Free-reed services

Specialism Bandonion

Tuning of free- reed instruments

*reed plate cleaning
*new reed leathers
*reed rivet corrections
*lay out/tone modifications

Reed replacement/corrections
*from old stock
*new hand made reeds


Bellows traditional made (to the order)

*antique paper (dating from before 1945)
*traditionally made  "toothed" bellow edges
*accordion type bellows (pressed bellow edges


New production bellow papers inspired on "Gustav" marble paper.


All repairs/new parts/restorations



*all types of springs (hand made)
*traditionally made button keys for bandonion and

*action wear corrections
*replacements of keyboard felts/leathers
*additional keys/tones

Reed blocks

*new reed blocks
*replacement of reed block leather
*correction/repairs of reed blocks



*french polishing

Above;Special models made to the order

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