Moving to Belgium

Moving to a new country is always a disruptive event in the life of any family. You have to find and furnish a home, purchase a car or learn how to use the public transit system, find schools for the children, learn where to shop, locate support groups if necessary and master hundreds of other details in order for you to be in control of your life once again. In many cases, arrangements can be attended to before you leave your home country but in most cases you really have to be here and make the arrangements in person.

The Brussels Expatriate has been developed to provide the information that you need to 1) facilitate your move to Belgium and 2) get the most out of your stay here. The site is fairly new so the information that is presented represents the input and personal experience of a limited number of people who are currently living the life of an expatriate in Belgium. The usefulness of this site will depend to a considerable extent on the contributions of people such as yourself who take advantage of the many forums on the site to ask questions about anything that you would like to know about settling down in Belgium and participating in the cultural, travel and social activities that this country has to offer.

This section of The Brussels Expatriate has been divided into two parts:

About Belgium Settling In
Political organization
Cultural matters
Public holidays

Finding a home
Buying and driving a car
Clubs and Support Groups