Sunday, February 4th 2007

What a weekend ... Painted live at the Shot2007 cultural event in Hasselt.
Went there first on Thursday 1st to see and install the area and started Friday-evening. Painted live with a camera above me - the images were projected on a TV-screen and recorded at the same time. The video was in loop, so when I wasn't there the painting-sessions were still projected. You can say it was a kind of performance.

Painted in all 3 big paintings on unstreched canvas like the the previous Goddesses. One of the three was a little larger than the others. Pictures will follow. 

Monday, February 5th 2007

Went back to Hasselt to get the 2 other paintings back. But in the transport a little damage was done to those paintings. Will have to rectify those.

Thursday, February 22nd 2007

Working on my site ... reorganizing ... adding information ... adapting ... It will take a bit time to end the whole of it.

Saterday, July 21st 2007

Had a stand today on the 6th  international paintersmarket in Neeroeteren. It was nice to see that people are interested in my paintings, even though I didn't sell anything. Nevertheless a nice day out and a good reason to clean and prepare all the paintings.