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the young garage ownerWelcome to my virtual garage. Judging from this snapshot in the family album I've been involved with old cars from a very early age. These pages are devoted to the cars in my garage. I like classic cars in general and the classics from the sixties and seventies in particular. As soon as I got my drivers license I bought a Citroen 2CV. A cheap classic if there ever was one. My second car was a 1957 Mercedes Benz 190 SL. I have been driving (and restoring) lovely old cars ever since.
In my garage you'll find a CitroŽn SM, Mercedes 230 SL, Ferrari 328 GTB, Lincoln Continental and a Porsche 944 turbo. In the past I have owned a lot of Citroens (DS, SM, 2CV, AMI6, CX,etc.) as well as a number of Porsches, Mercedes, Ferrari, etc... In these pages you will find not only information about my personal experiences with the cars but also a lot of useful links to other enthusiasts. Do some tire kicking in my virtual garage and check the oil level of a Porsche 951, get the wind in your hair with a Mercedes 230 SL, check the valve condition of the Maserati engine in the SM, find some electric gremlins in the gadgets of the Lincoln or just browse through the pictures of the Ferrari. Don't forget to check out the former residents of my virtual garage with information about some 50 cars I have owned and driven. The first part of this page is a click through listing of the cars in my virtual garage. The second part is an overview of the former residents of the virtual garage. In the specials section you can find some... well euh... specials and you can vote for my next classic! Use the menu on the left to navigate my virtual garage. Buying and selling cars is a never ending part of the hobby. Check the for sale section for the latest news.

for sale from the virtual garage

The Virtual Garage is assisting two private collectors selling some of their Classic Cars. On offer is a 1960 Oldsmobile Fiesta station wagon in fine original condition and a Porsche 911 convertible. A bunch op Porsches and Mercedes have arrived. The Porsche 993 2S tiptronic and a Porsche 993 4S are instant classic and the Porsche 3.6 turbo is an awesome supercar. The 1972 Mercedes 350 SL is a timeless classic.

The Ferrari is not for sale! I was planning on selling but couldn't part with it... You can still read about the car and take a virtual tour around the car.

virtual garage residents

The Mercedes Benz 250TD is my daily driver. This is a very high quality station wagon with more than 400000 km on the clock. It (almost never) goes wrong but gets stolen a lot!

The Saab turbo convertible is a very enjoyable convertible where the kids can comfortably sit in the back. They have enjoyed extented summer motoring in this svelte swede. Sadly gearbox problems (5th gear has disappeared) means the car is stuck in the garage..

Ferrari 328 GTB It's red, it's styled by pininfarina, it makes a wonderful noise and it's my second Ferrari. Is it any good, or does it break down all the time? For a wider Ferrari experience check out the former residents in my garage.

Mercedes 230 SL This "pagode" SL went on an extensive tour of the US (8000 kms in 4 weeks) on its first outing. A quality car that (almost) never goes wrong. Enjoy the sunshine... A couple of holiday trips later (Italy and France) I have added an owners report. Find out what is involved in owning a classic SL...

Citroën SM The "super" DS and the most advanced car CitroŽn put in production, almost going broke in the process. Very "avant garde" styling and a joy to drive once you get used to it. Now stuck in the garage with a valve problem.

Recent departures

The Mercedes 500 SEC has gone to Holland. It's goodbye to a classic very high quality Mercedes. This one is going to last for a very long time...

The Mercedes 200 D has been sold and is now used as an everyday classic car in Holland. It's very economical and cheap to run and has the potential going for very high mileages...

The Mercedes 280SL is not owned by the virtual garage but is an extremely nice car from a reader of these pages and has been sold some time ago...

If you're city's traffic is coming to a halt maybe you should try one of these: a BMW C1. The virtual garage was not amused by this noisy moped...

The Citroen Mehari is being used as a summer fun car and local runabout by a retired gentlemen who drove a similar Mehari when it was new...

Porsche 944 Turbo (aka 951) This red rocket was my daily driver for some years. Find out more about what went wrong and how well it performed and how much (ab)use it can take... It was sold for very little money to a young enthousiast. He is going to restore the car and drive it when he gets his licence!

Ferrari 308 GTB It's yellow (fly giallo sounds better) and it was my first Ferrari. But was is expensive to own? Included in this section is an overview of the cost of Ferrari ownership. This Ferrari is now residing in Finland...

Lincoln Continental Why did I buy this 1964 Lincoln Continental four door convertible? It wasn't a rational decision. Chance, as always played a major role. A local dealer had this car on his lot. It was imported from California and looked rather sad. It was not expensive and I liked the crisp, clean and simple styling. Closer inspection revealed a very sound car with low miles so I went ahead and bought it on the spot. That was only the beginning... Now several years (and quite a bit of money) later the car is not completely finished...

Former residents of the virtual garage

Former residents in my garage part one To avoid long download times the ever growing list of former residents of the virtual garage is split into different sections. Part one are the first 10 cars. It all started with a Citroën 2CV followed by a couple of Mercedes (190 SL - 190D), a Porsche (well almost) and a lot of Citroën DS and the first SM.

Former residents in my garage the Sequel Cars 10 to 20. Citroëns galore! Almost exclusive Citroën content with a lot of DS SM and 2CV. Only one renegade Porsche (almost) in this section.

Former residents in my garage the Sequel Cars 20 to 30. Even more Citroëns. The Citroën SM gets a lot of attention...

Former residents in my garage the Sequel Cars 30 to 40. The first appearance of the rare Chapron convertible.

Former residents in my garage (33-1/3) Cars 40 and counting... This section starts with a beautiful DS Chapron convertible found in the desert of Nevada. More cars added as the garage evolves...

specials from my virtual garage

Citroën Sport A look back at an exhibition I organized in 1988 with some rare, sporty CitroŽns. This exhibition included a DS rally car that participated in the 1972 TAP rally in Portugal, a GS Birotor, a 4 wheel drive 2 CV and a CitroŽn race car.

Citroën CX Limousine How CitroŽn "mad" can you get? After owning a long line of CitroŽns I designed my very own CitroŽn and found someone to actually build the car. Take a look. It is unique.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 1999 A chance to see some of the great Belgian drivers in action!

308 vs 328 I received a lot of mail about my experience with both the Ferrari 308 and the 328. I've tried to answer your questions about these cars on this page. If you think I've left something out let me know...

Ferrari 308 buyers guide Ever since I started reporting on my experiences with a 308 GTB and a 328 GTB I've been getting a lot of mail and several questions keep coming back: Which the is best buy? (answer: see the 308 Vs 328 page) How much should I pay? (almost impossible to answer) and What should I look for. This page tries to answer the last question and give prospective 308 buyers some guidelines...

Ferrari links For those hungry for more Ferrari information. All official Ferrari links and more all neatly separated into easy to use categories...

Luciën Bianchi was one of the all time great Belgian drivers. Learn about his all round talent on this page.

London - Sydney Marathon. The greatest rally ever? Almost won by Luciën Bianchi in his Citroën DS. The story is on this page.

vote for my next classic car

As you might have noticed I like to change the content of my garage. The "problem" is what to buy next and how to make your selection? I want to drive all the classics (some only for a few days, others for a lifetime), but the question is which ones are nice to own and spend time with? If you know which classic I should drive next you can vote here for my next classic car. The best suggestion so far is a Maserati Bora. But where do you find one?

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