Hi !!

My name is Servaas Walravens and I am born in Brussels (Belgium) on April 21st, 1960.

My mum (Helena Janssen) was an amateur artist, she started to draw and paint when she was kid.
In the early '70 we lived in Anderlecht, in the suberbs of Brussels, and when a new school of art was created, she became one of the first students and of course took the most talented (or must I say gifted) of her three boys with her (yep - that's me!). So I began to work in the artschool following different kinds of evening courses : drawing, clay, wood, sculptures, painting, photography and etshing. After twelve years I started to follow oil-classes and noticed that the teachers pushed me to far in their direction, so I decided to quit. At the same time I left home to live in an appartment (a better definition is art-studio) and started to work on my own : only oil on canvas.

So I was on my own. I met some friends and one of them (Hughes) was interested to paint with me. So we started to paint each thursday evening at my place. Sometimes we were two, sometimes three with my mum who influenced both of us at that period. I started to paint very fine (sometimes triple 000), my mum was painting with very large brushes. It was a very productive period. My mum stopped with painting, Hughes too and I made my first realy good painting : Dead water.

Meanwhile I met my wife, married her in March 1990 and had two children : Sébastien born on July 4th, 1991 and Laura November 12th, 1994. We moved from Brussels to Thorembais-les-Béguines in December 1994, which is 45 km south of Brussels. And I stopped with art for a while.

Thanks to some friends I started again in october 1998. Let's call it the new period. I had a first group exhibition in March 1999, for which I painted a small picture : The unexpected visitor.
My good friend Yves invited me for a second exhibition in september 1999 and I started a new serie of 4 paintings : golden leaves shrine of which 2 were finished for the show.

August  2000 : another big step in my life. I decided to divorce my wife. I couldn't cope it anymore, had emotional breakdowns. It even effected me physical. I decided also to take over the house, which will give me more freedom to enhance the interiour. This means also hard labour the first few years ... but with some luck I could perhaps sell some art-works to cope it financialy. I also have to say goodbye to an old painting of me : forgotten sanctuary (dead water) becomes here's.

I met Hubert (my new partner) a few months later and we are still together.

Music takes a very large part in my life. I love opera (seen almost 120 different ones live since 1987) and floating music (Steve Reich, Vangelis, Brian Eno, etc... - too much to quote everybody).

Hey some pictures now ...

My kids ... Sébastien and Laura in August 1999 and in February 2004

    children2.jpg (45566 bytes)

The interiour of our house ... the place where I paint for the moment is at the window ...

The garden I love to work in ... (the green thing is a small swimming pool for the kids)

The big tree on the right side is a cherry-tree, which gives a lot of sweet cherries if the birds would leave some.