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List of features included in Wall Street Analyzer

Different graphs

Different modules for different tasks and need
  • The most used indicators are included in Wall Street Analyzer. If you created your own indicator or the one you're looking for is not built-in, you can create it easily with the Indicators Builder (see below)!
  • The Indicators Builder lets you create your own indicators or write the ones you find in the press, on the Net...
  • Report example

  • A System Tester to reach the best profits and find the right moment to enter the market. You can also create your own systems! Here are two examples (First, Second) of reports created with the System Tester!
  • A Cutom reports module helps you to screen your stock's list. You enter your criterias and the informations you want to see in the report. With just a click and Custom Reports will give you a spreadsheet with sotcks that match your needs.
  • Automatic updates of the quotes. This option requires an Internet connection. Updates can be done manually too.

Smaller features and options
  • A module to automatically split the stock.
  • Export the selected stock's data to an ASCII file to be used in all major programs.
  • Import from ASCII option'll import stocks' data files into WSA with all needed options.
  • Compare stocks

  • Compare stocks will show you the performances of different stocks on a similar percentage scale from a delimited time period.
Ideas and wish list

Send us your suggestions - If you absolutely want a feature or a small option that is not yet in Wall Street Analyzer, just send us an email with your wishes. We'll work and try to add them!

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