On the basis of long and profitable experiment - more than 25 years - computerization of a public sale-room, we marketed our know-how under the name of “Gallery Manager”, through a data-processing application.

This application meets all the needs specific to the sale-rooms, since the deposit of the lots for setting on sale, until the invoicing of the purchases, while passing by the management of data-processing footbridges towards accountancy, with the clear statistics of the results of the sales, the update of an Internet site of consultation, etc…

Robust data-processing platform

The GManager application - contraction of Gallery Manager - is accessible within the network from your company. It is based on the Windows platform of Microsoft. A robust data base Microsoft SQL Serveur is the heart. All the evolutions of the Microsoft environment are taken into account: thus, built at the beginning for Ms-Windows NT and MS-SQL Server 7, the application functions now in the environment MS-Windows XP and MS-SQL Server 2005. This evolutionary history is the guarantee of the continuation of the application through the constant evolution of the hardware, but especially of the software and the operating systems data-processing.

Simplicity and flexibility in use

Through a simple and convivial graphic interface, small a general allows a fast access to all the functionalities available. On the whole, a maximum of approximately a hundred and fifty modules are installed. Each module represents a functionality, for example the encoding of a deposit, or the visualization of information of a lot. The actions frequently used can, with the chart, to appear in the form of icons with fast access (a simple mouse click).

The operation of the modules is standardized: you will familiarize yourselves with them in a few minutes and will find the same behaviors everywhere.


Each one within the company has its function and its responsibilities. From there rise from the actions that each member of the personnel, taken individually, will have or not the right to carry out through the application. All this being of course adaptable to each case, through specific modules of GManager, reserved for the administrator - an employee - system.

GManager "à la carte"

The product is composed of more than one hundred fifty modules, and this number is in growth, according to the new needs and a constant evolutionarity. However, it is not necessary to acquire a licence of use including totality of these functionalities. Thus, each module belongs to an option, that or not the licence covers, according to the definite needs before acquisition for the product.

On line !

The examples and the advantages of a work on line are multiple. We quote some of them:

Daily work with GManager makes that at every moment, of each workstation of the data-processing network, one can see in real time the state of the sales, the lots, the catalogues, the invoices and auditings, in short, of the whole of the constituent elements a sale.

As of the encoding of the lots at the time of the deposit, the customer receives a card of inventory. If the option of interface Internet is activated, the photographs of the lots are deposited on the site at the moment when they ready and are stored in the data base of GManager.

The seizure of the official report of sale, if it is carried out during the sale even, allows an invoicing in the minutes which follow the sale of the last lot.

Speed of execution of certain tasks like the purchasing totals or salesmen, the annual sales turnover, or the total statistics are surprising. More need for calculator or sheet Excel to post, a simple click, a summary table five last years of sale.

Data control

One of the assets most important of GManager is the very particular care granted to the validity check of the data and the implementation of a whole of techniques facilitating largely the acquisition the data and decreasing considerably the risks of errors in any kind.