Who are we ?

Hello and welcome to the Cattery of Sianous Cālins ! I am the owner of that suffix. My background in Molecular Biology, years of experience in the R & D department of a leading pharmaceutical developer of vaccines and  now in an  organization conducting oncology trials all over Europe, explain the high standards I set for  hygiene and care in my cattery.

I have lived with Siamese cats since I was 4 year old. The breeding started as a hobby in 1997.

It all began with a seal point male called "Souky", a Thaļ cat, the ancestor of the current day Siamese race. Then shortly after my  marriage my husband offered me a kitten for my birthday. I wanted a seal point male but ended up coming back with a chocolate point female !! I have completely fallen in love with this color pattern.

When I received my first "queen", we lived in a flat. We rapidly decided to get her a friend. Once again, I came back with a chocolate point. When the third "musketeer" arrived (a boy), we moved to a house. It is important for me that my cats have enough space for playing hide-and-seek and running around. And also because my husband gave me the idea of breeding. For a healthy breeding environment, we needed a boy's room, a queen's room, a quarantine room for new cats as well as a nursery. Indeed with a boy and two queens, we rapidly wanted to have kittens ...

This is how the Cattery of Sianous Cālins began ! We are a "family" breeder because we have a maximum of  two litters per year. In order to become a "professional" one we'd need to get an approval number from the Minister of Agriculture which means trade register, accountancy, ... I have no interest in these tedious aspects and neither do I want to become an industrial breeder !!

Familial breeding doesn't mean amateur, just that all cats live with us and have an active part in the daily family life.

All cats with the suffix "des Sianous Cālins" were born at home and I have taken care of each of them personally, which seems not to happen everywhere ... I work full time and have a baby girl but as breeder, I take my responsabilities very serious.

I wish you a nice surf through our site !

                                       Benedicte Ludwig

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