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17. Selling Your Music

Online Music Distribution Portals

There are thousands of web sites that sell music, not only from well established artists, but from smaller independent labels.Most sites require you to submit a few examples of your music before providing you with a contract, e.g. www.Juno.com, www.trackitdown.com .There is no sign up fee and royalties are paid after £50.00 of sales have been generated.

Some sites allow you to upload and sell your music without first requiring you to send music for approval, e.g. www.beatsdigital.com .Beatsdgital.com provides you with a web interface to sell music.All you need is a label name, artist name, logo and of course some music (320 kb MP3).


My personal favourite is www.feiyr.com/ which has links to several hundred online music distribution websites.After paying a small administration fee, upload your single, EP or album once, and hundreds of online music distribution websites can choose to sell your music on their site.You receive a large percentage of any sale.


Create Your Own Record Label

In the digital age, it easier than ever to create your own record label.


The minimum requirement for a record label isÖ

  • Label Name, Logo and Biography.
  • Artist Name, Logo and Biography.
  • At least 1 tune in high quality.wav.
  • Donít forget to declare your additional earnings to the taxman!

 Additional Requirements

  • Web site.
  • Back catalogue of tunes.
  • Live Performance service

  If you have experience in graphic design, creating your own logo and web page will significantly reduce cost.There are a number of Freeware software applications available which are well supported with forums and tutorials.

 Freeware Raster Graphics Editors

  • ArtRage Starter Edition
  • Artweaver
  • Brush Strokes Image Editor
  • Pixia
  • Project Dogwaffle 1.2 Free Version
  • Xnview

  Freeware Vector Graphics Editors

  • Inkscape
  • OpenOffice.org Draw