Saint-Bavo's Cathedral - Ghent

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the organ


There are currently four organs in the cathedral. The crypt houses two small modern organs. One of which dates from 1965 and is built by the Loncke company. The other from 1974, is the work of the organ builder Patrick Collon.

In the upper church, pride of place goes to the organ commissioned by bishop Antonius Triest in 1653. The organ was made by the organ makers Bis and Destré from Lille (France).
The casing is a masterpiece by Boudewijn Van Dickele.

In 1935 bishop Coppieters added an organ made by the German organ manufacturers Klais for the World Fair of 1935. Both these organs are played together. The organ has five keyboards and uses more than 6000 pipes. The instruments are used during religious services, for concerts and for the recording of organ music.

The titular organist of the cathedral is Edward De Geest Leopoldlaan 30 9900 Eeklo
(tel. 09 377 32 59) )


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