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Ruston & Hornsby 2YC Diesel Engine and Parson F Type 2:1 Reverse/Reduction Gear.

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Pictures above of the Ruston & Hornsby 2YC coupled to Parsons F Type 2:1 Reverse/Reduction Gear.

  • I wrote an article for 'Marine Engines' magazine, some time ago, that covered the restoration to fully working order of a derelict Ruston engine taken from a crane, that was eventually destined to be fitted into my new narrow boat. The article just covered the restoration to working order and the intention was to continue the story in a following article that covered the conversion to marine specification and the fitting of a suitable reverse/reduction gear. However, with all good intentions, that article still hasn't been finished and therefore I hope the following will redress the situation for those that are interested.

  • After the engine was refurbished and tested, I turned my attention to converting it to marine use. A series of photographs and covering text, details the conversion.

  • Next on the agenda was to find a way to mount a suitable reverse/reduction gear to the back of the engine. The solution was eventually simple, obtain an original flywheel housing and machine a cover plate to adapt the housing to the selected reverse/reduction gear.

  • The original intention was to use a modern hydraulic reverse/reduction gear but I eventually settled on using a Parsons F Type 2:1 reverse/reduction gear, built from five derelict and scrap units. The story is interesting.

  • Finally, a few photographs of the completed engine being delivered to R. W. Davis in England.

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