Libxml and Libxslt Python Bindings for Windows

From this page, you can download windows binaries for the libxml and libxslt python bindings.


Provided here are windows installers that install the python bindings for libxml2 and libxslt together with a private copy of the libxml, libxslt and iconv dlls. The installer itself is produced by python distutils.

All optional features are enabled, except zlib support and debugging. Thread safety is enabled starting from 2.5.8 (although this is not really useful for the python bindings yet, due to python's global interpreter lock).

md5sum digests are available for all files below.



Note: those are built from a CVS/SVN checkout of libxml and libxslt, so they may have a few differences from the official releases.

Windows binaries for libxml and xsltproc are provided by Igor Zlatkovic.


There is documentation about libxml and libxslt.There are also specific python examples for libxml and libxslt.

The best place to get help about libxml and/or its python bindings is the libxml mailing list: Windows specific questions are welcome there too. Before posting, have a look at the general recommendations about the usage of that list.

-Stéphane Bidoul <sbi at skynet be>