Friday, September 29th 2006

Working on my site ... has been a long time since I updated the data. I'll try to write a bit more.

Wednesday, December 6th 2006

A new pc and working on my site - the gallery will be different. Added the pictures of the 2 latest paintings.

p07501.jpg (36424 bytes)

painting 75 : waves


p07601.jpg (35978 bytes)

Painting 76 : Portrait of an alien.

This one is a bit special. I found the canvas in a bin. It was already painted. I painted over the already painted canvas which gives it more structure.

Sunday, December 21th 2006

Started to paint again ... a triptych untitled yet (painted with as music the opera Peter Grimes from Benjamin Britten).
For me they are like holes in the rock where you can look inside/through.

p07701.jpg (90537 bytes)