April 27, 2002: New update, version 1.23! Add new indicators, some minor bugs fixed, Upgrade here
April 27, 2002: I want to thank Mark Hayton and Robert Call for their help in improving and testing WSA! They send me a lot of bugs and new features to add! Thanks again.
April 3, 2002: Aide en français disponible au format PDF Téléchargez la ici
April 2, 2002: New version 1.22! New features, bugs fixed, Upgrade here
February 24, 2002: Fixed some minor bugs and added new indicators, Upgrade here
February 18, 2002: The final version 1.2 is online, Download it!
February 18, 2002: Help is online: http://www.lathuy.com/help/index.html
January 27, 2002: First pre-release is online! You can test it!
January 14, 2002: Part of the help is online
November 27, 2001: Wall Street Analyzer will be released soon! Some changes and additions to the site.
October 18, 2001: The first version of the site is online.
October 16, 2001: The domain www.lathuy.com opened!