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Shell painting
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N.B. Sika - Fit out

I have split this into 6 parts and the last part is further split into 7 parts to make it more manageable and logical.

The first part covers the ballasting to get to boat down into the water so that it looks right and includes the construction of the floor.

The second part covers the the hull and superstructure insulation and the subsequent lining out the hull and cabin sides and roof.

The third part covers the plumbing and heating as it is an important subject and deserves it's own section.

The forth part covers the electrical installation.

The fifth part covers put the boat into dry-dock to inspect and re-black the hull and then prepare & paint the superstructure.

Finally, the last part (further subdivided into 7 parts), covers building the internal sections such as the kitchen, bathroom etc. 

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