Thursday, January 23rd - selling a painting - 'Wotan und Lohe auf Brunhildes Felze'

Met Carolyn and Jeff at their hotel and showed them a selection of my paintings at Huberts apartment. They had seen a picture of a painting on internet : "Wotan und Lohe auf Brunhildes Felse" and they came to Brussels (from Chicago) to buy it ... ! My god what a experience. This is the first time someone is contacting me to buy a painting. I invited them to a little restaurant with typical Belgian food : 'Den telloerenlekker' which means 'the one who licks his plate clean'. We had a really wonderful evening, even showed them a bit around Brussels in my car.

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Sunday, January 26th - un framing

Unframed the painting for Carolyn and Jeff and rolled it up. I was frightened that it would crack as the painting is painted with my fingers it has some thickness on some places, but everything went well.
Went with Hubert to the hotel to handle over the wrapped painting with a little Belgian beer to celebrate the event. I really want to thank Carolyn and Jeff , you both are giving me a real satisfaction and I can certify that this will give my creativity a boost ...

Thursday, March 13th - evening in Brussels

Went to the world-creation of CounterPhrases.
The basic issue is that Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (house-choreograph of the Brussels opera house) made some basic movements (phrases). Thierry Demey made 10 video-images of them (registered in open spaces and parks in Belgium). Then 10 contemporary composers made 10 compositions on these video-phrases. During the evening those pieces were played by the ictus-ensemble while the video's were shown on 3 big contiguous screens above the orchestra resulting in a wonderful event.
9 out of 10.

Sunday, March 16th - La Hulpe & at home

After a long sleep went to the domain La Hulpe south of Brussels for a long walk with Hubert in the first spring-sunlight.
A lot of people had the same idea, but nevertheless the domain is so big that you can always find a piece of wood to walk through.

Started to paint again. Went to the attic and search for a few re-usable canvas. Found 3 of them and started to clean one of them and paint on it.

Monday, March 17th - at home

Finished the painting and called it 'Lake in the desert'. Here is a picture, but I've got to take a better one.

Wednesday, March 19th - evening at the opera

Went to the new world-creation of 'Oeudipe sur la route' of Pierre Bartholomée (belgian composer) in the Brussels' opera house 'De Munt'. It has a beautiful setting, but the musical score and voices were more screaming then singing 4 out of 10.

Wednesday, March 26th - at home

Finished the painting and called it 'Blood in the desert'. Listened to an old favorite of mine while I was painting : St Francois d'Assise of Olivier Messiaen.

 Sunday, March 30th - at home

Getting very exited on the idea of going next week to London for my next show. I just packed 2 of the 3 paintings and framed and signed the 3rd one.

I looked at a few unfinished paintings and finished one of them: Healing.

 Monday, April 28th - at home

I am a bit disappointed on the show in London, but I'll talk perhaps about it another time.
To get the feeling right back into the mood I made a painting today. It is composed of 5 10 cm x 15 cm canvas lined onto cardboard.
I painted the first white, then 3 different kind of blues and the last black. I then forced the white into the other frames. Resulting in : Cutted dephased blues'

p05701.jpg (39290 bytes)

Tuesday, March 20th - at home

I had an old painting back for restoration (Stigmatization sidewards) and took the opportunity to take pictures of it (I didn't had any till now).

p044big.jpg (31922 bytes)

Signed the painting 'Blood in the desert', which is going to exhibited in an antique-shop together with 'Lake in the desert'.

Finished a painting I started in April and called it 'The roughness of the sea'.

p058big.jpg (67255 bytes)

And started (finished perhaps) with another picture which I called 'Time passes by as water' :
It is like looking downwards onto a river and see the sun and clouds reflected in it.

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Thursday, March 22nd - at home

Another one .... 'Spring is back'. Very erotic, isn't it ?

Used also a bit of tempera and gold-dust for the yellow dot, but very subtle.

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August - at home

I painted in the garden today. Ended a picture I started before and made a dyptych.

p06101.jpg (42579 bytes)

'There is something rotten ...' oil on canvas 100cm x 70cm


p062big.jpg (24999 bytes)

'The swamp' - oil on canvas 2 times 30cm x 24cm

Monday, October 13th - at home

I left the group Artlives end april because I had some trouble with the person who organised everything (let's say the moderator). They planned a show/exhibition in Brazil called the MiniArtExchange, but as there were also problems with the Artlives moderator they decided to disconnect the show from Artlives and ... they invited me in for the next stop of this moving exhibition in Australia !!!

I've still have to paint my artwork, but that'll be fine.
I am very thrilled to join the show, they are talking about Singapore and Italy after Australia, and I am trying to get the show to Belgium.

More news later on.

Friday, December 12th - at home

Painted 3 items on paper. The fiorst time i did this and it went well. I had already the idea to represent elements in flat planes and cross these planes with each other. I tried one out and gave it as a christmas-present to someone at the office. The other 2 were made for the exhibition in australia (miniartexchange). I called them 'who said the earth was round?' and 'who said again the earth was round?'
They are both 20cm x 20cm and are composed of 4 planes : grass, sky, sand and space.

p06401.jpg (75348 bytes)

p06501.jpg (66325 bytes)

Thursday, December 18th - night at the opera

Went to the performance of Mozart's 'Don Giovanni'. EXCELLENT !!! 10/10 (very exceptional i give that quote on a performance). Everything was exquisit (voices, scene, music, effects).