Mon  modèle préféré: Oksana, une jeune beauté russe
Click on her to go to Oksana's site
                  Photo by Ashley Redding
My prefered model: Oksana, a pretty young russian girl

New: I'm beginning a serie of full size paintings.
Work in progress in my studio
yp1038 yp1039 yp1070

Finished artworks... 46" x 33" ,  49" x 34" , and 55" x 32"

First sketches with pencil : click on Oksana to enlarge the pic
The wall:Original painting: 16" x 20"


Studies for bondage pictures, and for character of my new comics ( yp1065)
And now, more classical... study about light and shadow

Caressing portrait

            Classical profile
                            Study for third part of the tryptich
Seated column 16" x 24 "yp1042

Original artwork watercolours

          16" x 20" each ...Tryptisch 1 2 3: variations about Oksana, light, and shadows (yp1042, yp1043, yp1044)

Study for next painting...