The retail industry

Welcome to the world's biggest listing of grocery retailers with an Internet presence, currently featuring 273 working links.

I am professionally involved with the (food) retail industry. These are some of the links I often consult. Some of them link to drugstore or pharmacy operations. I did not add department store links such as Marks and Spencer or Karstadt, since they fall a bit out of scope. But I might change the scope one day.

A number shops have created their own websites or homepages. If there is no overall retailer website, they are not listed in the following pages (they do not represent the retailer as a whole).

Click on the letter of your choice. Some letters will not yet link you to retailers. If you prefer to access retailer links geographically, go to the Retail World Map. If you just want to check the new sites since the last update, go to New Links.

Retailers are massively waking up to the net. Some that you do not find on these pages, have already registered their addresses. Some look like they are working on something (even though nothing is visible yet).


General retail links

If links are outdated or if you know a retailer's site that is missing : let me know as well ! (click and e-mail)

Outdated links ?
These links look like they are outdated (they used to work once, they might work again).

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