Collapse DM01 - Desert Rats

As some of you might already know, I just released my very first Ground Control II map, DM01 - DesertRats! It's DeathMatch type, so don't be struck with awe when you get the message that you can no longer drop any units after a certain amount of time ;)
I will soon be adding the map with it's appropriate description and screenshots to the map page

Download it here (new version)

Screenshot01 Screenshot02 Screenshot03

Collapse UT2k4 Editors choice for dl!

The Unreal Tournament Editors choice bonus pack is out! I've just come back from playing it and I must say a few things:
I like the new vehicles, very much.
I might like the new maps even more ;).
Download from BeyondUnreal here

Screenshot01 Screenshot02 Screenshot03

Collapse Another restyle?

Yes, I know, it's the third time in 2 weeks already, but can you blame me? It looks good and it seems I got too much time on my hands
I hope you'll be joining me for a match of Ground Control or Ground Control II online, but in the meantime take a look at my maps :)

Collapse Looking good

Today, I got out of bed and I saw I looked good,
So I decided that I should get a site that looks accordingly... ;)