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N.B. Sika - Home Mooring

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Branche de Bellecourt, is an old transhipment arm off the Canal Charleroi-Bruxelles in Belgium, I'm moored right next to the "Pont du Blocus", a bridge (photograph above) over the arm near the entrance. This is not far from the 4 old boat lifts on the Canal du Centre, the new single boat lift that will replace them and the Ronquières inclined plane.

Narrow boat "Sika" on the mooring, the bridge is just to the left in the photograph.

The above sequence of photographs taken from the bridge show the work necessary to clear the site before "Sika" could be moored.

A similar sequence but with the bridge in the background. The water is shallow at the front, hence the need for the pole to keep the boat in deeper water.

These two photographs are taken from underneath the bridge. The canal is about 3 metres deep in the bridge hole and just under the rear of the boat. The canal side is constructed in stone at about a 45 degree angle and again a pole is needed to keep the boat from hanging when the water level changes. Every time a fully laden barge passes by the entrance (about 150 metres away), the water level changes about 30 cms!!! and the subsequent current through the bridge hole is something to see.

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