Here are some unique picture's of Dunn's Hole Cave 3 kilometres South of Stewart Town.
It is located at the bottom of a 200 metres deep pit.
This cave contains the biggest underground chamber of Jamaica.
The dimensions of this large chamber are astounding: 200 m long, 100 m wide and 80 m high.
It's very possible this wonder of nature will be gone very soon!
This area, like the rest of the Cockpit Country is threatend by the bauxite mining companies!

These pictures date from 12 February 2007 by the JCO.

Here is a link to a video from this magnificent hall.


Dunn's Hole Cave
Look at the splendor of this magnificent chamber!
At the right you can see this massive stalagmite. This calcite formation is 8 m high!
This picture has been taken with a Sony F282 and with an array of 40 AG3B flashbulbs.

The array of flash bulbs

The map of Donn's Hole Cave
The red arrow indicates where the picture has been taken.


Dunn's Hole Cave
The magnificent entrance of Dunn's Hole Cave. It is 52 m high and 20 m wide!
You can see Stefan at the bottom of the entrance.
Jan is descending the rope somewhere at the top of the slope.

Dunn's Hole Cave Entrance Dunn's Hole Cave Entrance


massive 8 metre high stalagmite

The big stalagmite. The thing is 8 metres high!
To the right Stef and Jan.

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