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Absolutely Cats
Studio photo 4pattes Galerie Entrechats
Eleveurs félins belges réunis Croix Bleue (SPA)
ID Chips (puce électronique) Les petits vieux
Les chouchoux  


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Other breed (TICA cattery)

Traum von FF (Slovenia) Wilddiamond - bengal (Belgium)
van Gatsbys (Germany) Albedo - persian (Belgium)
Bua Luang (Latvia) Rexclick - rex cornish (Switzerland)
Artaban's (Belgium) The Goblin - rex devon (Italy)
N'Ha Kyrielle (France) Des Entrechats - abyssian (France)
Les Petites Bavardes (France) The Cats Love - bombay (France)
Tezigue Cattus (France)  
Valluna (France)  
Carmiel (Hungary)  
Sharifas (Germany)  

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