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#11 - CitroŽn DS 23 pallas (1973)

This car had the Borg Warner 3 speed automatic gearbox and was not very nice to drive. The carburetted 2,3 liter engine isn't powerfull enough to disguise the power loss in the transmission. Not one I would recommend.

#12 - CitroŽn DS 20 break (1973)

A "rescue" from the junkyard car. The frame was solid and it was a rare familiale version with 7 seats. The car was restored by another DS lover.

#13 - Plymouth Duster coupe (1972)

This Duster was offered for sale locally and it was in such nice original condition that I bought it. It had only 40000 kms, full history, one owner and plastic covers over the seats. It looked very nice but with a 6 cylinder engine and 3 speed gearbox it wasn't much of a drive so I passed it to an US car nut.

Plymouth duster coupe

#14 - Citroen DS 20 pallas (1974)

When you have a lot of DS CitroŽns you need parts. This one was to far gone to be rescued so it served well as a donor car for parts. It was stripped down to it's frame and someone even found use for that!

#15 - Citroen Ami 6 (1968)

I love the styling of this small 2 CV derived CitroŽn and I absolutely wanted to have one. It took me a long time to find one and I found out why. These cars rust faster than anything else on this planet. I never got round to restoring this car.

#16 - Citroen DS 23 break (1973)

The best DS break : 2,3 liter engine with 5 speed gearbox. I completely restored this one with a special red pallas interior. I used it as a daily driver for a year untill a Volvo rear ended me bending the frame badly.

DS 23 station wagon

#17 - CitroŽn CX prestige (1977)

One off the very first prestiges with the low roofline and extended body. A very nice car to drive but these early cars don't have the same quality as a DS.

CX prestige

#18 - Citroën CX 2200 diesel (1976)

First effort to replace the daily driver DS break. A diesel may be economic to drive but I sold this one after 100km. I guess I just don't like diesels...

#19 - CitroŽn D super 5 (1974)

After the accident with the break the replacement daily driver. This model has the 2,1 liter engine with 5 speed gearbox making it a good highway cruiser. As most 1974 cars this one had quite a bit of rust. I brought the counter to 350000 kms on this car (original engine). After that it was lovingly restored by another enthousiast.

D super 5

#20 - CitroŽn 2 CV (1958)

I spotted this car in the parking lot of the local supermarket. I was pressed for time and I couldn't wait for the owner but left a note under the windshield wiper. A couple of months later I got a phone call : was I interested in buying this car? The owner was an 80 year old gentleman with health problems. He was the first owner and had put only 50000 kms on the car in 30 years. The car came with all the paperwork and is a rare Belgium build model with Robry luxury trim and seperate spare wheel trunk. I owned the car 5 years only driving it occasionally but winning the SECA economy run : 3,8 liters of fuel for 108 kms. I sold the car to a Japanese restaurant owner in Brussels.

1958 Belgian built 2CV

1958 Belgian built 2CV

This Plymouth Duster was the last non Citroën car I bought for a long time. From this moment on I really started collecting Citroëns! You can find out in part 2 of this page. Just click and go.

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