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Citroëns Galore! I was very impressed with the engeneering and styling of my first 2 DS (see part 1). This is an understatement. I started buying and driving Citroëns with a vengeance. These cars were my daily transport for years. I must have driven more than 500000 kilometers in these cars. Since I did all the maintanance and restorations myself I also got to know them very intimately. Most of the time I ended up selling the cars I restored because I just had too much cars and the restored cars were too nice tyo drive in everyday traffic.

#21 - Citroen ID 20 break (1970)

This car had 100000 kms and was very solid. It had served as a radio car for the national radio station and the interior was completely modified. I put my special pallas interior from the accident dammaged break in this car. It is now owned by a DS club founder/member who uses it for family outings and hollidays.

ID 20 station wagon

#22 - CitroŽn 2CV special (1977)

A city runabout I kenpt for a short time. Nothing much to add... A "normal" straightforward 2CV with every comfort option you can imagine...

#23 - CitroŽn ID 19 confort

Light blue in colour with the transparent plexiglass roof. It had only done 60000 kms and had very nice original paint and interior. The car had been sitting in France for a couple of years and somehow the hydraulic fluid (LHS on these early cars)had been contaminated. It was quite a challenge to get the system cleaned out properly. I finally managed using hexilene glycol.

ID 19 comfort

#25 - CitroŽn CX 2400 break C-matic (1978)

I used this car for a holliday in the US and left it with an Americar Citrophile. The only break I ever saw with the ultra rare semi automatic gear shift (you manually change the gears, but there is no clutch pedal and in the CX you have the extra comfort of a torque converter added.

#25 - CitroŽn D special (1974)

A regular and basic 2,0 liter 4 speed DS. This car was passed on to a DS frend when a Volvo totaled his car and he needed a replacement. What is it with these Volvo drivers?

twin Dspecials

#26 - CitroŽn 2 CV (1957)

I bought this car in the south of France when I needed a car to get home. This was a very basic model with the small 375cc engine. It would do only 70km/h on the highway and I was passed by absolutey everybody. When to snow began to fall and the road got very slippery the car remained safe and steady at 70 while the other cars got stuck in the snowdrifts. The relativity of speed.

#27 - CitroŽn 2 CV ak 400 (1977)

2 CV "truckette" with high roof. Very usefull for transporting old car parts.

2 CV truckette

#28 - CitroŽn D special (1970)

A sister car to the 1974 D special. Same Beige colour and brown interior. This car had a noisy differential from driving without oil in the casing. Be warned have your car serviced regularely. A DS needs servicing every 2500 kms (CitroŽn servicing chart).

#29 - Citroen MEP X27 (1971)

Found by coincidence in a local garage. This race car is based on GS running gear and was part of a special race series (formule blue) sponsored by Citroën to promote young racing talent in the seventies. This car was completely original and had very little use. I sold it to an historic racer from Luxemburg who still campaigns the car. Nice one, shame you need a race track to drive it.

MEP X 27 formule blue race car

#30 - Citroen DS 23 IE pallas (1974)

The fastest DS I have ever owned. The car had 90000km on the clock and had an extremely strong engine. The only DS I have driven at 200km/hour! The car was sold to a US collector.

DS 23 ie

DS 23 ie

cars 30 - 40 are up next. Use the menu on the right or click here to continue.

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