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You are on the TugsList page now. From this page you can download the database using the "GET IT" button.

Guys, I so often hear the shouting when someone uses someones picture(s) without crediting it !! Very normal, you'd say... Why then do I often find my several 1000's of hours hard work being used without getting any credits fot it? Please, do not misunderstand me. The goal of my TugsList is to share and help tuglovers. No problemo.

But please be a little fair and honest !!

Mention the TUGSLIST, created by Piet Van Damme (Belgium) as your source.
Eventually, link to the site http://users.skynet.be/sky42086

In a far future, the Tugslist will be on-line and searchable in real time,
due to a nearing point of web-space shortage.
A small fee will be asked by then, just to overcome the extra expenses of hiring server-space and band-width.

To download the actual MS-Access TugsList version, click on the button below:

Get the Tugslist on your PC