Saturday, January 12th - evening at the ballet

Saw with Hubert a ballet in the Varia-theater in Brussels: "L'âme du diable" of Thierry Smits/La compagnie Thor. A very gay-erotically ballet of 2 guys (alternated performances with 2 girls). I can imagine no gay-people being offended and schocked by the performance, but I did like it. The story was based on the Faust history/legend; Three 'pas de deux'  interlinked with soundscapes, taking with it the SM/gay-erotic and the eros/thanatos issues resulted in a short (1 hour) ballet. I loved also the four slightly rotating rounded shapes on the background, revealing the red-metallic innerside. 7 out of 10.

Sunday, January 13th - afternoon at home - evening in Brussels

Slept till 11 am - that was a long time ago I slept so late - I needed it and so did Hubert. After breakfast, ironing, looking a bit of TV and while my friend was resting in the sofa, I'd put 'En attendant Cousteau' from Jean-Michel Jarre on the background, took a wooden panel 90cm x 90 cm previously prepared and put it on the ground (favorite painting-position). Started with blues and kraplak-red directly on the panel, added white and greens and started to flatten the colors with a big brush. Added other blues, a bit of yellow and more greens and a lot of white. The result after 2 1/2 hours is a beautiful (as I may say it myself) painting. Like plants stretching out from the bottom to the top. Dark to light from left to right. I am very pleased with it. Comparable with the background of Prague (nr48) but much lighter, softer. Hubert was standing full of emotions behind me when we looked at the finished painting. I'll put it in the series of 'When a poet meets a painter' nr 10 : Honfleur.

p05101.jpg (23730 bytes)

Afterwards got a shower and went for dinner in Brussels at a Thai-Vietnamese restaurant were I sweat allot when eating a green Thai curry with scampi.

All in all a Sunday I'll never forget.

Saturday, January 31st - evening at home

Wanted to paint this evening and started on a wooden panel (previously prepared) of 60cm x 125cm by putting dark bleu-green in two directions added greens, white, kraplak red (three flower-like figures) and flattened everything out. It resulted in following painting nr 52. I added it as the 7th painting in the series of 'When a poet meet a painter... - Madrid'. When I went back to Toledo (which I visited previously with my friend) and bought 2 little mirrors. One for him and one for me. The two dark upright 'thighs' are pictures as in a mirror : not exactly the same, different for each person who looks in the mirror, but they seem the same ...

p05201.jpg (20474 bytes)

Friday, February 1st - on the way to Gerardmer

This weekend is offered by the office. On the way to Gerardmer we halted at Tendon to see the large cascade. It was slightly raining and misty.

Saturday, February 2nd - Gerardmer

After skiing went for a walk around the lake of Gerardmer with Hubert.

Sunday, February 3rd - the way back from Gerardmer by the Alsace

We decided to make a little tour by the Alsace on the way back to belgium. After breakfast we went through the 'col de la Slught' to Munster and Riquewirh - superb little village where we had a coffee with a piece of 'tarte de mirtilles' - delicious. Then through to the 'Haute Koningsbourg' : a big castle on the hillside - beautiful view and surprise ... each 1st Sunday of the month all museums are free !!! And then back to belgium ...

Thursday, February 14th - evening at the opera

Tonight was Aida of Verdi in 'De Munt' in Brussels. A bit disappointing ... Choir and music were superb, but the settings and the work of Robert Wilson were not so good for me. 5 out of 10.

Saturday, April 6th - evening at the ballet

Went to the new creation of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker : (but if a look schould) April Me. A two part ballet based on a marriage (Les Noces of Stravinsky) with partially live music performed by the Ictus ensemble. A fine ballet with superb music : for me no way around ... it is a must !!!!   If you need more information (all the works of Rosas with touring information of this ballet go to her site) 9 out of 10.

Tuesday, April 9th - evening at the opera

The compagnie of 'De Munt' represented in the Royal Circus of Brussels a double performance of Calalleria Rusticana (Pietro Mascagni) and Pagliacci (Ruggero Leoncavallo). Good setting and performance, good solo-singers. 7 out of 10.

Saturday, April 13th - evening at the ballet

Went to the anniversary-evening of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker : 'Repertoire-evening'. A series of dancepieces in here 20 year of performances.
It started with 'Violin phase', one of the four movements she danced with Michčle Anne DE MEY (Violin phase is the only one she dances solo) on music of Steve Reich.
Then followed the 'French Suite' from TOCCATA, with live music by Jos Van Immerseel.
The third piece before the intermission was Béla Bartók's 'Fourth String Quartet', performed live by The Duke Quartet.
After the intermission follows the Belgian premiere of The Lisbon Piece and the 'Grosse Füge'.
In addition a beautiful and delicate Mozart Aria.
All in all a superb evening 8 out of 10 with my special attention to the string quartet of Bartok.

Thursday, April 18th - evening at the ballet

'Rain Live' of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker on 'Music for 18 musicians' of Steve Reich live performed by the Ictus-ensemble. WOW!!! 10 out of 10 !!!

If you are a little bit into modern dance ... this is it !!! Go and look for yourself !!!

Next year (September-December 2002) she will go to : Brazil (Rio De Janeiro, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Porte Alegro), Belgium (Brussels, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Antwerpen and Namur), France (Paris, Toulouse, Bourges, Bordeaux, Martigues, Clermont Ferrand, Nice, Reims), England( London, Brighton, Newcastle, Glasgow, Warwick), The Netherlands(Rotterdam, Drachten), Germany (Leverkusen, Ludwigsburg, Leipzig) and Japan? (Saitama).

If you need more information (all the works of Rosas with touring information of this ballet go to her site)

Thursday , May 2nd - evening at the opera

Went to see 'Orfeo' of Monteverdi by Trisha Brown and music conducted by René Jacobs. Superb 8 out of 10 !! (bought a ticket for Hubert who is on holiday now).
A bit too static for me though - too much repeating the same things, but all right, that does the music also ...

Saturday , May 25th - day in Brussels

What a day ! Went with the kids to Brussels, picked up Hubert and went to the 'Zinneke'-parade. This was only the second issue of a big parade with the groups of different parts of brussels. A bit long but OK. Went afterwards near the 'Grande place' (beautiful old marketplace) for a snack and a late concert of Marcia Maria Band which was organized by the BrusselsJazz-Marathon which is held each year in the Jazz-café and town-squares ... try it out next year !!!

Thursday , June 13th - evening at home

Long time ago I updated my site. Serge, my colleague, took some high quality pics of my paintings at the office. I updated my site with these fine pictures : 'The visitor' and 'Midday in the canyon'.

Friday , June 14th - evening at the ballet

Went to see a ballet in 'La Balsamine' theatre. A nice ballet from Fernando Martinez, but they had some problems. It was a modern ballet by 4 dancers, 2 men and 2 woman. the setting was a 'simple' square on the floor and 4 suspended transparent panels which could be moved from left to right and vice-versa. Those 4 panels were made of 2 plexi-glass with a small spare space in between them. At a certain point in the ballet water was supposed to dribble between those 2 panels downwards to create a 'raining'-effect slowly filling the space in between: superb !!! But the pressure was to great and water was pouring down from the sealing (one technical problem). The dance itself was first of all very incoherent and the four persons were more using corporal-expression (which is more twilling around than ballet for me), but I have to accept that : this kind of expression is a kind of language and could express the existence or non-existence of love between people (which was the issue of this ballet). Once they danced together nevertheless, the expression coming out of the ballet was very good and as the show went on, the ballet was getting more and more interesting and intriguing. More items were getting my interest and it was going to be a well good spend evening, but ... an accident happened. One of the dancers wounded himself at his head with his knee and the performance has to be stopped ... pity. It was not to heavy but he needed 2 stitches in his forehead before going to hospital. I think I would give 6 out of 10 without the 2 problems.

Monday , June 17th - evening at home

Started to paint a new painting on a wooden panel. Bleu structure on reddish-pastel background - got to add a feature though.

Fryday , June 25th - night at the opera

Went to see Faust of Berlioz at 'De Munt' in Brussels : for me a not so good opera ... but I think it has to be Berlioz. The voices where fine and the scenic part could have been a bit better. The voices were all right ( a superb Jose Van Dam) and the choir and orchestra where very good. 6 out of 10

Monday , June 28th - night at the ballet

An improvisation evening of the Rosas group in the Malibran-room (which is a repetition-room of the opera house 'De Munt'). Two parts for this evening. First of all some work-outs of previous improvisations and in the second part a real improvisation-part with all the dancers. Very good !!! 7 out of 10

Fryfay, July 5th - Sunday, July 7th - weekend in Arnhem (The Netherlands)

Went for a weekend with Hubert to Arnhem - arrived in the early evening at our Bed & Breakfast (a real good address Villa vredehoek a few kilometers of Arnhem).
Went that evening for dinner to Arnhem : also a good address for fish  'Le vieux pecheur' and then to bed.

Saterday started with a real good breakfast and then ... up to the 'Hoge Veluwe' with is a huge privat natural domain. We arrived at the opening of the domain (10:00) and took each a white bycilcle (free) and drove through the domain. Beautitifull landscapes all aroud us, even saw a deer walking freely around 50 meters from us. After 15 km arrived at the St-Hubertushous, which we visited of-course (I wanted Hubert to see this). St-hubertus-house is a house build by the architect Berlage (who builded also the stock-exchange of Amsterdam). Most of his work (and most of the architects of the netherlands in that period) is recognisable by glazed/enamels bricks which gives the whole a strange effect from the outside, but once you come into the hall, you see the whole cumming together. This house is a 'complete' house, with which I mean that it was build completely with evreything in it : art, interiour design, light, etc... all at the same time, which gives the complete house a special atmosfere. When Berlage had problems with the wife of the house, another architect Van de Velde (belgian) took the whole over and he (for example) designed 2 tea-sets. All by all not to miss. Afterwards ... hup on the bycicle and there we go ... to the second main attraction of the domain : the art-collection of the lady of the house in the Krüller-Müller museum (with not only over 20 Van Goghs, but a whole scale of fine art from the early 20th century ... until contemporay art. Don't forget to see the sculpture-garden. All is included in the main-entrance ticket. A whole day we spend in this domain, bycicling and contemplating nature and art. What a day !!! In the evening agin to Arnhem for a TexMex (but as always with the Mexican's in Europe ... no spectaculary).

Sunday startded again with a fine breakfast - sligtly different from saterday, but the same quality ... and then up to the zoo. The Burger-zoo was a normal zoo as you have a lot of them, and I was a bit dissapointed to see the usual things ... animals in cages (very dissapointed). Then we came to a second part of the zoo where they build in a huge hangar a tropical garden where you can walk through. Very special, beautifull flowers and here and there a little animal (lizard, birds, ...) very special even if I think we were very slow compared to the other visitors. Through a tunnel and we came into a second hangar : the desert. Same astounishing effect unknown flowers and birds. And the summum at the and : the ocean. Big room with a big aquarium. When I came in I said to myself : only this ... not special. But when we went further, the path goes down under the aquarium and we passed throug a series of tanks with fishs of all colours and forms... even to a big tank with a boat and sharks, and a last room with a tunnel so you think you are walking on the bottom of the sea ...

Back to home ... pitty ... superb weekend with Hubert.

Saterday , July 20th - Sunday, July 21st - bringing my son to the scouts-camp

This year my son's scout-camp in near reims. After bringing him to the castle where he stayed, we went of to visit the region. We started by going to the castle of Pierrefont, a typical french medieval castle restored and used in later periods, now and then even used for films. Afterwards we went to the city of Loan, which is niched on top of a hill. We went up to the city from the train-station using a monorail. Then we visited the big church and walked through the city: very nice. In the evening we went to a special restaurant : 'Le restaurant' where we had delecious real regional food. The guy who owns the restaurant said that he was ging to close the restaurant during the winter to go an a holiday for a few months to asia.

The next day was the belgian national day (21st of july) and we had to be back in the village of Hubert to go to the festivities in the afternoon. So we headed northwards and went from village to village. Just before we came to the belgian border we passed a region in which the churches had medieval protections (donjons) : someting to remember to visit later.


Sunday, September 7th  - Open monument-day Wallonie

This weekend was the open-monument-day in Wallonie. As I had the children I asked them to choise the places to go.
We went first to the Andenne to visit the archeological grotto where they where excavating (since a few years now). The tour was interesting and while we were standing beside someone working there he discovered before our eyes an animaltooth of the prehistorical age. My son was thrilled (he wants to be an archeological scientist). There were also a stonecutter who slamed stones to different tools and (more interesting for my children) there was also a spear-throwing area where they could try it the was they did that in those ages. Afterwards we went to an industrial workshop where they laminbated metal in the half of the 21st century. Old trains and wagons were of course the main point of interest. Afterwards we went to a marbel-quarry, but it was more a visit-tour into the village to see marbel used in the houses, so we went further to a castle half in ruins near Mons and afterwards to the castle of Enghien.

Tuesday, September 9th till Thursday, September 11th  - Working trip to Hilversum.

Had for a training to the motherfirm in Hilversum. As always stayed in the Gooiland-Hotel and went to the Sensei (Japanese restaurant). Went also to a gay-cafe 'So What' ... nice to chat with other people.

Saterday, September 14th  - Open-Monument-Day in Brussels.

Visited 10 different places in and around Brussels. Some were interesting, others were not. The most interesting where a castle in the middle of Brussels (which I had never noticed before), a tower where they made lead-bullits by letting the lead drip down from a high tower, we saw an artists who made a sound-scape with water and weighted manivels (wasn't in the program but stumbled acros the installation), and a archeological excavation at the 'rouge cloitre'.

Saterday, September 21st  - Ballet at the 'Kaaitheater'

Went with the children to 'Drumming' of Rosas. They are perhaps a bit small for this (7 and 11), but why not. Laura felt asleep (Incredible)  with the hard noice of Drumming of Steve Reich and woke when the people were already clapping and sheering for 5 minutes, Sebastian was interested, but not so much as I thought. Drumming itself is a masterpiece of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, but not so strong as 'Rain Live'. 7 out of 10

Thursday, September 26th  - Ballet in Charleroi.

I heard alot of the ballet group of Frederic Flamant, so we decided to go and see his new production in Charleroi. We went there with the cocktail-bus (a drink and a little sandwich free) and arrived early enough to have good seets. 'Body/Work/leisure' (by Cie Charleroi Danse) was done on different levels which made the performance interesting. The subject was the interferance of work and leisure on the body. The only negative point for me was that there was no coherence, it was like different pieces put one behin the other, but still it was nice. 6 out of 10.


December 28th, 2002 T Varia La ceriserai - Tshechov
December 27th, 2002 R Brussels Domaine de Lentillac
December 14th, 2002 O De Munt La Boheme - Puccini
November 21st, 2002 B Varia Mismoirgen 7
November 17th, 2002 Ex PSK The gold of the Traciers (Europalia Bulgaria) 9
November 12th, 2002 O De Munt Ballata - L. Francesconi 9
November 5th, 2002 H
Hilversum Gooiland
So What
October 25th, 2002 Co Kaaitheater Paysages sous surveillance -  (by Ictus) 7
October 14th, 2002 Wo PSK Pandit Shivkumar Sharma (India) 5
October 12th, 2002 Cl
Die Jahreszeiten - Handel
Tapas Locos
October 8th, 2002 R
Le Ręve du Bengale (Indian)
La Casa de las Musiquillas Ocultas (Het muziek Lod)
October 5th, 2002 Wo Flagey Muhammad Qadri Dalal (Syrya) 4
October 3rd, 2002 Co
György Kurtág (by Quatuor Danel)
The Sushi Bar (Japanese)
October 2nd, 2002 O De Munt Electra - Richard Strauss 8
October 1st, 2002 Cl PSK Symphonie nr 2 - Gustav Mahler 7