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"We are worth being pictured"


Drawings, Paintings and Fotographs,

You, him, her and them,


A passion that never ends !!!


And likes to share.

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Painting & Drawing Galleries

Feel free to visit my Galleries with main painting & drawing works. Hopefully, you will enjoy my portraits and human figure art. I have split my Galleries in 4 themes :

* Portrait Drawings

* Portrait Paintings

* Other paintings




Photo Galleries

I like to take pictures of people in many types of situations. I get many chances to portray my family members, friends,... and I regularly go out and picture any subject of inspiration (people, abstract,...).


* Portrait fotographs

* Other fotographs

runner with wings

Be portrayed !

I am always interest in human figure drawing, painting anf fotgraphing. So, if you would like to propose me a session, I encourage you to do so. I will be glad to try to exceed your expectations... One of my dreams would be to represent various individuals of a groupd (family, friends, sport team,...) and to combine their individual portraits into a 'patchwork' of paintings and fotographs, as you can see an example on the left.


* Examples of patchworks