Sunday, January 16th - evening at the concert

Went to the opera-house for a concert directed by Antonio Papano (futur musical director of Covent Garden).
On the program :
Aria of Florestan of Beethovens 'Fidelio' ... could be better
A complete opera in concert 'Il Prigioniero' of Luigi Dallapiccola ... superb !!!
Last movements of the 9th Symphony of Beethoven ... very known as always
Fine evening :-))

Saterday, February 12th - evening at the ballet

Seen 'Drumming' : a ballet of Anne Theresa De Keersmaeker on music of Steve Reich ... simply superb !!!! Afterwards a little drink with Mimi and Geert ...

Tuesday, February 15th - evening at the opera

'La Cenerentola' of Gioachinno Rossini. I was looking forward to this one ... the setting was design by François Schuiten (very known drawer of cartoons - known for the 'Obscure Cities'-series), but what a desception !!! could have been must better ...
4 out of 10 ... As always one has to be carefull in hoping for a good moment , a lot of parameters plays with the definition of 'good moment' !!!

Saterday, March 4th - evening at the ballet

Seen 'Un jour la nuit' : a ballet of Michèle Anne De Mey. All the music was of Gustav Mahler (music I adore), 'Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen' and some movements of the 1st Symphony 'Der Titan'. Not so good compared with 'Drumming' of last month.

Monday, March 27th - evening at the opera ?

My god !!! Saw a concert version of St Francois d'Assise of Olivier Messiaen with Mimi. Reinbert de Leeuw was conducting the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, Groot omproepkoor and Chor des Westdeutschen Rundfunk. 10 out of 10 !!!!
You know that Olivier Messiaen's speciality were birds ? In a part of the opera (a part of 45 minutes) you realy hear songs of birds ... !!! Of course you have o be 'open-minded' when you go to listen his music, but it is worth-while.

Friday, April 7th till Sunday, April 16th - holiday in Malta

If you like visiting and like prehistorical (megalithical) age and you want to know a bit more about the knights of Malta... don't hesitate ... go for it. Don't go to Malta for beaches (there are anly a few small ones). Have done some beautifull walkings through the island ... very dry but beautifull. Colours, taste, sent, almost all the senses are filling me up with impressions ... even wanted to paint at a certain moment !!!

Monday, May 1st - evening at home

Tomorrow I am going to see 'Oeudipus Rex' of Stravinsky in the Royal Circus in Brussels.
It must be something very special ....just looked at a Japanese version on video.

Tuesday, May 2nd - evening at the opera

'Oeudipus Rex' of Stravinsky in the Royal Circus in Brussels.
Fine opera ... very special all in Latin (except for the spoken parts). I think I prefer the Japanese version on video ... more static, mystical, dramatic, less lyric ...

Wednesday, May 3rd - evening at home

Problems ... problems ... problems ... when will it end ? When will there be peace in our harts ?
You can imagine that I don't want to paint now ...

Friday there will be a concert ...

- at home

I was very down this month ... but still i painted 1 picture : Open abcsess. A painting on wood.

Wednesday, July 26th - evening at home

Gaining at last confidence and self-esteme. Want to paint some pictures now ... perhaps this week-end.

Thursday, August 3rd - late at home - painting 01.

As I haven't got a name for the moment I'll number this painting as beeing 1: the first of this year. At last I started again. I painted the background of a 90 cm x 90 cm wooden panel. I prepared the wood around a month ago and kept it aside. It has a smooth surface and after putting this first layer it is even smoothier.

c00401.jpg (21226 bytes)

As you see it is a degrading of bleu into light-blue. I got some ideas to go further. I would like to create one or more trees with water or clouds as leaves. I used three kinds of bleu : sky-bleu, ceraeleum-bleu and magenta-bleu. I think I will need a second very light transparent white layer to make the whole a bit more sky-ish.

Wednesday, September 13th - resuming the past

Hi to you all again !!!
Nice to be back on internet !!!
At last I feel much better. I am divorcing my wife and it is as if a big weight has left my body. I am feeling very well and had plenty of ideas for new paintings. We will see what I will make of it. Time to re-install myself, get the prepared wood an start painting again. I think that I will start again this evening. I am going to prepare a second piece of wood of 90 cm on 90 cm and start painting a subject on the one with the sky already on it. I had the possibility to go to a concert tonight, but I think I go back to my old painting-habit.

Thursday, September 14th - evening in 'the old backery'

For the moment I am not living at my home - divorcing my wife makes it impossible to live together in the same house. A couple of friends invited me to come live with them until everything is arranged and they even proposed to use the top level of 'the old backery' to use as 'paint-room'. I wanted to share this moment with you and took a few images just before I started to paint and the result of this paint-session.

broodhuis.jpg (105471 bytes)

brushes.jpg (71004 bytes)

I painted already the background in august and added a first tree. I think there will be a couple of them and I think I'll make 'seeds' of them... you'll see the result after the next painting sessions. My god !! I feel good....

c00402.jpg (11397 bytes)

c00403.jpg (40445 bytes)

Sunday, November 5th - evening at home

At last I am home again !!! After being a few months away it is good to see all the different things that surrounded me again.

My life is for the moment in a twirl. Divorcing my wife, working 3 days a week in Madrid (Spain) ... I'll have to work to re-design my interior and execute my design.

Sorry also for not maintaining my site ... this will come as soon as I have a little bit more time.

Tuesday, November 23rd - evening at home

There I go 2 paintings in one evening. Expressionism, quick, automations, ... meanwhile I listened to 'St François d'Assise' of Olivier Messiaen. My god !!! This is strong... and of course influenced the first series of 3 paintings ... a triptych : Stigmatization / upwards. 3 panels of wood of 34 cm on 90 cm. The name comes from a scene of the last act of this opera where François recieves the stigma's.

p04201.jpg (53676 bytes)

The second painting that followed immediately was only 60 cm on 50 cm

Saterday & Sunday , december 2nd and 3rd - weekend in London.

Visitid the Tate Britain galery with some fine pre-raphalites and some fine Turners, Dali-exhibition (0/10 - do not go !!!) - 'The mikado' operette of Gilbert & Sullivan, British museum (go also to the top-top-floor for the japanese contemporary dishes and bowls) and Tate Modern (in superb renovated old power-station - no not the Battersee).

Thursday, december 8th - evening in the plane Madrid - Brussels.

Working in Madrid has come to an end. Have seen some beautifull things. For modern art I guess it must have been the 'Museum reina Sofia' that impresses me the most, more than the 'Bornissem-Thyssens', but the contemporary art-collection in the Conce Dunque is very, very good.

Monday, december 11th - evening at home.

It took a bit of time but at last I updated my site with the new paintings.

Wednesday, december 13th - evening at home.

Finished the next painting and called it : Stigmatization 2 / sidewards. I started this painting on november 23rd by making the greenish background. I listened at the same time to the last act of 'St. François d'Assise', an opera of Olivier Messiaen, at the moment of the stigmatization of François. Today I listened again this same act end wanted to finish the painting. It started as the previous stigmatization by adding a line in white/crimson/orange/jellow but this time horizontal) with the knive and flattened it out with a brush. I also added a second smaller line with knive/brush. I'll take the pictures as soon as possible to put it on this site.

Friday to Sunday , december 15th -17th - 2nd weekend in London.

Local London restaurant, Portobello Road, Indian Tandoori, and for the second time Tate Modern.