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#31 - Citroen ID 19 (1960)

The best DS I have ever had. This car had only 13000 kms and is completely new. It was completely taken apart and rebuild using cadmium plated nuts and bolts. This car won several concours and is now in a museum. I sold it because it became a dilemma : on the one hand it is a shame using a car in this condition and adding to the mileage while on the other hand a car should be enjoyed and driven. My conclusion : don't over restore but drive and enjoy a classic.

ID 19

#32 - Citroen D special (1970)

A car I built up from scratch to my own specifications : blueprinted 2,3 liter engine with 5 speed gear box. Black paint, tinted windows and red pallas interior. At the time I tought it would be a good idea to use plastic body panels which were new on the market. Unfortunately the quality wasn't very good and it was very hard to get the windows to seal properly. Even then the car was to noisy and definately not a real DS.

custum Dspecial

custom Dspecial

#33 - VW Porsche 914 2;0 (1974)

Another example of this practical summer fun car. The 2 liter engine is only a 300cc improvement on the earlier model but a real boost in driveability. The engine of this car was apart. After some repairwork to the valves the reassembly was straightforward and the engine worked very well. The car is still in use by a frend but started suffering from a baulky gearchange recently.

#34 - Citroen ID19/DS 23 (1970)

A hibrid car. Based on a solid rust free frame of an ID 19 I built a DS 23 with a very nice red pallas interior. The rebuilding of the machanical parts (2,3 liter engine and 5 speed gearbox) took 3 weeks of work. The fitting of the complete pallas interior was more difficult. There are a lot of small parts you need to make a Pallas version of a DS!

DS 23 hybrid

#35 - Lincoln Continental (1964)

Still in my garage at this moment in time, but for sale or trade. See in my virtual garage for more details...

#36 - Citroen SM automatique (1973)

I bought this car in the US. It was very solid but the paint was fading. I had it repainted and uprated this car with the excellent result you see here. I drove it as an everyday car for about a year (even in snow). It performed faultlessly. The only repair was a stuck starter motor. Who says SM's aren't reliable? This car was sold to a Dutch collector.

USA automatic SM

#37 - Citroen SM automatique (1972)

Another US buy. A little bit of rust, but low mileage and a very rare electric sunroof. The vinyl roof was a later addition (not recommended). A frend still has this car.

#38 - Citroen CX prestige (1981)

My daily driver for a couple of years. After 360000km the car was still going strong, but I decided it was time for something faster...

CX prestige

#39 - Citroen SM (1972)

A completely original SM in perfect condition. This one was also found in the US and had only 50000miles on the clock. Another US import. Beautifully preserved tan leather interior. I've taken this car for several long trips and it always surprises how fast you arrive at your destination. A 5 speed SM is a very sure footed long distance cruiser with very direct self centering steering. Once you get used to it all other steering systems seem old fasioned. I equipped this car with a stainless steel exhaust. The quality is very good but the noise is disappointing.A beautifull car that is still driven today by a Belgian collector.

5 speed USA SM

#40 - Citroen DS 21 cabriolet (1966)

This car was brought back to Europe from the US. It had quite a bit of rust and needed acomplete restoration. A German collector made this his new, pet project. Serial number 4460025 was a sad run down example of this classic by Chapron. It still had French licence plates (Paris) and was rescued from uncaring hands. To go to part 3 of this listing just click and go

rusty DS convertible

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