Delhaize Colruyt Both Corporate and shop site of Belgium's third food retail company, famous for its price strategy, use of IS and stripped down shops. Links to daughter companies such as Dolmen (IS) and Druco (printing). Surprised they did not put their Collishop catalogue on-line for ordering (see Wal-Mart). Maybe for release 2.0 ?
Delhaize Delhaize De Leeuw - Delhaize Le Lion Corporate site of the number two in Belgian retail. Also links to Food Lion Inc of the U.S., which is effectively controlled by Delhaize and other subsiduaries.
Delhaize Delhaize De Leeuw - Delhaize Le Lion Delhaize's Belgian shops
GIB GIB GIB's corporate site. Biggest retail operator in Belgium.
GB GB GIB's Belgian hypermarkets.
Mestdagh Mestdagh Good size supermarket business. Promodès have a 25 % share in it.

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