Thursday, January 1st - A brand new year

Just before midnight I went to Hubert's office (he had the late shift) and together we went to the new-year-celebration in Brussels. It was a splendid firework and afterwards we went to some bars. The rest of the day we kept in bed (it was a long time ago I did that). A lovely brunch with a bottle of champagne in the early afternoon and back to bed. A real delight.

Saterday, January 17th - Concert at the Flagey

Went together with Hubert to a Soufism-concert at the Flagey. A two part concert - first was a singer from Bagdad and in the second part a much better Sheik from Cairo. 8/10

Sunday, January 18th - Sold a picture.

Sold the picture 49 (untiteled) to a friend. He saw the painting at the yearly bbq at my place and i had to restore it a little bit, signed and varnish it. He asked me if  he could hang it up in another direction...
It must be seen this way from now on :

p04901.jpg (26658 bytes)

From now on you can see the 'agenda' for all the tings we do and hope to do.
This diary will only be held for the 'Art'-part of my life.

Friday, March 12th - at home.

Painted a new picture together with my kids. They were thrilled to work with me ... tried to make them a little more bolder. This is the result : Children's dream.

p06601.jpg (58820 bytes)

A better picture will follow.

Wednesday, March 17th - at home.

A certain John in the us contacted me via email to ask for the dimensions of one of my paintings : the hummingbird. The size was to small for me, so I asked him to give me the dimensions and the stylehe wanted As I am going to paint again, I'll paint a complete series, why not trying to satisfy someone at the same time (without obligation to buy). I bought some large canvas and cut them to the dimensions he wanted : 26 inches width to 101 inches (66 x 256 cm). I am going to paint on slightly streched canvas. Later on the canvas could be streched on a frame, this is why I kept an additional 1 1/2 inches (4,5 cm) on each side.

Thursday, March 18th - at home.

Yep, I finished the painting in 1 session. I'll see if I'll have to make some slightly changes on Saterday. But here it is: I don't know how to put it though, I think I like it more with the white 'tail' downwards, but ... that's perhaps for the John to decide.
Here are a few pictures, eventhough it is not easy to take pictures of such a long painting.

p06701.jpg (61135 bytes)    p06702.jpg (61686 bytes)  

 p06703.jpg (58959 bytes)    p06704.jpg (45655 bytes)


Saterday, March 20th - at home

Took better pictures of painting 67 and started a new one 68 - same sizes ...

I am going to start a complete series of these ones ... different sizes ... and later one smaller strips horizontal and vertical formats ... you'll see ...

Wednesday, April 21st

Happy birthday to me !!! Yep I'm getting a year older!
Got a very good present today. I am selected for a 10 day exhibition in Depinte near Gent in Belgium. The drink will be Friday June 25th and the show will be from June 26th till July 4th.
Got to paint a series of paintings on unstreched canvas like goddess 1 and 2, but on a slightly smaller: 210 cm height will be fine, width can vary from 50 cm till 150cm. I think I will hang them with ropes on a piece of wood on the upper and lower side. This way the canvas will be slightly stretched.
Went with my partner to a japanese restaurant ... delicious !!!

Thursday, May 6th

Finished the second goddess. Here they are one beside the other ... (for bigger and very large pictures click on gallery)

p06701sm.jpg (16476 bytes)    p068sm.jpg (12614 bytes)

Finished another dyptich : my 69th painting. Compared to the previous ones, these are only 66 cm height ... have to measure the width though and find a way to put them up !

p06901.jpg (39281 bytes)

Thursday, May 13th

Just read the email from John in Michigan. They love the 2 goddesses and want to purchage them. Wow !! This is the second time complete strangers see my paintings via internet and are interested. What a satisfaction!!! Now I have to see how I can ship them ... First of all they have to dry and been varnished, afterwards packed and shipped. So I think that in a couple of weeks they are gone to the US.

June 2004 - preparing show at De Pinte (june 25th - july 4th 2004)

Creative month ... just made a few paintings for the next exhibition in De Pinte ...

First a big one like the 2 goddesses for John in Detroit named seaflower. (difficult for such a big paintings to have it on 1 pic - which explains the dividing lines on the assembled pictures)

p070sm.jpg (18336 bytes)  

Then 2 smaller ones more monochrome than ever ... named brown and purple.

p071sm.jpg (15201 bytes)    p072sm.jpg (15107 bytes)

Then an older technique/subject I already used previously (algues) called seagrass.

p073sm.jpg (22469 bytes)

Friday, June 8th

Made another painting ... nr 74. A big one goddess III - hope it will be dry for next week !!
(difficult for such a big paintings to have it on 1 pic - which explains the dividing lines on the assembled pictures)

p074sm.jpg (13744 bytes)