General Purpose - 20/08/2005

Hi, I just wanted to say that I have absolutely no time nor motivation to go on with these mIRC Scripts anymore, so if anyone would like to go on with the development of any script just contact me by mail or msn (see contact section), I'll give any information that you may need.
I know there are still some bugs and a lot of features requested by a lot of people, so it would be cool if anyone has the motivation and skills to do that.

And by the way I've added Romanian Serbian and Hungarian translations in the main zip file so just download the script again if you want one of these.

Winamp Control v2.7 - 18/09/2004

I've 5 new language files, Norwegian, Greek, Lithuanian, Swedish and an alternate Danish one because it seems that the first one had some errors, and as I can't check myself I'll just put both available for download.
Thanks to keps, TransA, Azrael, Tazarel Suzuki, de_lirium and sorry but I don't remember who sent me the Greek file. All downloads available here.

Winamp Control v2.7 - 20/10/2003

Winamp Control v2.7 has been translated in Finnish. You can get the file here.
Thanks to Cain !

Update: Estonian version now. Get it here.
Thanks to TonkA !
Update Again: Italian version. Get it here.
Thanks to alfaalex !
Update : German version. Get it here.
Thanks to BoFBaZ !
Update : Dutch version. Get it here.
Thanks to JezPuh !
Update : Russian version. Get it here.
Thanks to buZta !
Update : Danish version. Get it here.
Thanks to bloonz !
Update : Spanish version. Get it here.
Thanks to elMax !

Winamp Control v2.7 - 10/10/2003

New version
Here is the changelog:
- 'Time showing 00:00' bug fixed. (i hope)
- Added multilanguage support for Options dialog and Right-clic menus.
- Added "say it!" button into the remote controller, works like Right clic>Winamp Control>Say Current Song
- DCC Send is limited to one send per user at a time. (anti !get spam)
- winampcontrolv2.ini is now using $scriptdir !

If you want to translate it in your language edit the lang_English.wc2 with a text editor, read instructions in it and then send it to me if you want to share.. I'll put them on the download page.

Winamp Control v2.6 - 27/05/2003

Finally the new version
Here is the changelog:
- The infos can now be displayed on more than one line using ";" as a line breaker.
- Added field to set your own "winamp not playing" message .
- Changed time format. (will now display 2digits, 00:00:00 instead of 0:0:00)
- Alarm Clock now allow user to edit active alarms.
- Bug Fix. (thx to Jan Soelter)
- Added !FN (File Name) info.
- Added ability to display the track at a defined interval (ex: every 10mins)

The next version should include multilanguage support.

New Website - 24/03/2003

Well i'll rewrite the help pages soon and i'll try to make everything easier to read...

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