Life of luxury

All my cats live in house and are free to go where they want. Each new cat is quarantined  between 1 and 6 weeks in my bedroom (depends on the health status) and is tested for FeLV - FiV using the Witness test. They are all vaccinated & dewormed. They do not go out of the house, they prefer to stay inside !

The kitten are handled  many times per day so they are well socialized to people. I weigh them twice day during 6 weeks to check whether the mother has milk in quantity and quality as well as to make sure the weaning starts well. After that, I weigh them once week like I do with the adults.
The weaning begins with wet food A/D feline from Hills and Hipp (baby food). After that, it is a mix with Whiskas kitten. They eat kitten dry food until 9-10 month old from Royal Canin, Almo, Mastery, Hills, Iams and Proplan. The kittens receive the vermifuge Catminth at 5, 8 and 11 weeks so 1 week after start of weaning, 1 week before primo-vaccination and 1 week before receiving the booster.

The adults are fed witha mix of premium dry food (Royal Canin, Mastery, Almo, Proplan, Eukanuba and Hills Nature Best). Once week, they have fresh chicken or fish (cooked without fat) together with vegetables and starch (rice, ...), brewer's yeast. They also got natural yoghurt.

The litter used for their litter boxes is dense kitty litter "Pet Plus".

At night, the cats sleep in their own rooms (2 rooms of 19 m each). They have baskets with pillows and blankets, cat-trees, cardboard scraper and as many toys as they like (balls, mice, etc ...). The temperature and humidity are checked and respectively kept at 22C and 40%.


Boys' room

Boys' room

Boys' room

Queens' room Queens' room
Queens' room Queens' room

Their rooms and the rest of the house (the cats have free roaming in the house during the day) are cleaned and disinfected weekly with Virkon which is bactericide-virucide-fungicide.

Medical care for my cats is provided by their "pediatricians": Dr E. and V. Crispin from Belgrade, the accredited vets for the cattery. They live close to my house, only 2 min by car.
I treat sore and little diseases from everyday by homeopathy. If however this doesn't result in a start of recovery in 1 or 2 days max  the traditional drugs are used.

When we are on vacation, the cats stay at home and the "cat-sitter" (living in home) takes care of them in order to avoid any disturbances in their habits.

After reading this, you will understand well that my kittens do not go to just any family. Questions are welcome, I will try to answer them completely.
I reserve the right to refuse sale if I feel prospective adoptors and kitten are not compatible


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