The JCO 2005 January Expedition


All pictures reduced to 25 % of the original size.
All pictures by Guy Van Rentergem.

photo 1 : 6 January, Preparations at the Last Resort, Windsor.

photo 2 : 6 January, A lot of water is comming out of Windsor Cave!!!

photo 3 : 6 January, The typical flies in the bat roosts at Windsor Cave attracted to the helmet light. Keep your mouth shut!!

photo 4 : 6 January, big Whip Spider at Windsor (10 cm) .

photo 5 :7 January, The INFERNO. Countless bats...

photo 6 : 8 January, the majestic roots of a very big Fig tree at the entrance of St Clair Cave.

photo 7 : 8 January, Big Monster Spider deep in St Clair Cave (from leg to leg 8 cm).

photo 8 : 8 January, if you don't like cockroaches then do not enter the Inferno at St Clair Cave. They are everywhere!! Do not sit on the ground or you will have some in your neck...

photo 9 : 8 January, a sympathetic Antillian Ghost Faced Bat or Mormoops megalophylla

photo 10 : 8 January, side view from the same bat. Look where his eyes are located!

photo 11 : 8 January, the Bat, Keith and Adam.

photo 12 : 8 January, the harp trap. This is used to catch the bats. There is no harm done to the animals!

photo 13 : 9 January, Stef gives a lecture about caves and bats at the Polly Ground School.

photo 14 : 11 January, Somewhere in Montego Bay, what's in a name?

photo 15 : 11 January, relaxing after a day hard work discovering and surveying Taino caves.

photo 16 : 12 January, JCO headquarters at Miss Lilly. Here Miss Lilly with a yam.

photo 17 : 12 January, Stalactice covered with roots at Kempshot.

photo 18 : 12 January, Whoa!!! a Taino petroglyph is revealed!!

photo 19 : 12 January, another impressive petroglyph.

photo 20 : 12 January A very nice Rudist fossil extracted from Bottom Pasture Cave 2.

photo 21 : 13 January, ready to conquer the Vulcano Hole. From left to right, Stef, Guy, Elisabeth and Ivor.

photo 22 : 13 January, trail to Vulcano Hole. See the red earth. This is bauxite country (bauxite is the aluminium ore).

photo 23 : 13 January, beautiful hills near Vulcano Hole.

photo 24 : 13 January, Stef is ready to go down in Volcano Hole.

photo 25 : 13 January, Picture from the bottom of Vulcano Hole. There is always mist in this monster pit.

photo 26 : 13 January, Well we found the river of Vulcano Hole at last!

photo 27 : 13 January, mud piramids in Vulcano Hole.

photo 28 : 13 January, I took a picture of this bird 50 m above the bottom of the pit. It seemed attracted to the light and was able to find grip on the vertical wall. It seems to be a big White-collared Swift (Streptoprocne zonaris). Thanks to Catherine Levy for determining the bird.

photo 29 : 14 January, to find the Me No Sen Cave you have to follow the old railway from Montego Bay to Kingston.

photo 30 : 14 January, an old railway tunnel not far from Me No Sen Cave.

photo 31 : 14 January: The massif entrance of Me No Sen Cave.

photo 32 : 15 January: Beautiful sunrise at Quick Step.

photo 33 : 15 January: Stef is decending Minocal's Glory Hole.

photo 34 : 15 January: and there goes Ivor.

photo 35 : 16 January, Stef and Ivor at the beginning of the trail to Quashies River Cave.

photo 36 : 17 January, Exploring a sinkhole at Stewart Town (38 m deep sink with no caves).

photo 37 : 17 January, nothing to find in this sinkhole but trash...

photo 38 : 17 January, going to Belmont Cave. In the centre of the picture Adam alias Mr. Blackburn from Palm Estate...

photo 39 : 17 January, Entrance of Belmont Cave.

photo 40 : 17 January, nice formations in Belmont Cave.

photo 41 : 17 January, snails graveyard in Belmont Cave.

photo 42 : 17 January, searching for the entrance of Drip Cave.

photo 43 : 17 January, after caving always a Red Stripe. Here in a bar at Stewart Town.

photo 44 : 18 January, SRT training at Miss Lilly.

photo 45 : 18 January, a small frog at Windsor Cave (3 cm).

photo 46 : 18 January, Stef is a very good singer. Here he sings: "I'm cow, hear me moo, I weight twice as much as you...

photo 47 : 19 January, chill off day at Miss Lilly.