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Lincoln Continental

Why did I buy this 1964 Lincoln Continental four door convertible? It wasn't a rational decision. Chance, as always played a major role. A spring morning in 1989. A local dealer has this car on his lot. It was imported from California and looked rather sad. It was not expensive and I liked the crisp, clean and simple styling. Closer inspection revealed a very sound car with low miles so I went ahead and bought it on the spot. That was only the beginning... Now several years (and quite a bit of money) later the car is not yet completely finished...

1964 Lincoln 4 door convertible

As soon as I bought the car I stripped the paint down to bare metal and had it completely repainted in it's original light blue color. Meanwhile I bought a regular sedan parts car and purchased a complete set of manuals and a lot of parts from Lincolnland USA. When it finally returned from the painters I was ready with newly purchased parts to return the car to it's former glory. The front suspension was rebuilt, the engine got a complete set of new seals, on went 5 new tires, I rebuilt the carburetor, put in a new fuel pump and rebuilt the dash with a new Plexiglas panel. After putting on some rechromed parts and some stuff from the parts car I tackled the failing hood mechanism. First I spend a lot of time understanding how the system operates and testing all the components. I decided I needed new hydraulic cylinders, motor and new hydraulic lines as well as a new upper back panel limit switch. After careful installation and endless calibration and general fiddling the whole thing finally worked at the touch of a button. This really is a crowd stopper! Keep the small chrome switch pressed down and 11 motor relays and switches swing into action. The boot lid opens, the latches on top of the screen rail disengage and the huge structure elegantly folds into the boot. Magic.

rear suicide door and interior

Before I could put on the new canvas top the car was pressed into service for a wedding and a screen appearance (see FC de Kampioenen). The car drove much better then expected. The cars unitary construction gives very little body flex (the clap trap doors always open effortless) and the car doesn't rattle at all (a testimony to its quality construction). On the motorway it feels secure and steady and will cruise at 120km/h all day (back seat passengers don't appreciate the wind turbulence at this speed!). Stopping takes time. I rebuild the huge finned drum brakes in an effort to improve breaking but this made little difference. It is after all a two ton car! After a few enjoyable trips the car remained in the garage most of the time. Work and the other cars in the garage took up more time. The new canvas top is still in the box and the front seat is still waiting for a retrim. Now I almost never drive the car anymore. When the sun is out, the Mercedes SL is a more practical choice over the large American boat. If you like a flashy, large four door convertible this car is for sale! Drop me a line.

make : Lincoln Continental
VIN# : 4Y86N409163
body: 74A, color: F, trim: 82, date : 30K, dso: 46, axle:3, trans: 4
color : light blue
mileage : approximately 70000 miles

Needs canvas top installed (still in box) and front seat retrimmed. With the car are all the manuals and a collection of spare parts. Car has a valid US and Belgian registration.

Update: this car has been sold and will soon be relaced by a new addition to my virtual garage. Watch this space!

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