NoSTalgia, an AtariST Emulator for the Macintosh


NoSTalgia & PowerST for Macintosh (3/6/2015).

AtariST desktop

The Little Green Desktop

The following functions are supported:
Functions NoSTalgia 1.52 PowerST 0.3 (suspended)  
Processor 68000 with better cycles calculation 68000 with cycles calculation (PPC) No Prefetch
Video Shifter Low, Medium, High

Vbl 50Hz

Low, Medium, High

Vbl 50Hz

hardware emulation
Ram 512ko, 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb,14Mb 512Ko, 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb, 14Mb  
TOS support 1.0, 1.02, 1.04, 1.62, 2.05, 2.06, EmuTos 1.0, 1.02, 1.04,1.62, 2.05, 2.06 Unmodified TOS
MFP Timer A-D (events & delay mode) Timer A-D (events & delay mode) hardware emulation
FDC Complete Complete Hardware level
Joystick 2 2 IKBD hardware level
Keyboard & Mouse Complete, ST mouse driver. Complete IKBD hardware level, LineA
YM2149/PSG Complete with samples support No samples support Hardware level
Blitter Immediate/Hog mode only Immediate/Hog mode only Hardware level
Hard disk 2 partitions (free now)

DMA mode

1 partition

DMA mode

BIOS level
Midi IN & OUT Midi OUT(Quicktime) Full support (OMS/Quicktime) Hardware level
Printer Port To file To file Hardware level
Rasters Full: Timer B & HBL, Overscan Low, Overscan Top, Left and Right

Low & Medium resolution

Timer B only

Low & Medium resolution

Hardware level
Video Mixed Mode Low & Medium resolution Low & Medium resolution Hardware level
VDI video mode 640*400*16 colors 640*400*16 colors LineA & VDI level
Tested compatibles OS Magic 6, NAES,  modified TOS, Geneva, Mint, EmuTos... NAES, Geneva, Mint, Magic 5  
System requierement PowerMac (G3)

4,5Mb of free ram

Mac OS X 10.1

Color display

PowerMac (601 @ 66Mhz, 603)

18Mb of free ram

System 8.0

256 Colors display


NoSTalgia 1.52  (Mac OS X only) is available for download (3/6/2015). *NEW*

-Dust, by Marcus Phillips. A .MSA to .ST converter (version 1.0.4)
-Tosdump, to extract the ROM from your ST.
-Imgbuild.exe to create disk images with a PC.

- Links to ST emulation -

- Hatari, a very good ST emulator for OSX (based on WinSton). 
-STonX - ST emulator for Unix., by Marinos Yannikos & Martin.
-The The Little Green Desktop Homepage, for TOS, Disk Images



       - Fixed Midi via Quicktime.
       - Bug fixes for Yosemite (10.10).
       - Fixed crashes with multiple bus error applications.
       - Fixes for Spectre128, Aladin 3.0, Magic OS.
       - Fixes for disk insertion.
       - Fixes for Console output.
       - Fixed "pause" screen".


       -Intel version for 10.7 and 10.8


       - I removed all the unzip/gz code from NoSTalgia because it was taken from Hatari (sorry about this, but I didnt write that part of the code). *update* the gz support was not taken from Hatari (or anywhere else).

5/6/2004: Version 1.42 available.

       - Added support for GZ disk images (.gz & .msa.gz files).
       - Added support for ZIP disk images (.zip & files).
       - New ST mouse driver (like VirtualPC).
       - Full screen mode.
       - Disk images are now restored (if possible) with a saved state.
       - Improved stability.
       - Bug fixes.

14/2/2004: Version 1.4 available.
       - Added multiple bus errors support.
       - Core Audio Support.
       - The Hard disk driver is now free.
       - Added support for Top/Bottom/Left/Right Borders.
       - Removed 256 colors screen support.
       - Removed "screen draw" option.
       - NoSTalgia is now compatible with Panther (10.3)
       - EmuTos Support
       - Fixed some bugs in the CPU engine.
       - NoSTalgia is now developped with Xcode 1.1.
       - Added basic support for 512 colors images (disabled in this version).
       - Bugs fixes in MSA code.
       - Mouse driver bugs fixes.
       - Added full support for EmuTos.

        - Fixed a bug where multiple bus error crashed the emulator.
        - The sound Part is now using CoreAudio
        - Some speed improvement in the 68000 engine.
        - Removed the patch allowing to use some disks with damaged boot-sector (PaCifiST and Makedisk).
        - Removing OMS and starting to use CoreMidi for Midi in/out.
        - Fixed a bug in the ST mouse driver crashing some games.

NoSTalgia running NAES in VDI mode.

16/3/2003: Version 1.3 available

        - François Menu added/Fixed Sampled sounds.
        - FDC bug fixes.
        - Bug fixes in video shifter.
        - Added basic support for EmuTos (included, rename to tos.img if you want to use it)
        - Lot of internal changes (needed for the next version 1.4).


         - François Menu added/fixed Sample sound support.


        - Fixed a bug in the FDC code preventing Supremacy to load (version 1.4).
        - Added full support for EmuTos (version 1.4).
        - Added basic support for Overscan Left and Right (version 1.4)
        - Added basic support for 512 colors (Spectrum) images (version 1.4).


        - Added (fixed) better CPU timing (version 1.4).
        - Added Screen borders (version 1.4).
        - Added Overscan Top (see screenshot) (version 1.4).
        - Fixed bug in MSA code.

Overscan Top & Bottom

Automation 97 with Overscan top & bottom (v 1.4).

18/1/2003: Version 1.21 is out.

        - Fixed a bug preventing disks with special boot sector to load.
        - Fixed documents types.

15/1/2003: NoSTalgia 1.2 is out.

        - Mac OS X only.
        - New Speed control.
        - New 'Auto frame' code.
        - Fixed some bugs in the MMU code.
        - New I/O, HDD code.
        - Use less CPU.
        - Hard disk images compatibles with DiskCopy.
        - Lots of internal changes.
        - Disks detection is not working (fixes Aladin and NAES).



NoSTalgia running Aladin (running Finder 5.3)


Pang ! (overscan mode)


Geneva OS

Ishar II

Ishar II

Multilple partitions

Multpile partitions.

Xenon II
Xenon II


Gérin Philippe.
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