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Narrow Boat "SIKA"

Marine Diesel Engines

EU Legislation

  •    Narrow Boat "SIKA"  

Full details, photographs, history, construction, fit out etc. of narrow boat "SIKA", based on a 62' Northwich Trader Class shell from R. W. Davis, that satisfies my requirements for a traditional style narrow boat.
  •    Traditional Narrow Boat diesel Engines  

Whilst hunting for an engine for my narrow boat, I created a database of suitable marine diesel engines and their characteristics to help with the search. At the moment, there are details on over 244 engines.

The story of the restoration and marine conversion of a Ruston & Hornsby 2YC diesel engine fitted to  narrow boat "SIKA".

  •    EU Legislation relevant to Recreational Boating  

There is a vast array of EU legislation that directly or indirectly affects recreational boating. The most notable are the Directives on the design & construction of recreational craft (RCD) including engine exhaust & noise emissions plus the dreaded Technical Requirements for Inland Waterway Vessels (TRIWV).

For more information on all the legislation relevant to recreational boating,  go to EU Legislation

  •    CV  

Michael Clarke's CV for background information only.