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Citroën SM body

CONFORT, PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY are the three key words Citroën used to describe the SM at it's launch at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970. The SM brings together and harmonizes a set of solutions which make it an outstanding car and a landmark in the history of the automobile. It's advanced streamlining, the safety and comfort of its hydropneumatic suspension and of its assisted return steering together with its balanced architecture give it exceptional active safety qualities. Its very complete and refined equipment, its extreme comfort under all circumstances, on any road and at any speed are seldom simultaneously found on cars capable of high performance. The Citroën SM is neither a sports car nor a luxury limousine, nor yet a prototype for tomorrow's road safety. It welds these three concepts reaching the highest levels of safety, comfort and performance.

Citroën SM chassis

The structure of the SM closely resembles that of the DS: a steel monocoque on a rigid steel platform with detachable front steel wings and aluminum front hood. The rear wings are an integral part of the structure and cannot be unbolted like those of the DS.
BODY: 4-seater 2-door coupe. Integrated body on rigid platform. Streamlined body with forward fairing. and air intake for engine and disc-brake cooling. Shock proof plastic fuel tank placed under the boot. between the rear wheels. Headlights and front number-plates under transparent protection across the entire width of the vehicle. Triplex (sandwich-glass) windscreen. Electric- power driven curved side windows completely retractable into the doors. Pivoting. entirely adjustable back-seat side windows.


length 4893
width 1836
height 1324
wheelbase 2950


  Carburetor Fuel Injection Automatic
Weight in running order 1,450 kg 1,490 kg 1,480 kg
- at the front 900 kg 915 kg 920 kg
- at the rear 550 kg 575 kg 560 kg
Total laden weight 1,830 kg 1,870 kg 1,870 kg
- at the front 1,043 kg 1,060 kg 1,070 kg
- at the rear 769 kg 830 kg 830 kg
power to weight ratio 8,53 kg/hp    
trailer weight 500kg 500 kg 500 kg
trailer weight (with brakes) 1800 kg 1800 kg 1800 kg


Fuel Capacity = 90 liters Premium (4-star) 97-99 octane
  plastic fuel reservoir type ELTEXRS 402
Engine Oil Capacity  = 7 liters TOTAL "GTS 20 W 50"
  oil change interval 5000km
5-speed gear box oil Capacity = 2.25 liters "TOTAL Extreme Pressure SAE 80"
  gearbox oil change interval 20000< km
Automatic gearbox and converter Capacity = 2.5 liters "ATF 33 TOTAL"
Differential (automatic gearbox) Capacity = 1.2 liters "TOTAL Extreme Pressure SAE 80"
General Lubrication   "TOTAL MULTIS"
Hydraulic system Capacity 5.4 liters Green hydraulic fluid TOTAL "LHM"
  oil change interval 30000 km
Radiator Capacity 13 liters Water with TOTAL antifreeze
Tires Michelin 205/70 VR - 15 XWX (195/70 on early cars)
  Pressures front 2.3 bars (34 psi)
rear 2.1 bars (31 psi)
spare 2.5 bars (37 psi)


  Carburetor Fuel Injection Automatic Gearbox
Maximum Speed 220 km/h
(135 mph)
228 km/h
(140 mph)
205 km/h
(128 mph)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) 8.9 secs    
0-400 m (0-437 yds) 16.2 secs    
0-1,000 m (0-1,093 yds) 29.9 secs    
fuel consumption 12,5 liters / 100 km (DIN)    

Citroën SM publicity shot