release will be on one of these labels! Contact: tabloid-informartion@yahoo.com /http://hem.passagen.se/tabloid (DP:8)DP.



Sadistic sampler (9-track cd Hateful Society Prod.)

It's not very often that I am deeply impressed by the press-book of a demo band! Undercover Slut aren't amateurs at all. This Parisian combo has considerable recognition in their homeland, and in some parts of the USA... That's not really surprising because they music sounds perfectly appropriated for the American market. Moving on the edge of metal-punk and rock they're not without reminding me of bands like Christian Death, M. Manson, NIN... I didn't feel the same refinement as the aforementioned bands, but Undercover Slut show throughout this "best of" that they already gained enough maturity to get a serious deal... maybe in The States... where they're announced to play during summer! Undercover Slut, 29 Rue Boussingault, Suite C5, 75013 Paris, France. (DP;6)DP.


[VA - Dark Sampler for Dark Souls – Transmission 1]

Compilation (14-track cd 3th Brass Recordings)

The Belgian and French-speaking E-zine L’Ame Electrique compiled this sampler. They propose several less familiar names from the demo-format and that’s a good opportunity to discover new talents. The point is that I don’t find real attention grabbers. Electronic and gothic bands from very different countries are trying to escape from the anonymity, but only 1 single name remains in my mind: the Australian Zeitgeist and their body-techno “Tormendum”-song. Next to this you’ll find bands like God’s Bow (not with their best cut), Eye, K-Oz Office, Absynthe, Ex Nihilio, A Scapegoat’s Life… A poorly inspired sampler! Contact: johncult@hotmail.com /http://geocities.com/ameelectrique (DP:3)DP.


Spiteful extractions (10-track cd)

Womb is a noticeable English underground goth-band. The spirit of the eighties is alive more than ever... characterised by the dark moods à la Killing Joke, Siouxsie & The Banshees...I'm not surprised to hear that the band has a considerable recognition and especially in the U.K where the good old wave music is still very popular! I'm not very fond of this old-fashioned artists, but I have to admit here that it sounds rather pleasant... without being absolutely essential! Anyway, this is for sure oneof these bands who deserve to get a deal! Greg Ferrari, 11 Pine Crescent, Brentwood, Essex CM13 1JE, UK. (DP:7)DP.


Siamesic death (13-track cd)

Hailing from Dresden, Yipotash just released their 3rd demo. It's a worthwhile discovery if you're into electro-industrial stuff. The music is much more than usual noise manipulations and distorted drums. Yipotash seem
to be in search of a fusion between dark-electro and electro-industrial sounds. The leastI can say is that the experience is quite satisfying! The compositions are mainly industrial minded, but the electronic arrangements
lets it sound more worked out, revealing an  intelligent way of proceeding. It's not very often than we're facing a band who wants to avoid the trendy noise-cliché of heavy distorted improvisations. This is the progressive side
of industrial music and I'm sure those that are in the more electro-industrial fraternity would favour the tragic "Siamesic death"! Contact: Andre Matthes, Hans-Sachs-Str. 11, 01129 Dresden, Germany.(DP:7/8)DP.



Demo (6-track cd The Noise Department)

Don’t pay too much attention to the poor artwork of this demo, but concentrate on the outstanding content! Y.Z. is hailing from The Netherlands and combines dark electro-industrial structures with techno ideas. The 6
tracks are terrific masterpieces, which left me breathless! It’s meticulously conceived and totally amazing to hear the way opposite styles can be united in such a harmonious sound. The basic idea is built up around primitive cadences while the repetitive sequences are approaching a certain trance sensation! The more you enter the trip, the more you feel the skill of the duo. It’s a worthwhile experience and I can only encourage the
project to go in search of a real deal… it would be a shame if they don’t find one! Industrial-techno that means much more that a whole army of established formations in the same style! Brilliant! Contact: The Noise
Dept., Crabethstr. 15, 2801 AL Gouda, The Netherlands. (DP:9)DP.


[June 2001]



Legitimate military targets

(5-track cd A Riot Squad Production)

The band-name evokes the left-wing Frenchterrorist group which was active in the eighties... and therefore a certain political involvement. The music is a mix between punk, industrial and electronic structures. It sounds heavy and aggressive! Call it simply cross-over, but it didn't really impress me that much! Action Directe, 7 Moorland Road, Hyde Park, Leeds LS6 1AL, UK.





(3-track cd Kreep Productions)

Amber Spyglass is an American trio from Boston who just seems to avoid any form of current influences. It's liketime stopped for them in the midst of the eighties. The comparison with the new wave style is a matter of fact. There's nothing wrong with that, but when it's composed with that less creativity, I prefer to pass... Kelly Godshall, PO Box 2123, Boston, MA02106, USA. (DP:3)DP.




(5-track cd)

Bev Stanton already received a considerable recognition for her modern approach of electronic music. It's not that easy to describe the music as any particular style, but the composition finds definitely a place in the wide layer of triphop. She worked together with guest vocalist Lisa Moscatiello (who's a Celtic folk singer) and that creates a certain contrast. I personally like the triphop cadence and the pop structures, but the expressive vocal parts sound like being lost in an unknown territory... There's no real harmony and that's rather disappointing. Nothing exceptional here... for an artist who seems to be that famous! Machine Heart Prod., 6618 Cockerille Ave., Takoma Pk, MD 20912, USA. (DP:4)DP.




(10-track cd)

I couldn't really believe that this Canadian formation is still alive. I'm sure most of our young readers have never heard of them before! Quite understandable if you consider that their album "Aktievierung" released on Hypnobeat is dated from 1995! After some internal troubles and the acquisition of a new vocalist (aka Monique Albert who was the lead vocalist of Voice Industrie) the duo Andreas Gregor - Kris Helstrom (also members of the more popular Digital Poodle) hold their trust and went on with Bang Elektronika... in search of a new deal! I remember their debut album which was a real great piece of cold EBM and in the same line as Digital Poodle. "Isolation" has the same spirit and that's actually more a disadvantage! Their compositions suffer from a little weight of time, but as their music was quite advanced in time, I'm sure that a few details could bring them back on the good way. They're still holding on a strong EBM basis, but it now sounds morepoppy than before! T!!hey sing in German and English language, but if I'm not wrong, that's what they already did in '95! The best cut is "TV set" which sounds like Inertia without the techno ingredients! You can easily hear that this band is very mature, but they now have to remove the dust of their work to get more chances to make a deal! Bang Elektronika, 58 Ziraldo Road, St Catharines, Ontario L2N 6TI, Canada. (DP:7)DP.



42 4c 41 4e 4b

(6-track cd)

The Italian Blank rose up from the ashes of the gothic formation Headrops. It's quite surprising to see a band moving from gothic to... EBM! That's the style the duo is now dealing with! This debut-demo stands for well-done, powerful body stuff with acid and techno traces and some bouncing bass drums. "Sleepless" and "Mutant engine" bring to mind the old Evils Toy-period. There's still a funny, but hard danceable cover of P. Lion's "Happy children". It's just a pity they close this very acceptable debut by a noisy-screaming piece entitled "Methanoid torp". It's not very common to hear pure EBM coming from the Italian scene, but Blank is one of the exceptions to the rule! Riccardo Mattioli, Via d. Orsi 25, 43013 Langhirano PR, Italy. (DP:7/8)DP



Call me alice 2000

(4-track EP)

The band’s 4-track EP comes in a case report kit that wanders through all the actions of this San Diego based band, intriguing... Musicwhise it’s more than obvious that their roots are very much in oldschool gothic. Bassguitars are mixed with dry drums, some minimal electronics and dito guitar riffs. However, my attention was immediately drawn by the band’s female vocalist Crosby. Apart from being rather attractive to look at, her voice is very much appealing as well. And that is the band’s biggest advantage. Musicwhise I like the second track the most for having some really nice hooks. What I hear here can already stand the comparison with bands such as Clan of Xymox. The melodies are there, without wanting to copy anyother band. If only they’d had some good production... because this is the weakest point about this EP. It all sounds really ‘packed’, imo the material should be opened up, and the band should seriously think about replacing the drums by a good drummingmachine, which would give the songs a lot more power, but that’s perhaps a matter of taste as I never liked the organic sound ‘real’ drums have. And for those looking for a guestvocalist, don’t hesitate to contact Crosby, she’d nicely fit material such as Delerium’s “Silence”, so you have an idea what to expect! (bvi6/7) bvi.





(13-track demo)

Ceoxime already appeared on a few samplers in their homeland (USA), but I think they're less familiar to most of you. Their style has been built up with a strong wave basis, but the more I walked through their demo, the more I perceive pure electronic structures which even move on the border of modern electronic. There's also a vague, but irresistible mystical element by the way of singing. The female vocal parts are like emerging from the depths, like a magical elixir... Notice by the way that next to some remixes, this demo also contains work from other bandsthat has been remixed by Ceoxime. The first pieces aren't fully worthwhile, but the second part (simply entitled bonus tracks) sounds pretty cool! You can here listen to the remixes the band realised for other formations like Diverje, Noxious Emotion, Function 13 and a few other ones. Ceoxime, PO Box 2541, Dearborn MI 48123, USA. (DP:6)DP.




(2-track cd)

A demo that only contains 2 songs and 2 different faces! The first one is very fast EBM-minded, but unfortunately less artistic, too cliché and therefor unexceptional! The second one is totally different, more into quiet electro-fields with a whispering-distorted male vocalist. It's definitely more original and credible! Anyway, 2 songs are not enough to get an objective point of view! C.I.W c/o N. Ramirez, 4507 Parkview Dr. #2, Cheyenne, WY 82009, USA. (DP:6)DP.



A dark celebration

(12-track demo)

The adoration for Gary Numan has no limits... that's what happened to Jim Collins! This guy decided to compose a tribute to his hero... his only God: G. Numan! I've a lot of respect for such a hard concept, but at the other side, still some reservations because I personally think there are some sacred icons you better not tread on! Gary Numan is probably one of them! Anyway, the devotion of Jim is easily excusable! The guy totally surpasses himself, working for eight months, day after day to produce his heaviest dream! Well, the result is quite honest and much more than a cheap emulation. J. Collins who played all the instruments, has composed a personal and more rock orientated version of the synth-pop grandfather! He took some very old and popular songs like the unavoidable "Cars", but also give some space for the contemporary Numan-music like "Dominion day". The guy did it very well, but it's definitely too rock minded for me. I'm sure a lot of Numan fans will purchase thi!!s very professional recording, but I'm wondering if the grandfather in person will become a fan of his fan... Jim Collins, PO Box 5158, Poland, Ohio 44514, USA. (DP:7)DP.




(6-track cd)

This French solo-project is a worthwhile to listen. The complexity of the structures left me breathless. I can't simply understand why such a talented young composer is loosing his time making demos. Well, I suppose every big name started that way... It's not that easy to define the music of François Virgilio, but he first of all started from a force electro-basis. The bass lines are more than once reminding to FLA, but they've been recovered with high-tech contemporary influences moving from ambient to techno. The whole production remains instrumental, but that's not a problem. There's nothing wrong with this demo because everything is absolutely prefect. Each tone seems like a part of a puzzle and when all the pieces are intermixed to each other you get a real revelation: techno-ambient music for the further generations! Last, but not least I want to add that the global mixing is simply unbelievable. There's no possible comparison, but Composite brings to the electro-scene what bands like Haujobb, Substanz T, Autechre etc brought some years ago... intelligent and refreshing musical artwork! R. Virgilio, 9 Rue Larigaldie, 91260 Juvisy, France. (DP:9/10)DP.




(10-track cd)

Crushing State is a very nice surprise that combines punching EBM-tones together with heavy guitar riffs. More than once I had the impression of hearing a hybrid between the cold, whispering vocals à la Brain Leisure together with the musical power of Razed In Black. Crushing State also experiments with a few jungle loops and a vague dub mood. I personally like the deep body bass lines and the way all the ideas have been pieced together. Crushing State sounds very talented and mature. This is an achieved demo that deserves recognition from a label... info@crushingstate.de (DP:8)DP.



Final horizon

(4-track cd)

Cryogene are from Canada and you can hear it... the shadow of FLA hangs over their composition, but it doesn't mean that you will get another clone. The basis stays in EBM à la FLA, but composed with some other ideas like heavy bass drums and vague techno tones. The first cuts "Final horizon" and "Bloodstains" are pretty cool.I've listened to worst things before! J.P. Perreault, 65 Apple Hill Rd, Winnipeg, MB, R3Y 1A8 Canada. (DP:6/7)DP.



Rebirth ep

(10-track cd)

The demo ofCyme In Bloom sounds like an auspicious start to a career. This German synth-pop formation doesn't tread on new ground, but they deserve a special mention for their highly mature production. The compositions are quite elaborate and catchy as well. The lyrics are dealing about depressed feelings, but the musical expression is to the contrary (which doesn't mean that it's happy synth-pop à la Erasure!). There're a lot of signed bands who haven’t done what Cyme In Bloom do on "Rebirth". An excellent new band! Ingo Hannen, Seffenter Weg 18, 52074 Aachen, Germany. (DP:7/8)DP.




(3-track cd Vamp Slam)

The Spanish project Darkshinewar delivers a quite interesting style of music where they marry the electronic facilities together with traditional instruments like violin and accordion. The songs are recovered from a vague melancholic expression while the Spanish language in conjunction with the acoustic instruments injects a kind of folk touch. It's rather original, but without being absolutelyessential! Vamp Slam, Av. Rep. Argentina 190 ext. 08023 Barcelona, Spain. (DP:6)DP.



Human touch

(5-track cd)

The duo began back in '98, as a band of political nihilists big into the art of noise... That sounds promising! The music they deliver on this demo reminds me of the good old days of Skinny Puppy. Dark electro structures full of complex patterns and interrupted cadences. This is heavy urban EBM, quite elaborate, but a little bit cliché. The last track "Syntheny" sounds less anarchistic and is my personal favourite one. One more soldier in the Skinny Puppy-army, but it could be an interesting one! Jim Ingraham, 49 Hammond St. Acton, MA 01720, USA. (DP:7)DP.




(5-track cd)

A brand-new trio from The States who, only after a few months of existence released a demo. That was quick! The current facilities of releasing your own cd make that things are too often going too fast... bands being too often indifferent for the quality level of their production! That's precisely the point with this EBM-formation! Fast and linear drum patterns with poor inspired structures and a silly sound! I know the guys are working with a lack of equipment, but they should be patient, concentrating on more worked out and consistent stuff! (DP:3)DP.





(7-track cd)

This Belgian project hailing from the neighbourhood of Antwerp delivers a E.P including four versions of the title-song "Halloween". I don't think it's a very good idea to release a first demo as a kind of Mcd, but at the other side I've to admitthat Diagnostic Error has the merit to dare something unusual. The title-song is of course inspired by the "Halloween"-theme, but transposed into a kind of current EBM. The fifth song is an unusual cover for the electronic scene... "Rocking in the free world" of Neil Young. It's funny, but I personally prefer the next track entitled "Military" which is a more artistic instrumental and personal piece and the highlight. The bonus-track brings nothing more. It's not bad at all for a debut, but there's still a lot of to work on! Diagnostic Error, Neptunusstr. 65, 2600 Berchem, Belgium. (DP:6)DP.



Rebel of love

(3-track cd)

Somewhere moving on the edge of synth-pop and old wave stuff, the Swedish Drone project doesn't really bring us a bite to eat! The female vocalist has a quite expressive way of singing, but the point is that it doesn't really sound very artistic. Add to this a rather poor, but excusable production and you have already understand that this isn't terribly inspired! Drone, Sofiechemsv. 2F, 90738 Umea, Sweden. (DP:4)DP.



Wound bearer

(5-track cd)

Behind this American solo-project is Mark Riddick (member of The Soil Bleeds Black). The guy was looking for something different to express his emotions and therefor he set up the dark-electro project named Endpoint. The music sounds a bit out of time, but the main thing I don't like is the heavily distorted vocals. It's not bad, but there's really nothing enlightening here! Endpoint, 3308 Stone Heather Court, Herndon, VA 20171, USA. (DP:5)DP.



Maladie mentale

(13-track demo)

It's not very often that we get the opportunity to discover bands from Switzerland. Ex Nihilo has been totally unknown for me, but I think there's a chance that I'm gone keep the name in mind. The first tracks of this demo really surprised me for the original way floating electro tones and distant whispering vocals in French language melt together in a very cohesive composition, which reminds me of the early work of Lassigue Bendthaus. "Ave Tenebrae" is a masterpiece. It's just a pity that we've already had the highlight of this demo. The more you enter the universe of "Maladie mentale",the more the work becomes simple, finally stagnating in cold ambient electro cuts. It's not that bad, but it means nothing in comparison with the potential this project illustrates on a few pieces. Ex Nihilo/Laine Gebel, Autrichiens 12, 1470 Estavayer-Le-Lac, Suisse. (DP:6)DP.




(4-track cd)

The German duo Final Selection has been busy for some years now, having released several demo's and being support act of very famous bands like Evils Toy, Das Ich, Fortification 55 etc... Their new demo shows very promising EBM-basis à la FLA mixed with moody string parts. The first pieces are quite auspicious, revealing a certain maturity. Anyway, there's nothing exceptional, but enough reasons to keep an eye on what's coming next! Ricardo Schulz, Pausaer Str. 123, 08525 Plauen, Germany. (DP:7)DP.




(3-track cd)

This young German project tries to re-explore the electro-industrial fields. It's close to a mixture of early Lescure 13 together with Stin Scatzor and other bands in the same improvised distorted style. I'm afraid Half-Life haven’t found holy ground here... just old-fashioned and less exciting territories! Stefan Fischer, Winzlerstr. 3, 88527 Unlingen, Germany. (DP:5)DP.



Demo VI.O

(5-track cd)

Haut consist of 2 experienced artists hailing from California. They set up Haut to create a very personal style of synth-pop. Well, the least I can say is that they sound indeed very different from the norm. I get the feeling of hearing dark-electro freaks in a poppy day. There isn't the usual catchy and melodious aspect we're used to hearing, but a certain dark atmosphere that hangs in the background. The idea isn't bad at all, but the production needs some more refinement and catchy ingredients! Tony Williams, 2509 S Str. #1, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA. (DP:6)DP.




(7-track cd)

We already got a few cool bands from Czech. Immunology would have been a great one some years ago now, but their old-fashioned EBM suffers form the weight of time. They hold on the good old basis of EBM, but avoid most refreshing elements. The last track "Divine" is the exception to the rule for being abit more poppy-minded and evoking the eighties synth-pop genre. Nothing groundbreaking! Krystof Peterka, Krakovska 10, 11000 Praha 1, Czech. (DP:5)DP.




(7-track cd)

A new star is maybe born?! Ivory Frequency deliversan outstanding demo which simply doesn't appear as an ordinary demo! The electro structures sound like the mixture of pure, intelligent contemporary body acts like VNVNation and Covenant and the more intelligent and refined work of Haujobb. The sound is powerful while the carrying melody lines inject an extra pop element. The first 3 songs have been recorded as a mix and that's a pretty cool idea, just to quickly present the content of the demo. It sounds like a long during danceable-EBM cut. The next piece is a sort of extra song with tones à la Haujobb. Last, but not least, the last three songs are the complete versions of the opening mix. "Today is the day" and especially "Strangest callings" are smashing dancefloor killers. The sound is achieved and composed with an amazing artistic touch that only very talented formations are able to create! It would be a shame if this band doesn't get the recognition it deserves! Simply great! (DP:9)DP.





(3-track cd)

Hailing from Berlin, Klang Abstrakt deals with an enlightening amalgam of dark electronics and vague classical influences. "Memories" is an instrumental piece while the female vocal parts support their latest work. That for sure brings a bit more life into the composition, but this still isn't an easy listening piece ofmusic. Ricardo Zimmermann, Thiemannstr. 18, 12055 Berlin, Germany. (DP:6)DP.



Against Me

(5-track cd)

Here is a new name in the synthpop world.  Very concerned about their visual aspect trying to picture models in the vein of what Silke Bischoff did some years ago.  This band also manage to make their contribution to this style of music using a slightly dance approach with some pumping beats mixed with the usual eighties synth sounds and a very pleasant male voice sounding like the soft part of Syntec, “Against Me”, “Waste Me”, without forgetting a kind romantic minimal but effective territory “Loving Feeling”.  One last remark: their good Celebrate The Nun cover “Will You Be There”.  A  promising release. Dirk Kienast, Im Ahlen 1, 56237 Breitenau, Germany. (CX:7/8) CX






(9-track cd)

This is the third demo for the French solo-project Lyric. I've discovered an artist who explores the fusion of electro and heavier guitar parts. The electro side moves from pure electro and acid bleeps to darker fields in the gothic vein. It's not bad at all, but I've the impression that I've heard it hundred times before. The last track "Fou (part 2)" is the only real interesting piece for the triphoplike cadence. Nothing exceptional at all! Lyric, 8 Quai Jean Moulin, 69001 Lyon, France. (DP:5)DP.



Trax of ninety nine

(7-track cd Association Inner Quest)

Nocturnal Fears are from the North part of France and seem to have a good reputation there. They've been busy for several years now, releasing several demos and getting a solid live-reputation. The basis of their work is strongly influenced by metal music, but throughout the years they have experimented with modern technology, creatinga kind of cross-over between metal, industrial and electro. The result isn't really comparable, but isn't yet that refreshing. The production is probably too metal-minded for the electro and industrial adepts, but some of our readers will be maybe incitedto discover the duo. Association Inner Quest, 4 Rue M. Bastié, 59130 Lambersart, France. (DP:5)DP.


[Om fx Skole]

(5-track demo)

Music for piercing your genitalia? Shawn Vokal and Akhil Sompura once again drag the listener through hypnotic shards of downtempo sonic shrapnel on their new demo. The opening track clocks in at just over ten minutes, and its pulsing, pitter-patter beat and droning hollow screeches will lock your mind aboard Willy Wonka’s train ride through hell. The remaining tracks scrape, sweep, crunch, grind and slide their way through the psyche with relentless fervor. Om fx Skole boast a computer free approach in recording their soundscapes, which in itself is quite unique in today’s electronic scene. There are three bonus tracks, all of which are Devo covers but none of which bear any noticeable resemblance to the actual Devo recordings. Most likely an acquired taste, Om fx Skole’s music requires active listening to be appreciated. Be sure and play this one loud enough to punish the neighbors! (KMR 6/7)KMR.





Supply > Demand

(5-track cd)

I'd never heard of this Belgian solo-project before, but the least I can say is that I was positively surprised! The influences are coming from the body scene and have been mixed together with some more danceable aspects. The percussion is close to some kind of triphop which bring another source of inspiration and at the same time a fresh and modern approach of electronics. The 3 first compositions are really cool and seem to be an intelligent form of composing. The whole demo remains instrumental, but it never sounds as being a problem. Let's say that some whispering vocals could have been a bonus, but for so far, Passage 29 sound like one of the most recommended new-coming bands on the Belgian floor! psgxxix@theglobe.com (DP:7/8)DP.



Darkroom Unity

(5-track cd A Voodoo Manner Product)

This American duo take us back in time with a strong new-wave basis as a main influence. The female vocalist reminds me of the cold and depressed expression of A. Clark. Just pay some attention for "Track 33" and "Daylight" to get those old phantoms alive... but RCR also tries to add a more personal touch with a nineties flavour which results in a more poppy element. First of all it's a well-done fusion between eighties and nineties. Nothing really new, but interesting enough to check out! (DP:7)DP.





(11-track demo)

Rewire is a brand-new Californian duo set up by Chad Bishop (lead singer of Idiot Stare and still member of STG). Rewire has an extremely powerful sound, but the main thing to mention is the professional sound-production. It's clear that they aren’t amateurs at all, but professional, experienced and trained musicians. The music is a homogenous entity between modern electro structures where EBM, techno and acid are constantly crossing each other and devastating guitar riffs. You may call it cross-over, but Rewire go a step further than just taking care to marry electro and guitar together. They dare to innovate by the input of numerous contemporary and avant-garde ideas. The maturity and knowledge can be heard in the way they control the whole composition. Rewire never attempts to lose control and go down in extreme loud and anarchistic structures, but seems to take a kind of break by a few, intelligent and more softer pieces where an unexpected melodious side in the wa!!y of singing appears. There's really a lotto say about this demo and... also a few weaker points like the last tracks which suffer from a certain lack of inspiration. Anyway, it would be a shame if this band doesn't find a record-deal! It's been too long since I've heard such an outstanding demo-work! Congratulations and good luck guys, your sound is terrific! Rewire, PO Box 800216, Valencia, CA 91355, USA. (DP:9)DP.



Lust, disdain and melancholy

(5-track cd)

The Scarlet Fix rose up from the ashes of Meridian, a British band that has been often compared to the Sisters Of Mercy. The dark, melodious gothic mood of their demo reminds me of Malaise, which also has been often compared to the same Sisters... I hear a very mature band with a strong potential. I refer to the great "Delirium"-song (also remixed in a more electro-minded direction). I think they're able to make the big step... getting a deal on a good company! (DP:7/8)DP.




Trembling with fever

(5-track demo)

There's no surprise here and I'm afraid less to say. The duo is hailing from Sweden and are involved in synth-pop. The vocal parts are quite acceptable, reminding me of Depeche Mode. The music sounds a little bit melancholic, but suffers from a certain lack of detail. It all sounds abit too predictable! Secluded Place, Vretensvägen 2c, 15257 Södertälje, Sweden. (DP:4)DP.




(6-track cd Vamp Slam)

Hailing from Barcelona, Self Delusion show us the Spanish interpretation of synth-pop. It's not that different with the German or Swedish way (just to take both countries as prime-ambassadors of the style) which means that Self Delusion composes very respectable music. Indeed, the composition is meant to be a bridge between the old eighties influences and the current synth-pop and in this way, the elaboration is quite successful. There's nothing really innovative, but one major point hurts! The vocalist doesn't sound really captivating and that's an essential element for this kind of music. That's for sure the point on which they'll want to work in the future! Vamp Slam, Av. Rep. Argentina 190 ext. 08023 Barcelona, Spain. (DP:6)DP.




(5-track demo)

The U.K-based The Sepia have already completed several notable projects like the mastering and remastering of some M. Almond albums! Well, with all the respect I should show for such work, I get more than disappointed about their demo! It's a fusion of classical EBM-bass lines with ambient melodious parts and vague vocal intrusions. There's absolutely nothing groundbreaking and I'm afraid this demo will not increase their popularity! The Sepia, PO Box 4 RX, London W1A 4RX, UK. (DP:5)DP.



Emotion numérique


These 5 frenchies have grown with Industrial and Metal music. In 99, they have released 2 self-produced ep’s. Today, these 3 new tracks still mix heavy guitars with shy electronic elements. And when the band speaks of “neo dance metal”, we’re allowed to show some scepticism. « Ascendance » opens on very heavy guitars, reminiscent of Sepultura, which also goes for vocals (sung in french), when it’s not saturated. With the title track that follows, we think to the cretinous band Silmarils. Because, if the ideas are meant to be intelligent, there is no highlight to be found. Musically, the mix is painful. These guys don’t really lack of talent, but the big Metal influence and the unoriginal vocals really don’t fit to the term “neo” used to describe their music. sidilarsen.courrier@freesbee.fr (OM:5) OM.




(4-track cd C.O.S. Productions)

This demo has been delivered in a box, and that for sure differentiates Sin-X from other demo bands. The music is a artistic entity with which different influences are living together in perfect harmony. The melancholic ballads reflect a certain gothic style, but there's also a strong symphonic element and a vague poppy influence in the background. The female vocal parts of Christine Höhn are another essential aspect of Sin-X. These songs are quite mature, but for some reasons I'm missing the little detail that makes the band being really essential! Christine Höhn, Giessener Str. 19, 35463 Fernwald, Germany. (DP:7)DP.




(5-track cd Angel Productions)

Norway has already delivered some very famous body formations (Apoptygma Berzerk and Icon Of Coil being the most famous ones). I'm not sure if Skin Disease will reach the same level of popularity as their compatriots, but you never know... Their music is constructed with heavy body-bass lines, blended with synth-pop tones while the distorted vocal parts are done in a more whispering way. There's nothing exceptional for the moment! (DP:6)DP.





(4-track cd)

The debut-demo of this brand-new French duo deserves some recognition for the outstanding quality of the production! It's not that often that a young band focus on the quality and not on the quantity... Their style is hard to describe! Cross-over is for sure the most approximate definition, but there's too much input to hold on that layer! Sub-Division try to intermix electro structures with guitar parts in the purest wave style with a kind of industrial atmosphere. The sound is extremely muscled while the vocal parts are the weakest element for being less powerful. It's not my cup of tea, but I have to admit that this band will find a listening audience! Sub-Division, 56 Rue de le Seillonne, 31850 Montrabe, France. (DP:6/7)DP.



Azul futuro

(8-track cd Mundo Nuevo)

This Mexican combo combines very diversified styles like electro, gothic, ambient and ritual with each other. The detail of their compositions is remarkable, but it's just a pity that the female vocalist is really not good! The tracks on which she's active as lead-vocalist are totally out of tune which seriously discredit the music. I guess she must have other advantages..., but if Sueno De Luna have some ambition, they should seriously improve this weak element!




Hole/So empty (2-track cd)

Syncro is a solo-project that features a female vocalist. The dark electro music sounds less inspired and suffers from a lack of complexity. I know, 2 songs is insufficient to get a very objective point of view, but we're miles away from a very successful release! Syncro, Avda. Carrero Blanco, 14-b, 5°c, 41011 Sevilla, Spain. (DP:3)DP.



Translations from the heart (11-track cd)

This solo-project affirms to have a large fan base in Florida and that things are moving positively in Oklahoma, but personally, I've some doubts about the influence on the European market. I’ll recognise that I like the idea to combine classical influences together with more pop and gothic styles, but I wasn't fascinated with one single track. I'm missing a few elements that would convince me to pay a bit more attention for this demo! Brett Branning, 743 Debarr apt. 5, Norman, OK 73071, USA (DP:4)DP.