Mazala Recordings Presents:
Dance Music Rudiments

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Mazala Recordings Presents: Dance Music Rudiments Index

Aim of the Book.
Overview of the Book

1. Creating a Home Studio
Introduction to Electronic Music Production
Basic Tools for Producer
Budget Software Sequencer
Advanced Software Sequencer

2. Music Theory
Musical Notation
Understanding Chord Progression
C Major Chord Progression Chart
Transposing Chords Progression
C Minor Chord Progression Chart
Chord Progression Chart Based on Any Scale
Further Reading
Emotional Chord Progression

3. Genre
Decide what Genre to compose.
Genre Choice
Sub Genres

4. Song Arrangement
Considerations Before Arranging a Song
Arrangement Categories and Arrangement Block Types.
Arrangement Block Types (single)
Decide the Sequence of Arrangement Block Types.

5. Drum and Percussion Elements
Determine the Drum Kit to use
Drum Timbre
Drum Sequences
Percussion Style
Drum Extras

6. Drum Pattern
Drum and Percussion sequencing.
A) Breakbeat – 100 to 150 BMP
B) Hip Hop– Below 100 BMP
C) Drum and Bass – Above 150 BMP
D) Percussion Sequencing
E) Electronic Drum Rolls

7. Introduction to Synthesis
Basic Tutorial In Sound Design
Introduction to Additive Synthesis
Introduction to Subtractive Synthesis
LFO Low Frequency Operator

8. Electronic and Analogue Instruments for the Dance Producer
Timbre Elements
Pallet of Available Sound Sources / Instruments
Timbre Matrix
Pre Beat
Music Samples (Unprocessed)
Music Samples (Processed)
Vocal Elements (Unprocessed)
Vocal Elements (Processed)

9. Creating Electronic Instruments
Understand Your Studio Tools
Timbre Creation
Musical Sequence Categories: Single Note
Musical Sequence Categories: Multiple Notes

9.1 Advanced Synthesis: Time
Modulation With Multiple LFOs to Achieve Infinite Tonal Variation
Track Automation

9.2 Advanced Synthesis: Bass
Phattening up a Bass
Rapid Rhythmic Motion Bass
Warble Resonance Bass

9.3 Advanced Synthesis: Synth
Elastic Synth
Multi Mod Synth

10. Rhythm
Musical Rhythmic Juxtaposition
Categories of Rhythm
Combining Rhythms for an Effective Groove
Note Length
Unsuccessful Rhythmic Combinations
Rhythmic Patterns
Alternating Rhythmic Patterns
Other Grid Sizes
Drum Rhythm combined with Bass, Lead or Synth Rhythm
Rhythmic Intensity: Song

11. Sound Effects
Sound Effects Categories
Creating Digital Sound Effects
Analogue Source
DSP Source

12. Dance Music Production Rudiments
1) Pre Production
----i) Experimentation
----ii) Creation
----iii) Inspiration
2A) Production: Arrangement
----i) Arrangement
----ii) Build Up
2B Production: Drums and Percussion
----i) Drums
----ii) Drum End
----iii) Drum FX
----iv) Percussion
2C Production: Instruments
----i) Bass
----ii) Synth
----iii) Novelty
----iv) Production
----v) Sound Effects (Digital)
----vi) Sound Effects (Analogue)
3) Post Production
----i) Production FX

13. Digital Signal Processing
Categories of DSP
Effects and Mastering DSP
Applying Filters to Instruments

14. Mastering
The purpose of Mastering
Step By Step Mastering
EQ and Mastering Table

15. Organising your Studio to Optimise your Workflow
Good Housekeeping

16. Live Performance for the Dance Musician

17. Selling Your Music
Online Music Distribution Portals
Create Your Own Record Label

18. Dance Music Rudiments Version 2
Worldwide Artists Collaboration Required

Appendix 1 –Scales
Appendix 2 – Chord Chart
Appendix 2b – Chord Transpose Matrix
Appendix 3 – Chord Progression in Pro Songs
Appendix 4 – Funky Bass Lines
Appendix 5 – Song Arrangement
Appendix 6a - Jazz Drum Sequences - midi files included
Appendix 6b – Latin Rhythms Sequences - midi files included
Appendix 6c – World Rhythms Sequences
Appendix 7 – Drum Rudiments (Traditional)
Appendix 8a– Drum Sequences - Breaks100 to 150 BMP - midi files included
Appendix 8b – Drum Sequences - Hip Hop – Below 100 BMP
Appendix 8c – Drum Sequences – Drum and Bass – Above 150 BMP
Appendix 9 – Percussion Sequencing
Appendix 10 – Electronic Drum Rolls - midi files included
Appendix 11 – Rhythm Examples from Pro Songs
Appendix 12 - EQ Chart