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What's new in Wall Street Analyzer

If you think that there is a function, feature, indicator, options... that must be in this program, please send us a description of this and we will try to implement it as soon as possible. Write at improvements@lathuy.com

(September 14th) Version 1.26
  • Added Proxy support to update quotes
  • Added support of begin and end date in Compare stocks
  • Added a lot of new functions in the script:
    • EMV (Arms Ease of Movement indicator)
    • DPO (Detrended Price Oscillator indicator)
    • WMA (Weighted Moving Average indicator)
    • COG (Center of Gravity indicator)
    • OI (Open Interest)
    • GetOI (Open Interest array)
    • PercentChange (Gives the percent change between two values)
    • ResetTTS (Usefull if you use Custom Reports and want to write more than one line for each stock)
    • RGB (Return from three values of color, the color that can be used with SetBarColor function)
    • SetHistogram (Usefull if you want to preset a newly made indicator to show as an histogram)
    • SetIndicColor (Usefull if you want to preset the color of a newly made indicator)
  • Added support of Open Interest
  • Added support for different time frame (Daily, Weekly and Monthly) in all modules
  • Added support for chosing folders in Custom Reports
  • Added an option to display a cross marker on the screen
  • Delete a folder with all its stocks at one time
  • Added Asyncroneous download of quotes
  • Fixed bugs in the reports of System Tester
  • Fixed bugs in Import files
  • Fixed many minor bugs in WSA

(July 11th) Version 1.25
  • Added a new easier macro language that uses VBScript.
  • A new help file with all the built-in functions is included in the package.
  • New indicators
  • Allow shorting stocks in System Tester
  • Auto completion in System Tester, Indicators Builder and Custom Reports.
  • Fixed many minor bugs in different modules.

Before version 1.25
  • (April 27th) Fixed some minor bugs, Add an easier way to add a big list of new stocks in WSA, new indicators (Parabolic SAR, Balance of Power, Mass Index...), Improved the Report in System Tester, Select stocks or folders instead of stocks only in System Tester, support of new international quotes update sites...
  • (April 2nd) Fixed bugs in the Import ASCII file, Update the quotes. Added Update all the quotes automatically.
  • (February 24th) Fixed some minor bugs in the quotes' update, added 2 new indicators (CCI and Price-Volume Rank)
  • (February 18th) The first release of Wall Street Analyzer with all the features described here

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